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Test Report for X cruiser Digital Satellite Receiver

X cruiser Digital Satellite Receiver

The year 2005 is shaping up to be a big year for satellite services. Cable operators are preparing for high profile launches of satellite receivers as they aim to battle against satellite. X cruiser digital satellite receiver is increasingly becoming a hot item.

X cruiser digital satellite receiver is in full black colour having all the operative buttons on the front panel. The window display is situated on the right side of the panel, which shows the current channel number in a standby mode. There is also a flap on the left side for inserting CAM inorder to watch pay TV channels. The rear panel is some what designed differently from other receivers. It is equipped with two scart connectors, RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, RCA jacks, 0/12 volt, LNB input for satellite antenna and LNB output for connecting to another satellite receiver. The silver colored remote control sits nicely in your hands. However, it delays the commands to the wanted channels.

Once you properly install and connect cables of the receiver and turn the power on, the installation wizard will be displayed on your screen. You can choose your preference for language and you can push NEXT to move to next step or simply push to go to the main page. The user can communicate with this receiver in English, Deutsch, Italian, French, Nederland, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, Albanian, Portuguese, Espanola, Svenska. After the selection of language, the user may have the choice to watch from 5000 preprogrammed channels or add more.

X cruiser comes preprogrammed with 128 up-to-date satellites from all over the world. Selecting the local oscillator frequencies (LOF) for C and Ku-band satellites is not a problem. We were surprised by the SCPC and MCPC compatibility of this receiver. It was not a hassle for X cruiser. The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS protocol. This suggest that the receiver can be used with a motorized antenna.

The next step is the searching channel. Here you will have to select your desired satellite, position, transponder, symbolrate and polarization. When everything is ready, press the blue button of the remote control for advanced searching. We select the Hotbird satellite. It took for minutes for 550 TV and 390 radio channels. After the complete scanning, the receiver turns to the first channel found. If you want to change the preprogrammed data such as frequency, symbolrate, polarization, skew and 22 Khz, press the edit key of remote control to display the command box. Then check the edit mode by pressing OK key on the remote control and then you can go into those columns to change the value. You may transfer your favourite channel into one of the eight favourite channel list. There is also an option for All, FTA and CAS channel searching. The channel list can be selected from A to Z.

Switching between channels takes a little more time. After pressing the Ok key, the channel list is displayed. You can select one channel of the list, the selected channel starts whenever you turn on X cruiser. Channels can be edit, rename move, lock and delete. The receiver provides EPG function for you to get access to the TV guide, which will give the titles of the current and next programmes on different channels. The information is only available from the network to which the channel you are watching belongs. The video signals are in CVBS and RGB formate.

The timer function allows you to programme the timer with various ways. This function is one of strong point of X cruiser. The time reservation allows you to programme various time function. You can set the timer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. If there is nothing to watch, the integrated videogames will never let you bore.

5000 channels memory, USALS protocol, 128 satellites, SCPC and MCPC compatibility, C and Ku-band reception, fully MPEG-2 and DVB compliant will really fulfill your dreams with X cruiser.

Model : X cruiser Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 5000 Satellites : 128 Symbolrate : 2.45ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.2 USALS : Yes C/Ku-band : Yes SCPC / MCPC Compatibility : Yes EPG : Yes Teletext : Yes S-VHS Output : Yes RS-232 : Yes Scart Connectors : 2 Power Supply : 90-250 VAC



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