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Test Report for KAON KSC-N550 H2R Digital CI Set Top Box

KAON KSC-N550 H2R Digital CI Set Top Box

Kaon is one of the best R & D and manufacturing company, focusing on developing digital and its related products. Kaon developed a receiver that with its two tuners can record six programmes at the same time and can also record analog signals digitally on the integrated hard drive.

The KSC-N550 H2R has all the capabilities on the inside. The four buttons on the front panel of this receiver can operate all the functions. There are two CI slots for use with various conditional access modules although recesses for card readers were not available. The rear panel is quite different from other receivers. In addition to the two scart connectors, there are two scart connectors, two satellite IF outputs, S-Video Jack, UHF modulator, a coaxial digital audio output, a USB 2.0 interface, an RS-232 serial interface as well as three RCA Jacks for video and audio outputs. There is also a main on/off power switch. The remote control is nicely designed and sits well in hand. The box leaves a good impression. The hard drive is 80GB installed and can hardly be heard.

As soon as you will turned on the receiver for first time, an installation assistant starts that guides the user. Language is selected first. The menus can be displayed in English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Persian, Soumi and Arabic. The desired audio language as well as the subtitle language are selected after the language selection. The time can be set easily here. The next step is of channel scanning. It comes with 50 up-to-date preprogrammed European and Asian satellites in the C-band and Ku-band. This box is perfect for use on a motorized system or a multifeed antenna. This is not a problem for this box. KSC-N550 H2R supports the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol and DiSEqC 1.3 (USALS). The receiver comes with an array of preprogrammed local oscillator frequencies (LoF) to choose from and if you absolutely have to use S-band LNB, the local oscillator frequency can be entered manually. After the entry of parameters, the automatic channel scan can be started. Here the user can decide if only FTA channels or if encrypted channels should be scanned for. This box can handle symbolrates between 2 and 45 Ms/sec. Since this is a twin tuner receiver, you can select in advance which tuner should be used to receive the individual satellites. In case, if one satellite is received by both tuners, the scanned channels can be copied from one tuner to the other.

When the channel scanning come to an end, the installation assistant closes and the receiver switches to the first channel found. The info bar is optically appealing and shows all the usable information. It does not show EPG information on the current or upcoming programme. Such information can be obtained by first pressing the EPG button. The EPG data is scrolled on the display for the entire day. A second push of the EPG button displays all relevant EPG data clearly and concisely. Switching between channels is fast, but with encrypted channels it takes a little more time.

It the main menu, various menu items can be selected. The main menu provides access to additional settings that were omitted in the installation assistant. This includes the video output signal or the color system. This receiver can deliver the video in CVBS, RGB and S-Video formats. A Yuv output is not supported. This box supports PAL, NTSC and SECAM. The main menu can also be used for receiver’s PVR functions as well as manage the channel list. Favourite channels can be moved into one of the favourite list. Here one or more channels can be locked out with a PIN code. Channels can also be deleted, moved, renamed or marked so that they can be skipped over.

The menus of PVR provides access to the content of the hard drive. Timers can be programmed here and the USB 2.0 interface can also be activated. This box has six simultaneous recordings, MP3 play back and the digital recording of analogue signals. The box records six channels at the same time. The digital recording of analogue input signals is the most interesting features. The analogue device needs to be connected to the receiver via the three RCA input jacks. The recording quality can be set normal, high or very high. In normal mode the quality is equal to digital recordings. The USB 2.0 connection can be used not only for transferring MP3 data to the receiver, it can also be used to send recordings from the receiver to the PC. After connecting the PC and receiver, the PC recognizes the presence of the receiver. Contrary to other receivers, the transferred recordings can be played immediately on the PC. The PIP function, the multivideo function, software updates via satellite, time shift function are extra ordinary functions of this box. The user-manual is easy to read and understand and provide all the necessary information.

Model : KSC-N550 H2R Function : Digital CI Set Top Box Channel Memory : 8000 Satellites : 50 Symbolrates : 2.45ms/sec DiSEqC : 1.0/1.2/1.3 USALS : Yes Scart Connectors : 2 S-Video : Yes Modulator : UHF Color System : PAL / NTSC / SECAM C/Ku-band : Yes EPG : Yes Teletext : Yes PIP : Yes Zoom : Yes



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