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Test Report for FORTEC STAR Lifetime Diamond Digital Satellite Receiver

FORTEC STAR Lifetime Diamond Digital Satellite Receiver

We come across multiple blind scanning receivers every month. A blind scan receiver can find every feed signal or every new or as yet unknown TV and Radio signal via satellite. In this special search mode, it is not only the frequency that is identified but also the more important signal parameters such as polarization, FEC, symbolrates and PID’s. Fortec Star has introduced a new blind scan receiver as named as lifetime diamond.

As with every blind scan receiver, the lifetime diamond is also a very normal satellite receiver. Since it is a Free-to-air(FTA) box, it does not come with any slots for CA modules. An easy to read display shows the current channel number. There are only 3000 possible channels like other blind scan receivers. This is just not enough. There are also three buttons on the front panel that allow operation of the unit.

On the rear panel, the IF signal is looped through. Three RCA Jacks deliver video and analog, audio outputs. Two scart connectors, RS-232 serial interface for uploading a new receiver software, Dolby digital (S/PDIF) and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver. The modulator works in either the VHF or UHF range depending on the region where it will be used. The remote control is well designed, having access to all the functions.

When it is turned on for the first time, it will ask the user to select the correct language. The user may communicate in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Russian. Both 4:3 and 16:9 picture formats are supported. The installation begins as with every receiver, by selecting the desired satellites followed by a channel scan. The receiver comes preprogrammed with 54 satellites. Additional satellites can be manually added. As mentioned before, there is room for 3000 channels. DiSEqC 1.3 and USALS permit its use on any antenna configuration from a fixed single multifeed dish to DiSEqC/STAB motor. Every LNB and its matching local oscillator frequency (LOF) can be accepted. The automatic channel scan can be set to look for FTA only or all channels. We scan the all channels and found 523 TV channels in 12 minutes and 55 minutes. The signal strength and more important signal quality bar graphs can be seen in advanced scan mode. As in any receiver, the edit function helps to organize every thing. Popular channels can be moved into one of five favourites lists. The parental control feature can be used to block unsuitable channels from the kids. Fortec Star is able to setting the frequency for SMATV system.

Switching between channels is fast. The signal bar graphs can be called up at any time via the remote control. A push of the button displays not only your typical channel parameters, but also information on its frequency, symbol rate and PID’s. More detailed information on future programmes is provided by the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for 7 days. You can see the channel list by pressing the OK button. Channels may be watched alphabetically by pressing the pause key.

The blind scan function in Fortec Star is very good. Similar to an automatic scan, the user must first select what satellite is to be scanned and whether FTA only or all channels should be looked for. Next, the user selects whether to scan only one polarization or if all should be searched. Symbolrates started at the rate of 1.45ms/sec were processed easily. The error observed during our tests was that the receiver oftenly go to be hanged. Handling SCPC and MCPC signals is quite a fun.

Easy to use as a normal receiver, input sensitivity, fast channel scanning, Dolby digital outputs and USALS compatible. Excellent menu structure, easy use and operation, NTSC/PAL compability is more for a Fortec Star.

Model : Lifetime diamond Function : Digital Satellite Receiver with blind scan function Channel Memory : 3000 Satellites : 54 Symbolrates : 1.45Ms/sec SCPC / MCPC : Yes DiSEqC : 1.3 USALS : Yes Teletext : No EPG : Yes S/PDIF : RCA PAL/NTSC : Automatic Scart Connects : 2



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