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Test Report for Hivion HV-9090X Plus

Hivion HV-9090X Plus

The Hivion HV-9090X Plus digital satellite receiver has been the number one best selling receiver and has all of the features you need and expect from any modern receiver. Hivion Receiver have earned their reputation for having the most intuitive Graphic User Interface of any receiver, which makes setup of fixed dish or motorized systems feel like Childs-play! The Hivion HV-9090X Plus has amazing features like Brilliant on screen graphics, Digital Audio, Universal Programmable Remote Control and the embedded smart card reader expansion slot that will allow it to accept any provider card. Its large memory will provide lightning fast channel changes and an abundance of channel capacity.

The first thing that will attract your eyes when you see the front panel of HV9090X-Plus is its very nice LCD display. The round front panel display shows not only channel number but also a current time in stand by mode. The front panel buttons can be used to control the receiver when the remote control is missing. The Hivion receiver has 2 slot Common Interface for Viaccess, Conax, Crypto Works, Nagravision, Irdeto and Midiaguard. The rear panel has all the necessary connections.

The included user manual comes with detailed information, numerous pictures and clearly explains all of the functions of this box so that even a beginner will have no trouble understanding what is going on.

Hivion HV-9090X Plus has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. Unlimited updated satellites are available from worldwide. Hivion supports DiSEqC 1.2 protocol.

After selecting the audio language, you are asked to go through some basic settings such as choosing daylight savings time or standard time.

The receiver is now ready to use. If any special settings need to be addressed, such as the audio/video output signal or complicated DiSEqC parameters, this can be handled later through the main menu. The Hivion HV-9090X Plus supports CVBS and RGB although YUV and S-Video are not available. The receiver can handle both PAL and NTSC signals; reception of US feeds is therefore not a problem.

Hivion HV-9090X Plus has fast channel search. 1110 TV and 447 Radio channels were found in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Individual channels can be moved or deleted while popular channels can be moved into Favourites lists. The editing functions are separated for the TV and radio channel lists helping to promote organization and clarity.

Another highlight of this receiver is the automatic downloading of EPG data at a specific time via satellite. In this way, when you actually want to look at this data, you won't have to wait any length of time; it will immediately be available. For the user this has the distinct advantage that all of the EPG data is downloaded regardless of what channel happens to be selected at the time and therefore can provide. Symbolrates staring at the rate of 1.45ms/sec were used in our test report. The box easily receives SCPC and MCPC signals of both C and Ku-band satellites.

After pressing the OK button a nicely organized channel list is displayed that in addition to a preview window also shows the current EPG data for that channel. The list can be sorted by Favourites list or by provider. Children may be keep away from adult programmes through parental control function.

Press the Text button on the remote control, the pop-up window for language selection will appear. As soon as you press the info button on remote control, the programme information will appear on your screen. By pressing the Function button, the Zoon service will be displayed and you will be able to see the picture closely. The Hivion HV-9090X Plus has the Multipicture display service, in which maximum 16 pictures can be displayed on the screen.



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