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Test Report for Gulf Star GS 9500 FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

Gulf Star GS 9500 FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

Those days have gone when satellite channel viewers were preferring large receivers in size. Today, small is beautiful and as a result the new version of the Gulf Star GS 9500 has shrunk to a size that is very pleasing to the eye. The front panel has been designed in tranquil and appealing way. The six buttons on the front panel permit channel selection directly on the unit and also the power button. The easy to read four digit display shows the channel number, the time in standby mode, remote control commands and error messages in the event of any problems. There is no place for CI slots on the front panel, so it is a complete free to air digital satellite receiver.

On the rear panel is the connection for the LNB input as well as the looped through output for a second receiver. For multifeed antennas there is even a programmable 0/12 volt output. Excellent audio for the Dolby Digital system isprovided by the optical S/PDiF output. The RS-232 interface serves to upload new receiver software. The silver colored remote control has a number of different colored buttons for critical functions and is logically designed. With just the push of a button, the FTA or CAS channels list can be displayed. No doubt, the receiver is very eye catching.

After connecting the GS 9500 to all of the external connections and then plugging it in, it greets you with the main menu. The main menu consist of five options including channel manager, programme guide, timer, user installation, receiver information and code edit.

The available menu languages are English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese and Russian. The receiver comes preprogrammed with 63 satellites from around the world. Additional satellites can be added if needed. The GS 9500 comes with 4500 channels and this is just about right considering all of these satellites. There is no problem when selecting the local oscillator frequency (LOF). All of the standard values for C-band and Ku-band are provided. The satellites are sorted neither alphabetically nor by orbital position. Additional parameters such as motor settings, DiSEqC, FTA, 22Khz, LNB power and 0/12 volt can be manually changed.

Select your desired satellite. Pressing the OK key will also display a list of satellites. Yu can see the information of the selected satellite on the right side. 483 TV and 276 Radio channels on an 90-transponder satellite were found in five minutes. After the complete scanning, the receiver turns on the first channel found. These channels can be moved into one of the favourite list for easy recall later time and can be moved, locked, renamed, delete and sorted. Channels not suitable for kids can be blocked through parental control function.

Channels surfing takes a little time. A push of the info button provides data on the channels’ provider, satellite, frequency, PID’s encryption mode, EPG and parental lock on screen display. Pressing the OK button on live picture displays the channel number on your screen. This receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2. The user is clearly guided through all the menus with manual receiver PID settings available to the more experienced users.

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) delivers informations up to five days in advance with the push of a button. Switching between PAL and NTSC channels is an easy Job. You may have an option of All or FTA channels for scanning. Pushing the recall button of remote control will display your last viewed channel. The video output is in RGB and CVBS formate. SCPC and MCPC signals was not a problem during our test. Symbol rates starting at the rate of 2.45ms/sec were processed easily. Channel manager consists of TV and radio channels. Since the usage of radio channel is the same as that of the TV channel, so it will not create problem for users. When you move the cursor from one channel to another, the PID will change accordingly. You can adjust the real time as well as you can programme the timer in various ways. It will never let you to miss your favourite programme. This function is one of the strong point of Gulf Star. The built-in teletext decoder helps display the description of a programme. The receiver presents high quality digital video and audio. It has the capability of multi-language audio and subtitle reception.

Gulf Star is a very successful receiver. Outstanding S/PDIF and brilliant video with easy installation and simple operation guarantee that this box will soon win the hearts of satellite channel viewers. PAL and NTSC really surprise us. Symbolrates were handled effortlessly. The last but not the least is the small size and attractive design.

Model : GS 9500 Function : FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 4500 Satellites : 63 Symbolrates : 2.45ms/sec Ku/C-band : Yes SCPC / MCPC Compatibility : yes DiSEqC : 1.2 EPG : Yes OTA : Yes Scart Connectors : 2 RS-232 : Yes Color System : PAL / NTSC Digital Audio Output : S/PDIF



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