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Test Report for Digital Telecom Digital +

Digital Telecom Digital +

Basic set top boxes are cheaper than digital TV recorders and, since they do less, can be simpler to use. Whatever you choose, you will need to adapt to a different way of viewing – more channels to choose from, for one thing. A set top box will give you digital TV and digital radio, and normally all the services that go with them. Digital + Satellite Receiver is an addition to this list.

The silver-coloured front panel sports six buttons, that can be used to control and programme the receiver should the remote control be lost somewhere. The four-digit green display located in the centre of the front panel displays the current time or the currently selected channel. The unique function of Digital + Receiver is that when you switch to a new channel, the channel number is displayed for a moment and then the current time reappears. The current time can be entered manually. Just keep in mind that the data may not always be available from every transponder.

The rear panel comes with all the standard connections that you would expect to find such as an IF input, 12 volt output, S/PDIF, Serial Interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, RCA jacks and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver completely. Unfortunately, you will not find an S-video output here.

When you turn on the box for the first time, the user is initially asked to select the desired menu and audio languages. For the menu languages, you can choose between English, Arabic, French, Farsi, German, Greek, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.

After the language selection, the next step is installation. Here the user can select the satellite to be watched. The Digital + supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, so that really every user should be able to connect their system to this box. This box has the facility to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. Various updated satellites from worldwide are also included in this box.

Digital + Receiver has very fast channel search. 1332 TV and 507 Radio channels were found in 4 minutes and 50 seconds. As soon as the search is completed, the receiver first save all the channels and then goes on the first channel found. The receiver switches automatically between PAL and NTSC signals. By pressing the OK button, the channel list will be displayed on your screen.

Pushing the OK button will display the channel list with the video of the currently selected channel shown in a video. The searched channel can be added to one or more of the favourites lists. These come pre-programmed as Sport, Film, Music and Children but these names can be edited as required. The EPG is a little cluttered, but the quick navigation speed helps. A timer is included, so you can set the receiver to switch to a channel when the selected pro programme starts. The time can be taken from the satellite or set manually. A sleep timer and power on / off timers are also included.

During our tests we did not come across any problems regarding symbol rates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec. Very especially after excessive use is the fast channel switching. The receiver also offers zoom function. One can also find the Teletext services. If there is no Teletext, system will inform "No Teletext Data". Press the exit key to exit. Pressing the info button will display all important information about the onscreen channel. You can also make the digital receiver turn up and show your desired service at your desired time using timer function.

Despite being an FTA Receiver, Digital + comes with features you would expect to find in higher end units. Plus its component video and digital audio outputs make for higher quality TV viewing.



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