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Test Report for NEOSAT SX-1600 PLUS Digital Satellite Receiver

NEOSAT SX-1600 PLUS Digital Satellite Receiver

The new NEOSAT SX-1600 PLUS digital satellite receiver has a very elegant design. A four digit seven segment display indicates operating status of receiver. The standby button is also visible on the front panel. But normal control of the receiver is also possible even if the remote control is out of order. These buttons plus the OK button can also be used for setting up the receiver.

The rear panel of the receiver is somewhat more sophisticated. Here you can connect your receiver in three ways to your existing TV system. Connect one end of scart cable to the TV (scart) jack on the back of the receiver and the other end to a scart jack on your TV. Secondly connect one end of RCA cable to the RCA Jack on the back of the receiver and the other end to a RCA Jack on your TV. Finally, if your TV does not have a RCA Jack, connect one end of RF cable to the TV on the back of the receiver and the other end to a RF input Jack on your TV. Finally connect the coaxial cable from the LNB to the LNB in Jack on the receiver. To connect any external audio Hi-Fi system, the receiver has been provided with two RCA connectors at the back of the receiver marked with audio L and R. Connect an RCA stereo cable from the Audio L, R Jack on the back of the receiver to the Line, Aux, Spare or Extra input jacks on your Hi-Fi system. The rear panel is equipped as you would expect. The box also comes with 0/12 function.

The main menus of this receiver can be displayed in a number of different languages (English, Persian, French, Turkish, Arabic, Russian). Every user should be able to find a language that they can use. The SX-1600 Plus can support SCPC and MCPC signals for C and Ku band. Users of DiSEqC motors can use the SX-1600 Plus drive their motors, but only via the DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 protocol since USALS is not supported by this box. Owners of multifeed antennas with multiple LNB’s are also out of luck since this receiver comes with neither a 0/12 volt output nor the DiSEqC 1.1 protocol. The receiver is loaded with a significant number of preprogrammed satellites and transponder data. The SX-1600 plus can store up to 4000 possible TV and radio channels. As with most other receivers, channels in the channel manager can be rename, move, lock, skip and deleted. Every LNB type for the C-band and Ku-band are accepted without any difficulties. You can also change the channel mode (TV/Radio) with TV/Radio key. The picture zoom quality is best at all.

The SX-1600 Plus can also perform a completely normal automatic channel scan. The receiver can process symbolrates from 2 to 45 ms/sec. Manual entry of PID data is also possible as is the subsequent scan of a specific transponder. It is fully compliant with DVB-S and MJPEG-2 with ST microelectronic ST 15518 chip processor.

The SX-1600 Plus has shown itself to be an “everyday” type of receiver. Switching between channels is fairly fast. The EPG provides programming information. The professional will enjoy the display of all relevant channel data (frequency, symbol rate, polarization, PID etc.) with the push of info button. If the user should get bored while sitting through a long commercial break, the receiver offers an integrated video games. The TV picture does not disappear, instead it continues to be visible in a small window so that you can easily switch back to TV mode at the end of the commercial break. The installation and operation process is very simple. Channels can be locked inorder to keep the kids away from adult channels. Favourite channels can be stored in favourite manager list, so that you may recall it, when you might need. The relatively fast and highly functional scan function makes this receiver an absolute must for the feed hunter. 4000 channels for this receiver are simply not enough. Also missing is the USALS protocol.

Model : SX-1600 Plus Function : Digital Satellite Receiver Channel Memory : 4000 Symbol Rates : 2-45 Ms/s DiSEqC : 1.0, 1.2 USALS : No C/Ku band : Yes SCPC / MCPC Compatible : Yes Color System : PAL / NTSC



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