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Test Report for Digital Telecom DT-X11

Digital Telecom DT-X11

Incorporating the powerful single chip decoder, DT-X11 is designed to provide FTA channels with user friendly OSD. This digital set top box demonstrates extremely and cost effectiveness, which makes it your best choice to enjoy the colourful digital life at home.

The first thing to catch your eye when opening of receiver's package is its attractive design. With these dimensions you should have no trouble at all finding a place for it somewhere in your TV room. Furthermore, its silver-colored cabinet will make fit in easily with other video and audio devices. The front panel is quite simple in design, giving the impression of a solid and easy to use set-top-box.

On the right side can be found four little round buttons, two of them (ch up/down) can be used to move inside the channel list or to move the cursor in the menu list while the other two (vol -/+) can be used to increase/decrease the volume, while on the left side, the three buttons are used for Menu, OK and turning the receiver on and off. The only way to completely operate the receiver is through its remote control, but if the remote control is missing, one may control this box with the front panel buttons. In the center is the

large green four-digit display that shows the time in standby mode or the channel number when the receiver is switched on.

The rear panel comes with all of the essential connections that we might expect: an LNB input with its looped-through output, RCA jacks for video signal, left and right audio signals and Serial Interface RS-232 for software upgrade. The user manual that came with this receiver is only written in English, but it's fairly clear and can guide you easily step-by step through the initial installation. The remote is small and light enough so that even a child can easily handle it.

If English is not your first language, you can change the OSD language choosing from one of the following: English, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, French, German, Russian and Persian.

The first menu that must be accessed at the very beginning is the “Installation” menu. Here you must set all the parameters according to your antenna configuration. Regardless of whether you have a fixed antenna, a motorized one (DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS) or a multifeed system, the receiver can handle all of these configurations. The LNB field offers a list of ten pre-set local oscillator frequency (LOF) values, but should you need an LOF not in the list, the receiver's firmware lets you enter it manually. When everything is properly set up, the two signal bars graphs will indicate a good signal with green bars. At this point a channel scan can be started and this can be carried out in several different ways. There is an auto scan, where you can decide to scan one or more satellites at once, with fairly up-to-date transponder data. The same scan could be set to consider only FTA channels or ALL (FTA and scrambled) channels. 1287 TV and 513 Radio channels were found in 3 minutes and 7 seconds. This is a fairly typical time among digital receivers. The receiver has the capacity to store 1800 TV and Radio channels.

In the channel manager menu you can sort the list by channel name, by type (FTA and scrambled) or by transponder, or you can manually move a desired channel or group of channels within the list. You can also rename a channel, delete it, lock or skip it and also change its PID value (you can only change the PID if it was entered manually). Channels can be also moved into the existing Favourites lists and, once inside one of these lists, you'll be able to sort the channels in the same way as in the main list, plus edit, lock or skip them. Through a multipicture display, one can get 9 pictures on screen.



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