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Test Report for STAR TRACK NC-708+CI Digital Satellite Receiver

STAR TRACK NC-708+CI Digital Satellite Receiver

There are plenty of large receiver available in the market. STAR TRACK with its new model NC-708+CI has kept size to a minimum with a small, handy and elegant receiver. On the front panel of the very nicely designed cabinet are eight buttons. One of these buttons switches the receiver on and off, while the other buttons are used for different function and operation of the receiver. There is also two common interface (CI) facility present in this receiver.

On the rear panel, you will find everything that a very well equipped receiver should have: an IF output, an RS-232 serial interface for uploading new receiver software, three RCA Jacks for video and audio, Two Scart Connectors for TV and VCR connection, a digital audio output and the expected 0/12 V. Contrary to many other receivers, there is also a main power switch, so that the receiver can easily be turned completely off. The colored remote control is nicely designed, having complete access to all the functions. The whole workmanship of the receiver is nicely designed.

As soon as the receiver is connected to a TV, the installation process takes place. STAR TRACK simplified the installation by having the user initially select the desired menu language before moving on to any of the other settings. The user can select between English, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish Dutch, Arabic and Persian. Every one should be able to find a language that they can use.

STAR TRACK welcome is users here in the next step of the initial installation. Up-to-dated and properly organized 53 satellites are already programmed into this receiver and can easily be loaded. If this is not enough, you can simply scan your desired satellites. DiSEqC and LOF parameters can be setup or changed in advance.

Numerous LOF values are preprogrammed but other values can also be manually added. If you are not interested to watch pay TV channels despite of the two CI slots, you can opt to scan for FTA or FTA+CAS channels. Up to 4,000 TV and radio channels can be stored. Switching between channels in quite fast and corresponds to today’s standards. In the main menu, all of the receiver’s critical settings are logically laid out and easy to acess. NC-708+CI has NEC chip which is more powerful and advance then the usual ST5518 chip and that it tunes, changes channel much faster.

The automatic channel scan functions with out any problem and delay. It has a quick access to preprogrammed channels. We scanned the Hotbird satellite first. It took four minutes for 289 channels. In addition to the automatic scan, this receiver also gives more experienced users the option to scan individual transponders as well as modify PID values. In addition to channel packages, SCPC and MCPC signals starting at 1.45Ms/sec were recognized and processed easily. The video output can bet switched between RGB and CVBS. The same is true for the picture format (4:3 / 16:9). The receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS, so it can easily be used with a multifeed dish.

The receiver can be connected to PAL as well as NTSC TV’s. SECAM is not supported. If the correct option is selected, the receiver will recognize the video standards of the signal and will automatically switch to either PAL or NTSC. Unfortunately, there is no YUV video output signal. With the PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function, you can switch to another channel during commercial breaks and yet still keep an eye on the original channel you were watching. The channel list can be sorted by transponder, provider or CAS.

STAR TRACK has chosen a completely different way to handle to channel list. Numerous options such as moving, deleting or renaming are always at your finger steps in the channel list. This is made possible through the small icons that are located at the lower edge of the picture screen that are labeled with the various functions. Popular programmes can thus be easily moved into one of the favourites lists or those channels that are really not means for the kids can just as easily by locked with a PIN code.

NC-708+CI is C-band and Ku-band compatible. The sensitive tuner delivers a clean picture ever with weaker signals for this receiver. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) delivers information on current and upcoming programmes. The box also comes with an 8-event timer. The info bar shows information on the current programme. The channel list can be sorted alphabetically by pressing the red button of remote control. If you are watching your favourite programme and the phone ring disturb you, just push the pause button, receive the call and watch your favourite programme. The zoom availability will really make a heart for you in this receiver. The receiver is based on window 95/98/2000 and is able to download and upload through PC. The brief play back of an individual recording in a small window is also a practical feature. The picture in Graphic function is also noteworthy. The receiver also supports its own teletext decoder. The receiver has few other things like calculator, games, schedules and etc.

The NC-708+CI is a digital satellite receiver perfectly suited for receiving digital satellite broadcasts. You can enjoy the various TV and Radio programmes. The simple connection, easy operation, user-friendly OSD, highest quality audio output, Multi-channel screen are all designed to enrich the user experience. Futhermore, the receiver provides the enhanced Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), various utilities and channel change effect modes. The well-written menu will help you further.

Model : NC-708+CI Function : Digital Satellite Receiver (CI) Channel Memory : 4,000 Satellites : 53 Symbolrates : 2.45Ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.2 Scart Connectors : 2 EPG : Yes Teletext : Yes Color System : PAL/NTSC S-VHS : No SCPC / MCPC Compatible : Yes C-band / Ku-band compatible : Yes RS-232 : Yes



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