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Test Report for Micro-X MDR-2900 FTA

Micro-X MDR-2900 FTA

This is one of the latest receiver MDR-2900 FTA released by company – contains TPS – auto updating software with ALI chip based solution similar to other models containing this solution by other companies. The front panel window display shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode. Since it is an FTA receiver, there is no CI slot on the front panel.

If English is not your first language, you can change the OSD language choosing from one of the following: English, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, French, German, Russian and Persian. Every user will find an easy language for communication.

The MDR 2900 is not too large and therefore doesn't take up much room. At the same time however it isn't too small either so limiting the number of connectors on the rear panel was not necessary. Almost everything is there: RCA jacks for video and audio, SCART jacks for a TV and VCR, even terrestrial signals can be looped through and routed to a TV via a UHF channel. Of course, an IF looped-through output is also available so that a second receiver can be connected. This could be an analog receiver or some other special receiver. The remote control has an easy access to all the functions.

Up to four fixed antennas or LNBs can be connected and controlled via DiSEqC 1.0 commands. All the local oscillator frequencies for C and Ku-band are preprogrammed. You can choose from up to 60 preprogrammed satellite positions but, of course, depending on your location and the size of your dish, not all of them might be usable.

The alignment to individual satellite positions using a standard DiSEqC 1.2 motor is somewhat difficult; a USALS motor would function much better in this situation. Simply enter in your location and every satellite will automatically be found.

The receiver comes from the factory without any channels stored in memory but this does not prevent you from accessing the Installation menu. Language, audio and video settings have already been taken care of; you really only need to select the desired satellites and start the channel scan. Your TV enjoyment can begin right after that.

MDR 2900 channel scan speed is actually quite good: the receiver only needed just under three minutes to complete a scan of 79 transponders for FTA channels. The receiver can also handle encrypted channels without any problem. For this application we have a small tip: your first channel scan should be for FTA channels since most of the encrypted channels on a satellite would probably not be used anyway. The channels found during a scan are divided into separate satellite lists and conveniently sorted by TV and radio. These channels can then be further organized by placing them in one of the different Favourites lists that can be renamed as desired. This helps to make it much easier to find the channels you want to watch. We were especially impressed with the outstanding Edit function that makes it possible to modify existing transponder.

Information can be called up four different ways. Pushing the OK button displays a 12-row channel list. The Info button displays the channel name and current programme name along with a colored bar graph in the Info display that indicates the remaining time in a programme. A second window also shows the reception parameters. Pushing the EPG button displays detailed programming information; this could be information for the entire day or a preview of the upcoming week. Teletext services can also be viewed and very quickly at that since it is constantly downloading information packets in the background. The built-in timer also includes a sleep timer as well as automatic receiver turn-on control.

Parental control function keeps the children away from adult programmes. Pictures may be seen closely by pressing the zoom button.



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