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Test Report for Digital Telecom DT-X10

Digital Telecom DT-X10

The first thing you notice when you open the box is that the DT-X10 is really compact. It is a nice looking, silver-colored box, will fit perfectly either on top of your TV set or among the other electronic equipment in your TV cabinet. The front panel has seven buttons, which allow you to switch the receiver on or off (Standby), select a channel or toggle between TV and Radio mode, volume up and down. For basic control this would be enough, but for more advanced functions a nicely designed, ergonomic remote control is here to help. Since it is an FTA receiver, there is no CI slot on the front panel.

The large front panel window display shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode. The receiver is quite surprisingly equipped on its rear panel. TV scart connector, RF input and output connectors, an RS-232 interface allowing software and channel list upgrades from your computer, and, of course, an LNB input and looped-through output for the satellite connected via a DiSEqC switch.

After turning on power for the first time, an empty black screen will appear with a window in the middle with the message “No Channel”. Menu button on the remote control, select “Installation”. In the “System Settings” submenu you can select the OSD language (from which you can choose English, German, Turkish, Arabic, configure the LNB and DiSEqC settings in “Antenna Setup” and select the satellite (or satellites) that you plan to watch. The preprogrammed satellites are arranged alphabetically so it would help to know it's exact name in order to find it quickly.

The menus are easy to navigate through, but if you need additional information on a particular feature, press the button on the remote control. Once the initial setup has been completed, the fun can begin. It's time to find the channels that you would actually watch. As is typical, you can choose from two options – either an automatic, manual or network search. We first tested the automatic search on Hotbird, where in Automatic search, the receiver found 1323 TV and 507 Radio channels in 4 minutes. It's also possible to search for frequencies with specific symbol rates. The DT-X10 had no problems locking onto SCPC carriers and MCPC packages with both low and high.

Once all the channels you want have been stored in the DT-X10, they can be organized into as many as 8 Favorites lists. Channels can be sorted alphabetically or filtered by satellite, frequency, network, type and encryption mode.

So, all of the preparation work is now completed. We located the channels we wanted, programmed them into the receiver's memory and organized them into Favorites lists. Now it's time to have a look and see what's on tonight! Switching from one channel to another is fairly fast at around half-a-second. This time might be a little more if we select a channel with a very low SR (like the SCPC channels on Eurasiasat 1), but it's still fast enough. If the chosen channel is encrypted, a message confirming this appears that also includes information about the encryption system in use.

The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) is fast and user-friendly. After pressing the “EPG” button, the actual channel picture is minimized to the top right part of the screen. Underneath the receiver displays the channel's details – satellite, provider, frequency, polarization, SR, FEC, age restriction, genre, language and encryption status while the larger, left side of the screen is devoted to EPG information. The receiver can be programmed so that at a set time it switches over to a specified channel. Up to ten timer function is possible. There is also a multipicture display function in DT-X10 receiver. If you are feeling bore, the video games will provide you a wonderful company.



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