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Test Report for Future-Ski 701

Future-Ski 701

Future-Ski 701 Receiver is leading the way in digital television at the moment. Future-Ski 701 is an essential free-to-air digital satellite receiver. This plugs & play solution gives access to more than 3200 Radio and TV programmes. It is an elegant receiver in its silver-colored cabinet with more to it than meets the eye.

The front panel sports eight silver, horizontally placed buttons that can be used to control and program the receiver should the remote be lost somewhere in the cushions of the couch. The four-digit green display located in the center of the front panel displays the current time or the currently selected channel. The rear panel comes with all the standard connectors that you'd expect to find such as an IF input with looped-through output, video and analog stereo audio outputs on three RCA jacks, a VHF modulator, TV scart connector, output that can be switched between Channel 3 or 4, a terrestrial TV antenna/cable input that is looped through to the modulator output when the receiver is in standby mode and also an RS-232 serial interface.

If it is the first time you are using Future-Ski receiver, then you should set all parameters. The Main menu then appears. By now the Antenna Setting would have been chosen during set up. But obviously you can change the setting if so required. Next are the two types of search. This is where the menu has been “cleaned” up most since.

the first one received. Channel Search allows the receiver to search the channels that are set when the software is downloaded, also it will allow a re-search of channels that the user has manually added to the data base since the last Master reset. Firstly the LNB can be selected, very useful if both C Band and KU band are in use.

The Power Scan function lets you perform a satellite scan without knowing any transponder parameters in advance. It will find all active digital DVB transponders on a satellite and then scan each of those transponders for any TV and radio channels. The Power Scan in the Future-Ski receiver can be conveniently accessed directly from the remote control and can be customized in a number of different ways. Instead of running a full range scan, the user can restrict the scan to a single polarity, the start and end frequency can be specified, the scanning steps can be set to 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 15 MHz and the scan itself can be set to look for FTA-only channels or all channels.

The receiver has enough memory to hold up to 3200 channels and as many as 64 satellites. The manufacturer claims that the Future-Ski can handle signals with symbolrates from 2-45 Ms/sec. We found that the Future-Ski can do much better than that. We tested the receiver on a 1.374 Ms/sec signal and are happy to say that this box did not hesitate for one second to lock onto this signal. Regardless of the TV type, NTSC and PAL channels can be viewed by selection. When PAL channel is viewed on NTSC TV, small deletion on up and down sides of the screen may occur and it is normal as its conversion is managed by software. And darker colour on the bottom side of the screen may occur, when NTSC channel is viewed on PAL TV.

Futrure-Ski receiver supports DiSEqC 1.0 protocol. The Network search function will enable you to search new TPs and all channels in all TPs. The receiver is now as fast as the other receivers, slightly in search, but this is made up by the rapid download of found transponders.

The Future-Ski receiver is best designed receivers ever. When installed properly, it should give you years of reliable performance. It is simply a top notch receiver with many features you might normally only find in top-of-the-line models.



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