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Test Report for Lawrence LT 94000CR-S2

Lawrence LT 94000CR-S2

The cost of digital satellite TV receiver will depend on the number of features which it offers to the consumer. Some low-cost satellite receivers can display TV images which equal or even exceed the picture quality offered by more expensive units. The downside is that the operator will have to remember and execute all of the little adjustments needed to tune into each and every satellite TV broadcast. One of such low cost receiver is LT 9400CR-S2 from Lawrence.

And to make the LT 94000CR-S2 the choice for almost anyone, it can be used not only for free-to-air reception (FTA) but also comes with two CI slots plus integrated magic card reader for your Pay TV enjoyment. The receiver can store up to 5000 channels from 72 satellites. A large, easy-to-read display on the front panel shows either the current channel or the current time when the receiver is in standby mode. A set of ring buttons allow not only receiver operation directly on the unit but also its programming. This is always nice to have should the batteries in the remote control turn up dead one evening or if the loveable dog ate the remote for an evening snack. The CI slots and Magic card reader already mentioned above are hidden behind a flap. On the rear panel can be found the IF input from the LNB with the looped-through output as is now standard. Although this receiver is with super slim case, there is also one Scart connectors to link the receiver with a TV. Two RCA video output jacks are also provided for those regions of the world where Scart is unknown. Two sets of analog stereo audio outputs are also available in this format. Dolby Digital has made its way into our living rooms and the LT 94000CR- rises to the occasion by providing digital audio (S/PDIF) via an optical output. The UHF modulator can work with both PAL (all norms) and NTSC signals. The serial interface can be used not only for uploading new receiver software but also for updating the receiver transponder data.

72 satellites and the update compatibility which make use with a DiSEqC or STAB motor almost a requirement. No problem: The LT 94000CR-S2 comes with both DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS. Even the owners of mutifeed antennas will be satisfied since this receiver can also control up to 16 LNBs. It can communicate with the user in nine different menu languages.

The automatic scan of 80 transponders is completed in about six minutes. Every signal with symborates starting at 2.45 Ms/sec. Are identified and processed making the LT 94000CR-S2 SCPC compatible. The scan can be performed on a single satellite or on multiple satellites. Individual transponder scans are also possible. The scan can be performed on a single satellite or on multiple satellites. Individual transponder scans are also possible. As is typical, scanning for FTA channels with or without network or all channels with or without network should be selected first before the scan is started.

To get to those popular channels much faster, they can be moved into one of the favourites lists. This is enough so that every family member can have their own personal list. The remaining channels can be sorted, renamed or deleted. When in any of the Edit modes the video of the current channel is shown as an insert along with the technical parameters of the satellite and the channel (name, encryption mode, frequency, polarization, symbolrate and PID) blended in. The channels switching time of 0.8 seconds is somewhat slow. Detailed programming information is provided by the EPG. This assumes of course the provider makes this information available. An additional source of information is the integrated teletext decoder. This service can thus be displayed on older TV sets or monitors that don't have a teletext decorder.

If more information is required on a particular signal, a double-push of the Info button to all of the relevant technical parameters and channel data, the channel's signal strength and quality are displayed in a bar graph. Bonus features include video games, a sleep timer and a Pause function.



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