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We all grew up in an Analog world. Be it the TV or Radio or Audio cassette or Video cassette in the communication world, it was all Analog, today the situation is changing fast, real fast. Satellites are beaming Digital signals to Head ends; Digital radio service is available through world space. Vinyl records are the history& the Digital CD’s, DVD’s are the norm. Satellites have become indefatigable source of entertainment& information for all age groups. More& more people are using a PC to store their music, picture& movies. The fact that it has become much easier to work with pictures as well as with videos might be the reason why these people all acquiring digital cameras& powerful computers. Almost everyone is familiar with situations like these: the family comes to visit& wants to see the pictures from your last vacation& you have many hours of video stored on your PC waiting to be edited& burned onto a DVD. Everyone has also wished that the latest MP3 songs that were played on your stereo system in the living room. Why should you record your PC/TV & video materials onto a DVD/CD, here are five good reasons.

§ Fast forwarding/rewinding! It’s way easier to find what you want § Far more data capacity than CD-R/RW, so you can put more on a disc § Discs take up less shelf space § The audio is Digital not Analog § Higher quality video playback §

And what exactly would you record? Here are some ideas: § Put your most precious home movies on DVD for safe keeping. Weddings vacations, baby’s first get the picture. These are valuable memories that you really should preserve § Favorite TV shows& sporting events § Great movies on TV/Hard drives

Simple solution for these day to day requirements is addressed by the launch of a new product EUROBOX DVD+RW+DSR having model -DRS 9999.This magic piece of box has a built in Tuner and DVB-S receiver lets one to record program from TV,DVB-S ,Camera, PC contents on to a DVD+RW disc. Supports playback from JPEG, MP3 and WMA from FLASH MEMORY CARD (7-in-2) “BLIND RECORD”, which directly records the currently running program on to a Disc. Front panel allows AV input, DV input support using a 1394 PHY (USB) & multi format FLASH/MMC (7-in-2) memory card slots, even the pay channels encrypted in CONAX can be recorded, All this you can perform without missing your favorite program as you can watch something and record something with 10 different timer events things are made simple as one need not stick on to his living room. Vacuum Fluorescent Display(VFD), gives real life to this product as it displays Source of input, Progress, Type of disc, Audio, Remote control commands, Channel number, Time in Standby with AM/PM…etc the list is too long. Front panel buttons are basically reserved for DVD play/record applications. These include open/close, Rew/forward, Stop, Play, Rear panel comes with all of the standard jacks you would expect to find. IF (Satellite Dish) input/output, RF (Terrestrial TV) input/output, RS-232 serial port, Audio L/R (Stereo-Analog), SPDIF, Composite video output, Component video output, S-VHS input/output.

Since the box allows independent software control over DVD/DSR setups through the touch of RCU button, communicating shouldn’t be a problem. Setting up the system to your personal tastes involves selecting the language for OSD, Menu, Subtitle, Audio tracks etc. for which the box allows to choose from ENGLISH, SPANISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and ITALIAN languages. The system allows us to select the type of video (RGB/Composite/Component/Progressive Scan) output, analog/digital audio output, TV system (PAL/NTSC) etc. Possibilities of watching another AV signal (TV, STB, Camcorder etc) while DVD recording. PIP (Picture in picture) support, playback of JPEG, MP3, WMA, SVCD, KODAK PICTURE CD, DiVX etc. To restrict children to watch unsuitable programs, parental/rating control with different levels provided.

The system is equipped with a powerful tuner to handle weakest of signals. The receiver comes preprogrammed with numerous satellites from around the world and there is also a provision for manual, network search. While setting up the antenna, one need not know to which DiSEqC port it is connected (Case of multiple satellites) as the software allows automatic DiSEqC port identification. Supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2& 1.3 (USALS) protocol. With the press of a button A~Z channel sorting, Satellite selection, FTA/CAS classification all can be done while following the current program. Audio track selection, OSD/VBI Teletext, channel editing such as move, delete etc also allowed with little difficulty, thanks to the smooth& easy flow of the menu. EPG has been given special attention so as to have a complete Guidance over the Program transmitted. It includes simple now/next to weekly schedule, timer for event reservation& recording greatly enhances its utility. Supports 3 different games& 8 Favorite list.

Model : EUROSTAR DVD+RW RECORDABLE SETTOP+DSR Function : DSR+ RECORDER+ A CARD READER Channel Memory : 5000 Satellites : 128 Symbol rate : 1-2.45Msps DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.2, USALS, auto DiSEqC port detection C/Ku band : Yes EPG : Yes TELETEXT : Yes Timer function : Yes Color system : PAL/NTSC Progressive Scan : Yes Scart connector : TV/VCR Dolby Digital output : SPDIF S-VHS : INPUT/OUTPUT SCPC/MCPC : Yes Compression Techniques : MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 Playable DISC : VCD,SVCD, ACD, MP3, WMA, CD+R/RW, DVD+R/RW, JPEG,KODAK PICTURE, DiVX

Main Features of DVD Recorder: l Possibility of watching another AV signal(TV programs, STB Program, Camcorder etc.) while DVD Recording l Real-time recording using DVD+RW and DVD+R recordable discs l One-time and Timer Recording support l PIP(Picture-in-Picture) Function l Playback of VCD, VCD2.0, SVCD, audio CDs, DVDs, Photo CD and MP3 CD l Recorded discs play on most DVD-Video players l DV input support using a 1394 PHY l Playback JPEG, MP3 and WMA from Flash memory cards - 7-in-2 Memory Card support(optional) l User friendly GUI(Graphic User Interface) with Advanced Disc Navigator and Set-up Navigator l A built-in TV tuner & DVB-S Receiver lets you record from TV and DVB-S Program, audio and video onto a DVD+RW disc l Progressive Scan, S-Video and Composite Video output support l Automatic/Manual Index Creation of all the recordings l Easy editing for Titles and Chapters - Erase/Insert/Append Title, Insert/Remove/Hide Chapter l Automatic TV Tuner Setup - Channel Sorting, Rename, Delete l Various recording time – Max. 6 Hours (HQ: 60min, SP: 120min, LP: 180min, EP: 240min, SLP: 360min) l Records two-channel audio in MPEG-1 Layer2 or Dolby Digital formats l Multi-language OSD support - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Finnish l Copy Protection : CSS, Macrovision, CPRM l Multi Zoom Function (up to x 8) - DVD-Video, VCD/SVCD, JPEG

Recording Features Media Formats : DVD+RW, DVD+R Recording Format : DVD+VR Instant Record from : TV(Analog Tuner) Set-top Box (Digital Tuner) S-Video or Composite DV Camcorder Editing : Create Title Name Delete Title Create/Insert Chapters Link/Hide Chapters Playback Features Disk Formats : DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, CD-Audio, CD-ROM Video Formats : DVD-Video, DVD+VR, DV, VCD, SVCD Audio Formats : CD-Audio, MP3, DTS, WMA Other Formats : Progressive JPEG Picture CD Trick mode : Play/Stop/Pause/FF/RW/PREV/Next/CM Skip Copy Protection : CSS, Macrovision Zoom : DVD-Video VCD/SVCD JPEG European Features VPS(Video Programming System) PDC(Program Delivery Control) ATS(Multi-standard Automatic Tuning System) MTS(Multi-channel TV sound) decoding



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