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Test Report for Digital Multiswitch 17/16 for multi-satellite signal Reception and distribution

Digital Multiswitch 17/16 for multi-satellite signal Reception and distribution

Satellite multiswitch market is becoming full of various producers of equipment of either high or low quality. According to our experience most of the products operate satisfactorily under some standard conditions but what if the conditions (climate, humidity, cabling, building structure etc.) are not standard? Then the installer can face a hardtime when putting the multiswitch and the whole installation into operation. Also the user's satisfaction may be affected. EMP-Centauri's products proven worldwide in hot as well as cold conditions can be a great choice for easy and comfortable installation. The installer can be sure that the product will work in a long term and all users will be happy watching crystal clear programms. For the review we chose EMP-Centauri - one of the major producers of multiswitches in Europe and its products are widely used in tough markets such as Germany, Austria, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. With its more than 12 years of experience in design and production of multiswitches the customer can be sure of a great quality for a highly reasonable price. As seen in the attached catalogue supplied with the sample we can say that EMP's strength is in small community distribution systems. That means installations up to 300-400 users. Main strength is however in standalone systems such as tested 17in 16out multiswitch. What about the other solutions? EMP Centauri product range starts at small DiSEqC 2/1, 4/1 to a worldwide unique 8/1 switch (8 satellites to one receiver) and continues to 5in (1 satellite) through 9in (2 satellites) to 17in (4 satellites) multiswitches. All produced in a wide range of available outputs and with terrestrial/cable input that reduces the necessary cabling inside the building. And the use of such a system? Virtually anywhere where the number of outputs and inputs (Nr.of satellites) is needed and the requirement is to reduce the number of dishes "around" the building.

Does you homeowner's association in your neghborhood frown on having multiple satellite dishes outside your apartment? Now you can feed multiple (16) satellite receivers from up to 4 antennas/satellites. With this multiswitch there is no need to have antenna jungle on the roof. All you need is to aim your dishes to desired satellites, install Quattro LNBs, connect them to inputs of the S.170-CP-16 and distribute the signal to up to 16 locations/receivers in a house. Terrestrial input of the multiswitch can be easily used for connecting terestrial or cable (operating at 40-862MHz). This product is also available in a "passive" version which means the terrestrial amplifier is excluded. Then the frequency range is 5-862MHz. Both terrestrial/cable and satellite signals are then distributed using one coaxial cable to receivers. Any user can watch any available channel at any time. Simple and efficient, isn't it? Now more technical: S.170-CP-16 is a DiSEqC 2.0 compatible device for indoor use only. Its power supply is protected by a fuse and there is a short-circuit protection with an alarm. Aside of using 4 Quattro LNBs (4 satellites) it is possible also to connect 8 Dual or Twin LNBs. Also Twin universal or Quad LNB can be connected to Sat inputs A&B of the S.170-CP-16 for special purposes. For those, who have CCTV home entry system, it is also possible to connect the camera through RF modulator and a mixer to terrestrial input. Then all-in-one solution with reduced cabling is easily created. All S.170 series products are equipped with a stand by mode which is switched on when a particular LNB is not used. S.170 series is produced in 8, 12 and 16 output variants. Those who want to receive less than two satellites, the producer has a wide range of products to choose from.



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