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Test Report for Humax PVR-9100 Digital Set-Top Box

Humax PVR-9100 Digital Set-Top Box

Rather than recording TV or to VHS video cassettes, a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) allows you to record TV programmes onto a hard disk, similar to those found inside a desktop computer. There are several advantages to this approach-no tapes to rewind, the ability to pause live TV, integrated programme guides and series recording plus a lot more storage space than a standard VHS cassette. You can copy programmes down onto video tape for archiving, if you wish. Equipped with the latest technology and design, the Humax PVR-9100 is a combination of high-end personal video recorder and set-top box for digital satellite broadcast reception. As a digital set-top box, it can receive encrypted services via common interface module, as well as FTA broadcasts. Outstanding stability and comfort are its built in features. As high-end personal video recorder, PVR-9100 allows easy attachment and detachment of its cartridge-type HDD, as well as simultaneous live channel play back, recording and picture-in-picture function with the installed twin tuner. PVR-9100 allows viewers to enjoy digital photos on a large TV screen or listen to MP3 files via a digital camera or a PC connected to the USB port. You may enjoy your prime time with PVR-9100 without any delay.

Unique Features: 1. How to insert HDD: After unlock the lock button in the right of the front panel, then you can open the front and insert HDD cartridge. If HDD needs to be formatted, a message box will appear. Just click the “yes” button. HDD will be formatted automatically. 2. Twin Tuner: The dual tuner feature lets you record one programme while you watch another one. 3. Picture in picture: you can enjoy watching 2 of your favourite shows at the same time. 4. TSR: This function allows the user to begin watching a recording that is already in progress. 5. USB: PVR-9100 let you transfer and listen your favourite MP3 music from your PC and watch your precious pictures by digital album programme.

How to use installation wizard: When powering on your recorder for the first time after purchasing, the installation wizard is automatically started. But if you start after factory default, it will take the following steps for installation. First select your favourite language and press OK button. The area setting bar will appear on your screen. Now select your local area and press the OK button once again. Now the antenna setting bar will appear before you. Select your satellite here. Now select your LNB and DiSEqC switching and bring the bar on Next and press OK. The automatic channel searching will take place here. As soon as the Automatic searching completed, the time setting bar will appear here. Now bring the bar on next and press OK. The result menu will appear here. Now bring the info bar on finish and press OK. The channel display will appear here. Note: Use the back button instead of finish for more than one LNB and searching all satellites one by one, press the finish here.

Manual, other search and new TP add setting: Manual Search: press the main menu button. Bring the menu bar on installation and press OK. Now bring the info bar on your favourite frequency. New channels searching will take place here.

Other & multiple manual search and new TP add: Fist press the main menu and press OK on installation. Bring the info bar on other search and press OK once again here. The multiple manual search bar will appear on your TV screen here. Now select your favourite satellite. Keep press the volume buttons. The digit transponder list will appear. Now bring the info bar on add and press OK button and write down a frequency. Select user default for symbol rate and add a new symbol rate. Now press OK on done. Bring the info bar on search and press OK. The channels searching will take place here.

Direct key function: Here are manual operate function of Humax digital receiver through remote control. PVR Function: In order to play the hard disk function of Humax digital receiver, open the flip on the front panel of the receiver. Make the hard disk switch towards the lock symbol. The receiver will come in automatic hard disk function. The receiver will go on function after standby position. Now press the main menu and bring the info bar on OK and press it. The record menu bar will appear here. The edit programme will appear through this button. Now press the play button, the recorder programme will start.

In order to change the programme anytime, press the menu bar or press the OPT+button. The video list with complete schedule time will appear on your screen.

Note: Press the red button direct for recording. The programme will then start recording. In order to watch programmes during recording, press the live button. In order to off the recording, the info bar should be pressed yes.



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