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Test Report for X Cruiser XDSR 100 Digital Satellite Receiver

X Cruiser XDSR 100 Digital Satellite Receiver

Satellite are usually made to meet the mission requirements of specific application. Their design is primarily influenced by the combination of the performance and characteristics of the launch vehicle, the characteristics of the useful equipment or play load and the geometry of the selected orbit. Xcruiser has launched such a satellite receiver to fullfil all these requirements. If you are in search of FTA receiver, then the XDSR 100 might be just the answer you are looking for.

XDSR 100 comes in full black and shining color. It looks like the younger brother of XDSR 200. The receiver has full operative buttons on the front panel. The front panel display shows the current channel number in a standby mode. There is no place for a CI module. The rear panel is nicely equipped. Two scart connectors, RS-232 RCA Jacks for video and stereo audio outputs, 0/12 volt and LNB input for satellite antenna. The fully featured remote control sits comfortably in your hand with all the buttons within easy reach of your thumb. The receiver has an exemplary appearance.

After connecting the cables and turning on the power on, the installation wizard will be displayed in your TV screen. You can start from this installation wizard which enables end-users to set up the receiver from a factory default or you can push cancel to set up the receiver from the main page.

After installation, you can choose your preference for language and you can push next to move to next step or simply push cancel to go to a main page. The receiver can communicate in English, Deutsch, Italian, French, Nederland, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Albanian, Portuguese, Espanola and Sveska. The receiver comes preprogrammed with 5000 channels. If you are not satisfied with these channels, you may add more.

X Cruiser XDSR 100 has 128 up-to-date satellites. The local oscillator frequencies (LOF) for C-band and Ku-band are preprogrammed. SCPC and MCPC compatibility of this receiver is outstanding. It should be noted that the satellite and transponder lists are very up-to-date. You can select maximum 16 antenna with the combination switches. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocol. It can easily be used with a multifeed antenna.

Nothing is missing from the transponder menu or the channel scan menu. You can add as many transponders as you like to every satellite, there is a manual transponder scan, there is a PID scan as well as an automatic network scan. The channel scan is very fast. You will be quite happy with it. Channels may be easily searched with the help of SMS search. When the installation wizard page appears, press the blue button with your remote in the area field and select Middle East. Press the yellow button for SMS search. It will take few minutes to complete SMS search. SMS search is only possible for three satellites. Hotbird, Nilesat and Arabsat. If you want to search a satellite other than Hotbird, Nilesat and Arabsat or including these three satellites or for one satellite, so you can follow the steps.

Organization of all the channels is handled in the channel Manager menu. Here unwanted channels can be deleted while the remaining channels can be rearranged or moved into one of the favourite lists. Inappropriate channels can be locked out with a PIN code so that they can be blocked from the kids. The video of the current channel is visible while working in the channel editing menu. Swithcing from one channel to another is quite fast. When switching to another channels, an info bar appears momentarily that shows the name of the channel, the channel number, a brief description of the current programme. The information can also be obtained by pressing the info button of the remote control. The channel list is displayed by pressing the OK key. The receiver provides EPG function to the TV guide. The information is only available from the network to which the channel you are watching from. The desired video connection is in RGB or CVBS. The timer function is one of the strong point of Xcruiser. You can set the timer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If there is nothing to watch, the integrated videogames will be your best friend.

Model : XDSR 100 Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Satellites : 128 Symbol Rates : 2.45ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.2 USALS : yes C/Ku-band : Yes SCPC / MCPC : Yes EPG : Yes RS-232 : Yes Scart Connectors : 2



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