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Test Report for MEDIACOM EXCEL FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

MEDIACOM EXCEL FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

A digital satellite receiver is a convenient product that allows you to view a variety of programmes provided through satellite. The free to air satellite receivers has made it much easy. A new Mediacom Excel, which is a Free To Air (FTA) receiver has bring all those which was out of beyond. No doubt the receiver is small in structure having impressive design. This is specially designed for satellite hunters. The front panel display comes with five buttons using for on and off the receiver, changing to the next channel, changing to the previous channel, increasing the volume and decreasing the volume respectively. The four digit display shows the current time or the current channel in standby mode.

The rear panel is nicely equipped having all the necessary connections. Two scart connectors for connecting to TV and VCR, an RS-232 serial interface, IF output, a UHF modulator output, three RCA Jacks for video and analogue stereo audio outputs. The ergonomically designed remote control appears very futuristic yet sits very nicely in your hand. The receiver appearance left a very good impression on us.

After connecting the receiver to all external connections, and turning on the Excel FTA for the first time, the user must deal with a number of initial settings. First to be selected is the antenna set up. You can select maximum 16 antennas with the combination switches. In the antenna setup, you will have to select DiSEqC, satellite name, LNB type, proper LNB frequency. If you select limit setup button, limit setup men will pop you. As with most other receivers, the current time and date can be set manually or the time difference compared to GMT can be entered.

The receiver can communicate in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch. Once a language has been selected, the desired audio language as well as the subtitle language must first be selected. The receiver comes with up-to-date 63 preprogrammed European and Asian satellites in the C-band and Ku-band. This suggests that this box would be perfect for use on a motorized system or a multifeed antenna. It supports the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol for multiple satellites, multiple LNB controlled by DiSEqC 1.2. The receiver comes with an array of preprogrammed local oscillator frequencies (LOF) to choose from.

After the reception of necessary parameters, the automatic channel scan can be started. The manual channel search is also possible. The receiver controls the network scan and the user can select if only FTA channels are if also encrypted channels should be scanned for. We scanned the Hotbird satellite first and found 518 TV channels and 276 Radio channels in five minutes. At this speed, the Mediacom is the fastest channel scanning receiver. The box can handle symbolrates starting between 2 and 45 Ms/sec and it was not a problem during our test.

After the channel scanning and data saving, the installation assistant closes and the receiver switches over to the first channel that is found. The bar is very appealing when witching from one channel to another. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) delivers information on the on-screen channel. This information can only be obtained by first pressing the EPG button. Switching between channels occurs almost with a minimum delay.

The TV scart connector can provide the video signal in CVBS and EGB and this is in PAL and NTSC automatically without any problem. The receiver reacts very quickly to remote control commands making it a fun. The receiver is fully SCPC and MCPC compatible. The built in STi 5518 powerful single chip processor guarantee the fast channel searching. The receivers is perfectly MEPG 2 and DVB compliant. Mediacom Excel has the ability to store 4000 channels. The parental control function keep the kids away adult channels. Popular channels can be placed into one of the three different favourite group list for easy recall later time. Channels can be delete, move, lock, rename and sorted. The advanced timer allows you to programme the various timer function. You can set the timer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, If you can’t wait at all to display any teletext pages, since the TT decoder downloads all the pages into memory in advance. Sufficient channel memory, fully SCPC/MCPC compatible, Dolby Digital output, High performance STi5518 chip are enough for Mediacom Excel.

Model : Mediacom Excel Function : FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Channels Memory : 4000 Satellites : 62 DiSEqC : 1.2 EPG : Yes Scart Connectors : 2 Modulator : UHF SCPC / MCPC : Yes C/Ku-band : Yes



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