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Test Report for EUROSTAR EB-9700 GOLD + FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

EUROSTAR EB-9700 GOLD + FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

Just unpacking this receiver from the box gives you an impression that the EUROSTAR EB-9700 Gold + is a classic free to air digital satellite receiver. The receiver has an elegant cabinet design. In addition to the four-digit display on the front panel that shows either the current time or the channel number, there are also seven colored buttons for operation of this receiver without the remote control.

Even though the receiver is small, the rear panel is very nicely equipped. Two scart connectors, three RCA jacks, RF modulator, 0/12 volts and RS-232 data port for uploading a new receiver software data. As expected, the remote control is nicely designed with the buttons very close to each other. Despite so many easy features, the over all workmanship of the receiver left a very good impression. This receiver is the fastest selling receiver in the Middle East and Africa.

When the receiver is turned for the firs time, an installation assistant starts that guides the user through the initial installation settings. First to be selected is the language. Here the Eurostar is very international. The menus can be displayed in 13 languages. Once a language has been selected, the desired audio language as well as the subtitle language must first be selected before the time can be set. The current time and date can be set manually or the time difference compared to GMT can be entered. The next step is the channel scan. It comes with multiple up-to-date preprogrammed satellites in the C-band and Ku-band. The receiver supports the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol. This suggests that this box would be perfect for use on a motorized or a multifeed antenna. Unfortunately, EB-9700 Gold + does not support USALS protocol and DiSEqC 1.3. The receiver comes with 4,000 preprogrammed channels. The receiver comes with an array of preprogrammed local oscillator frequencies (LOF) to choose from, this local oscillator frequency can be entered manually. Once the necessary reception parameters have been entered, the automatic channel scan can be started. The receiver controls the networks scan. Finding your favourite channel is not a problem. Just enter the first alphabet of your desired channel and perform a search. At this speed, Eurostar is not one of the fastest, but in the end a channel scan like this is not performed every day. This box can handle symbolrates between 2 and 45 Ms/sec.

After the channel scan, the installation assistant closes and the receiver switches over to the first channel that it found. The info bar that is displayed when switching to another channel is optically appealing and shows all the usable information. The receiver supports EPG decoding of current / next, daily and up to seven days. The receiver supports extended information on every event. The user can also reserve the programme from EPG i.e, set the time to tune to that channel at a present time directly from EPG. Switching between channels occurs without any delay. There is an extended channel list present in this receiver. When this option is selected, the number of channels displayed in the channel list will be doubled. With the help of multi-track video selection, the receiver enables the user to select a preferred video track in channels which transmit multiple video tracks.

Eurostar greatly simplifies the editing of channels. Sorting can be done alphabetically from A to Z or vice versa. Individual channels can be placed in lists according to genre. Naturally individual channels can be rename, move, lock skip and delete. Popular programme can be moved into one of the 16 favourite lists (divided into TV and radio), so that they can be easily recalled at a later time with the push of a button. A 4-event timer is included to handle all of your VCR recordings or just to simply remind you when a particular programme is going to start. The integrated teletext decoder is quite fast. It can be used even with TV’s that don’t have a TT feature. EB-9700 Gold + has the ability to save the desired level of volume for each channel independently. If the cable length is more, there could be drop in the signal strength of some irregularities in switching between different polarities. With this feature, the user has an option to increase the supply voltage by 0.5 volts.

The small diagnostic programme helps one in identifying failure of any major component of the receivers. Parental control can be used to set viewing restrictions and prevent unauthorized access to the receiver. There is channel lock, menu lock and receiver lock. While in age rating, user can lock programmes whose age rating, is above a certain value which can be set by the user. All the channels of a favourite list can be locked by using the FAL lock key. The receiver supports sorting and sub sorting of channel lists. There is also a zoom function, so that you can take a closer look at your favourite news anchor. You may pause any programme any time with just by pushing the pause key of remote control. Receiver has the provision for software upgrade through OTA. If there is nothing to watch and you are feeling bore, the video games will give you the best company.

Easy to use as a normal receiver, input sensitivity more better than its competitors. Fast channel scanning, rich hard ware, easy on-screen display (OSD) will guide you in the right direction. The only real points are the lack of the DiSEqC 1.1 and 1.3 (USALS) protocol. Model : EB-9700 Gold + Function : FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 4000 Satellites: Multiple Symbolrates : 2.45Ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.2 USALS : No Scart Connectors : 2 EPG : Yes Teletext : Yes Digital Audio Output : Yes C/Ku-band compatible : Yes



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