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Test Report for SR – X 1800 D Free To Air Digital Satellite Receiver First Satellite Zone Coverage Receiver

SR – X 1800 D Free To Air Digital Satellite Receiver First Satellite Zone Coverage Receiver

The SR – X 1800 D digital satellite receiver comes in a silver colored cabinet. With the curved buttons on the right side of the receiver (channel up / down, volume, OK), power, menu and exit buttons are also located on the front panel. It means that the entire receiver can be operated without the need of remote control. The four digit display on the front panel shows either the channel number or the current time in a standby mode.

As soon as the STARSAT is connected to a TV, the installation can begin. There are two kinds of installation. Easy installation and installation. The first thing to do is the selection of menu language. You have the choice of Arabic, Persian, English, French, Russian and Spanish. There are four on screen display menu selections. Menu can be adjusted to your personal tastes. The proper audio carrier can also be selected. One this is taken care of, the desired satellites can be activated. 63 worldwide preprogrammed satellites are listed alphabetically. New satellites can be easily set up manually, parameters such as LoF, frequency and symbolrates can be modified individually. Manual PID entry is also possible.

Since the SR – X 1800 D is only an FTA receiver, it would make sense to set it up in advance so that only FTA channels are sorted when actually performing a scan. Through automatic scanning of Hotbird for the first time, we found 552 TV channels and 308 radio channels in eight minutes. The transponder data is up to date. Select the desired transponder using the arrow keys of remote control. Pressing the OK key will display a down list box which also lets you select the desired transponder. The receiver will automatically search channels for TV and radio. During this procedure, you can see a list of the previously searched channels in the searched list box on the screen. On completion of searching channels the cursor will be placed on view CH automatically. Now press the OK button to view the last searched channel.

On the rear panel is the IF input with a looped through output for connection to another receiver. The video can be routed to a monitor or TV either via the two scart connectors (TV and VCR) or the set of there RCA Jacks. The 0/12 volt programmable output is perfect for use on a multifeed antenna. With the optional S/PDIF output, the manufacturer also did not forget about top quality audio. There is also an RS-232 interface for uploading of new receiver software. The remote control is multicolored and nicely laid out. With the push of a single button, the channel list can be called up. Channel surfing is quite fast. This box has the ability to store 5000 channels.

The channel manager knows exactly what to do? On the left side of the TV channel menu, you can see the channel list. On the right side, you can watch the current channel in small picture in graphic (PIG) mode (1/9 size of the normal mode). You can also see channel information under the PIG screen. The PIG changing accordingly by moving the cursor from one channel to another. When you select the channel manager, default favourite list will be shown on screen as favourite 1. Select your favourite channel here and then press OK button. The smiley mark will appear next to your selected channel name. If you want to remote the channel name from the favourite channel list, press the OK key once again, then the smiley mark will disappear. Here the channels can be renamed, deleted and sorted. SR – X 1800 D is the first receiver in the world with satellite zone coverage. It has the ability to receive a satellite from all over the world in a minimum time with best possible signals.

Quite surprising is its ability of handling SCPC / MCPC signals from C/Ku band satellite. The only thing missing is the USALS protocol. The receiver has an easy installation and operation process. Channels can be quickly downloaded from a satellite. Detailed information on Future programmes is delivered by the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). A teletext decoder is built in, so that this service can also be displayed on simple monitor. PAL and NTSC signals are automatically recognized. With NTSC signals, the display of the menus is not as clean as in PAL mode in that the lower edge of the OSD is cut off. A sleep timer can be set up and it turns on/off automatically by setting function (daily, weekly, monthly).

With the automatic channel scan, you have the choice of scanning one satellite or multiple satellites plus you can also choose the search for all channels, for FTA channels or for networks. Even if the scan looks for all channels, a simple push of the button can select between FTA and CAS. With the help of parental lock function, the channels may be locked with a password inorder to prevent children from accessing the channel. You can also protect your installed data and information using the install lock.

The Starsat SR – X 1800 D is an excellent FTA receiver that is truly a lot of fun: the installation is simple an the channel scan is extremely fast. The menus are self – explanatory and the channel switching times makes surfing Fun. The receiver comes integrated with DiSEqC 1.2, software upgrades function via satellite. The integrated videogames will give you a best company. This version has the ability of personal ID identification.

Technical Data & Functions: Fully DVB-S / MPEG II Compliant SCPC & MCPC Receivable from C/Ku Band Satellites 5000 Channels Memory Space 200 Favourite Channels Automatic Search for Transponders and Channels PAL-NTSC Auto-conversion System DiSEqC 1.2, Voltage (14/18V), Tone (22K) and 0/1V LNB Swithcing Support Multi-language OSD (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian) Multi-language Audio and Subtitle Reception Electronic Program Guide (EPG ) and VBI Teletext Support OSD Menu Colour in Four Selections A/V Output through RF Modulator or A/V Cable RF Modulator for TV Standard (PAL B/G/D/I/K, NTSC) TV Scart & VCR Scart for TV Standard Picture in Graphics (PIG) Support Software Upgrade: RS232, Receiver to Receiver Timer Function Support Auto Diseqc detection Satellite zone coverage Personal ID identification



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