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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
September 2010
Coolsat 7000 Micro PVR

The Coolsat 7000 Micro PVR is a pioneering step forward for Coolsat. The 7000 is the first model from Coolsat with Personal Video recorder function to record your favorite shows, and the first unit from Coolsat that firmware can be updated via USB Flash drive. With its 1gb internal memory you have a 40 minute buffer for playback functions and may be expanded to 4gb. The 7000 comes with all the other features that you come to expect from Coolsat; Blind Search, extended 9 day EPG, Universal Remote, Picture in Picture, Dolby Digital, component outputs, and more.

Amstrad DRX550

The Sky DigiBox is designed for BSkyB's UK digital satellite service Sky Digital (Amstrad DRX550), and can also be used with Free-to-View cards. This box is sold as contract-free and can be used without a telephone connection. It has full access to Sky Digital services, card reader, Sky remote control (inc 2 x AA batteries), Scart lead, UK power lead and Instruction booklet.

LG LST-3510A HDTV Tuner

The first generation of HD receivers has come and gone. Most models from most brands have been discontinued for quite awhile. A few companies have gone to a second generation, while other companies, like LG (the parent of Zenith), are now producing their third generation. It should be noted that LG supplies HD receivers to other leading C/E companies as well. The LG LST-3510A is a unique product in that it combines a full-featured HDTV receiver with an integrated progressive scan DVD player. According to LG, the knowledge included within this sleek, brushed silver cabinet is really fifth generation technology, for its over-the-air ATSC terrestrial tuner that allows you to receive local HD programming via rooftop antenna. Besides OTA HD reception, this unique product also includes a QAM cable HD tuner. You'll be able to receive all OTA or "in-the-clear" signals without a separate cable HD box. The LST-3510A includes a NTSC tuner so that you can also receive all analog programming.

Viewsonic NextVision HD12

Channel scanning is where this review starts to take a turn for the worse. On the HD12, the process of adding channels and testing signal strength is enough to drive a person crazy. Let's start with signal strength. When you're trying to find the perfect angle for your antenna, you want a dynamic on-screen signal strength meter. Numbers are better, because you can watch them change ever so slightly, but bars are okay too. What's most important is that you can leave the strength on-screen and watch it fluctuate while you fine tune your antenna. The HD12 does not allow for this. Instead, the HD12 allows you to take a snapshot of your signal strength, and it's no fewer than four or five keystrokes to get to that point again. If you're trying to find the strongest signal within a ten degree range, you have to position the antenna and take a snapshot, move the antenna, take a snapshot, move it again, and take a snapshot. If you live at the base of a broadcasting tower and your signal strength is through the roof, this won't matter much. But out here "in the fringe", a few degrees to the left or right can mean the difference between heavenly HDTV and a blank "No Signal" screen.

Metronic SAT 100 HD Freesat Receiver

The SAT 100 HD doesn't feature a hard-disk like the Humax Foxsat-HDR and features a single Freesat tuner, but it does allow you to access high-definition channels such as BBC HD and ITV HD. The unit itself is very well constructed and feels reassuringly sturdy, plus its compact dimensions mean it won't take up much room under your TV. But from an aesthetic perspective the Metronic is no great shakes, sporting a bland black finish, a single LED and a row of cheap-looking buttons on the front that control volume and channel changing. It's far from offensive but hardly screams 'cutting-edge'. The rear panel is much more inviting. It sports all the sockets you need to incorporate the unit into your existing system, including an HDMI output, two SCART outputs (one offers RGB, S-video and composite, the other S-video and composite), and an optical digital audio output for connection to an AV amp - but oddly there are no analogue outs. There's also an Ethernet connection on the rear, which will become an essential feature when the BBC iPlayer makes its way onto Freesat later this year.

