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Test Report for EUROSTAR EUROLINE DS-555 Free To Air Digital Satellite Receiver

EUROSTAR EUROLINE DS-555 Free To Air Digital Satellite Receiver

Eurostar always seems to be in growth mode. The small and handy DS-555 has finally arrived in the market. A total of seven buttons permit complete control of the receiver just in case the remote turns up missing. The four digit display on the front panel shows the channel number & current time in a standby mode. Since this is only an FTA receiver, there are no CI slots. Even though the DS-555 is small in size, if comes with many of the more important connectors on its rear panel: an LNB in put that is looped through for use with a second receiver, one scart connector, three RCA jacks that provide video and analog audio outputs. An RS-232 interface is available to upload new receiver software. The colorful remote control comes with numerous hot keys for quick access to specific functions such as the Favorite, videotext or the EPG.

The new design of DS-555 makes the receiver look much more elegant than its earlier version. This new version comes packed with an RCA cable for video and audio stereo. With the help of the illustrated user manual, illustration of this receiver is very easy. It can communicate with the user in nine different languages: German, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian. A total of 54 satellites are available in the receiver’s database. Unlimited Ku-band and C-band reception is possible. Alongwith MCPC channels it can scan SCPC signals also, the DS-555 will find all of the important channels. The manual scan is even more precise. After entering in the audio, video and PID’s this receiver can process every DVB MPEG-2 compatible signal.

The clear and easy to follow menu structure of Eurostar has remained. The on screen display now function in 3-bit color and you can easily see this. An OSD provides information on, channel name, TP information and shows a signal strength bar graph. If the selected channel includes videotext, digital audio, EPG, the corresponding icon on the display would be illuminated. Additional channel information is provided by the EPG. The detail programme information in extended format can be viewed by pressing “I” key. Teletext can also be viewed in VBI mode.

Various functions for managing channels such as lock, move, rename, delete and swap can be performed in channel manager submenu, while adding channel to favorite list can be carried out in channel manager submenu. Euroline has 7 favorite lists with more than 100 channel capacity. 5 favorite lists are named as movie, music, news, kids and sport, while 2 favorite lists are assigned as Fav6 and Fav7. User can rename all favorite lists. Whether it’s favorites, genres, A-Z, channel sorting is made very easy. The channels may be sorted by language, FTA, satellite, Transponder, Favorite and in alphabetical order. After sorting channels, previous list can also be recovered by selecting original channel list option.

The actual installation procedure depends on the antenna configuration used. Each of the tuners requires the correct data for satellites LNB, DiSEqC port etc. In addition to a completely manual installation, there is also an option for an automatic one.

The parental lock functions will keep the kids away from adult programmes. The DS-555 has been provided with 10 timer functions to organize TV or radio channels. Start and stop timing can be set for desired TV or radio channel. The data may be transferred from PC to receiver and receiver-to-receiver. The channel data could be retained even after factory default. By save function channel data and settings can be saved before factory default by load function, saved data can be recalled after carrying out factory default.

The DS-555 is a high quality free to air receiver. Thanks to the logically designed remote control, all of this unit’s numerous features are easily accessible. Quick access to satellites has been possible. Model: DS-555 Function: Digital FTA Satellite Receiver Channel Memory: 4000 Satellites: 54 Scar Connector: 1 EPG: Yes USALS: No Video output: RCA OSD Graphic: 3-bit 0/12 volt: No Teletext: Yes Timer: Yes



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