Technisat Digicorder HD S2x

An HD revamp of the twin-DVB-S2-tunered Digicorder S2, the HD-S2x has already been available (as the HD-S2) for some time in Germany. Unfortunately, the HDD is the same 160GB as the S2's. Given the greediness of HD recordings, we would have expected bigger. That said, a 500GB version is available for extra outlay. One cannot fault the contemporary and surprisingly compact styling of the S2x, which wouldn't look amiss next to – say – a Loewe TV. Function follows form with a control disc that facilitates basic timeshifting, soundtrack/subtitle and last-channel selection, as well as the usual channel-change, volume and standby. They're augmented by a multi-function fluorescent display that, among other things, lists the name of the currently selected channel. The lower half of the front panel swings downwards to reveal the USB port, card readers for built-in Conax CAM and CI slots. You can swap the supplied hard disc for your own 3.5in SATA drives too. The new model adds Ethernet capabilities, which enable the timer to be remotely scheduled via the internet, and recordings to be transferred to a PC. Multimedia files can fly the other way, thereby allowing you to make the most of the onboard media player (or you can transfer via the USB port).

Dreambox DM800HD PVR

The famous Dreambox 800 HD. The first Linux receiver to have High difinition and hard drive capability. Powerful receiver for digital TV and Radio programs. Main features are a 300 MHz processor the Dreambox DM800 supports the Linux TV API have a look to high definition TV on your Dreambox 10/100MBit compatible Ethernet Interface DVI connector plug & play Tuner brilliant OLED display SATA for use either as internal HDD 2,5" or eSATA.

Sonicview 4000

The Sonicview 4000 is the second FTA receiver from Sonicview. After the very successful Sonicview 1000, the Sonicview 4000 has a similar archaecture with a little more power. The Sonicview 4000 receiver comes with 32 mbs of SD Ram (equal to that of the Viewsat Ultra) which gives it great power for scanning and channel changing. The 4000 comes with and Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), and Sonicview 4000 firmware can be updated via USB flash drive. The Sonicview 4000 comes; Picture in Picture, Electronic Programming Guide (EPG), Multi-satellite Auto Scan, Universal Remote, and more.

Coship CDVB2000D

CDVB2000D is a high cost-effective household digital satellite receiver which build-ins Fujitsu powerful single chip processor: MB87L2250. It can decode FTA and Viaccess-scrambled channels and has two SCART sockets. It is Viaccess CAS Embedded, Two SCART Sockets for TV and VCR, Fully Compliant with DVB-S ETSI/EN300 421 and MPEG-2, One Smart Card Reader, High Sensitivity, Low Eb/No Tuner, QPSK Demodulation, Symbol Rate: 2~45MS/s, Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Output, 800 Editable TV Channels and 200 Editable Radio Channels and Software Update via Local RS-232 Serial Port.

Omegasat DSB-5700 Satellite Receiver

This is a complete FTA receiver with Automatic transponder update (QTP Scan), Blind Scan, Multi-Picture display, Picture In Graphics function supported, Digital audio bit stream output via S/PDIF (optical & coaxial), Fully compliant to MPEG-2 and DVB standards, Enhanced ST20 32-bit VL-RISC CPU 200MHz, 8,000 programmable channels, 400 favorite channel list, 9 favorite lists, DiSEqC 1.0/1.1/1.2 & USALS compatible for controlling & motor installation, Closed caption supported, OSD teletext, subtitle & audio language selection for user preference and multiple language on screen display.

Pansat 4500 PVR

The Pansat 4500 FTA receiver is a new powerful addition to the Pansat satellite receiver family. With many similar features as the Pansat 250, the Pansat 4500 distinguishes itself with its improved 216 mhz processor which gives it superior FTA satellite scanning and channel changing. The Pansat 4500 receiver also comes with USB ports both in the front and back of the receiver. Making it easy for software updates and to hook up external hard drives for PVR functionality, everything a FTA enthusiast could want. The receiver has the memory to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. The channel search is very fast. The picture quality is better than other receiver present in the market.

Fortec Star Dynamic

Dynamic is a powerful satellite receiver ideal for satellite enthusiast. This new model has component out. The receiver has an easy-to-use Menu, yet is feature-rich. Dynamic comes with a comprehensive Power Scan for blind searching satellites. Users can back up their channel list before upgrading the software, and then restore the channel list, all from within the receiver’s own menu. The front panel has 8 buttons allowing complete control of the receiver’s functions without the use of the remote. The back panel has all the connection options you would need, with RCA composite jacks, component jacks (Y,Pb,Pr), and an S-video connection. One of the most popular features of this receiver is it's Channel Backup & Recovery system. When you setup your channel list, simply back up the list. When and if you accidentally erase the channel list, you can simply go to Channel Recovery and bring the exact same channels back according to the way they were previously programmed. No need to program the receiver again.



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