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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
September 2008
HD Terrestrial receiver:

Fast remote for channel changing - Easy to use menus - No lockups. Has MHEG 5 providing a 7 day Extended Programme Guide (EPG). HDMI receiver output. USB for extra features. Lowest power consumption in operation and standby modes of any HD receiver on the market and will be hard to beat for any other new releases. We aim to be the “greenest” HD receiver on the market without technical compromise. Firmware upgradeable via USB. Scanning and channel order automatic or editable for favourites. H264, MPEG4 and MHEG5 required by Freeview HD 5 volts available for selectable for high gain antennas. Not that this receiver will need this as the tuner will pick the most sensitive of signals.

SF-3000 Satellite Finder:

With the SF3000 Satellite Finder, you will align dish simply and fast. AZ, EL and PO self-calculated for providing initial dish set-ups. Measures digital satellite signal, bit error ratio and carrier noise ratio quickly and accurately. It can store at least 80 groups of satellite's parameters. Real time update satellite's parameters, provides a RS232 port that can be used for communication with PC and download parameters from the website. Friendly graphic user interface makes operation user friendly.

METRONIC Digital Terminal Satellite TouchBOX:

The TouchBOX enables the receiving of free emited digital channels in the entire world. In addition, you can save up to 2500 TV and radio stations. On the screen and via the remote control, you can access the different features of the TouchBOX. The TouchBOX enables the receiving of free emited digital channels in the entire world. In addition, you can save up to 2500 TV and radio stations. On the screen and via the remote control, you can access the different features of the TouchBOX. Connectivity-wise, the TouchBOX has 2 SCART-outlets and 3 A/V stereo outputs. The TouchBOX is the ultimate solution in order to receive TV channels via satellite.

ZAT-600HD Receiver:

Zinwell's ZAT-600HD external HDTV receiver is probably the smallest unit in this category. With a sleek black plastic casing, it resembles a PC modem more than a tuner, and is a fairly unsightly box as a result. This isn't the sort of high-caliber component most users are going to proudly want to display as part of their home entertainment systems. On the plus side, this unit is small enough to tuck away, and because of its size can be used lying flat or on its side. But this is clearly a case of function over form, and the ZAT-600HD isn't something you'd likely consider for the looks; it's what it can deliver. It is a sleek external video receiver for HDTV content, and it is meant to be used between an antenna and a TV or video projector. In fact, this box requires an external antenna to get any signal, but it can be used with smaller indoor HDTV antennas should you happen to be close enough to a broadcast transmitter.

DirecTV H21 HD Receiver:

The DirecTV H21 high-definition (HD) receiver is a step up from the company's previous model, the H20. This unit makes it easy to search for your favorite television show by person, title, keyword or channel, and you can search for shows up to 14 days in advance, which is fantastic. You can also customize the guide to show only your favorite channels. The rear panel additions of Ethernet and USB ports give this receiver the ability to upgrade when new technologies will require these connections. In addition, the digital HDMI cable input now works seamlessly. The somewhat large size of the unit assists with internal cooling, thereby maximizing performance; the unit's size is not excessive, however, and it should blend nicely into a home entertainment setup. We enjoy taking full advantage of the ability to customize the on-screen features of the H21 unit. You can choose between multiple screen formats -- full screen, stretched, letterbox, pillar-box, or crop mode -- and resolutions, as well. In addition, parents will be thankful for the ability to dictate what content their children are watching by locking out inappropriate programming.

GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision HD Receiver:

The GrandTec Tun-5000 Airvision ATSC DTV/HDTV Receiver/Tuner is the answer for customers who want to receive high-definition (HD) and standard-definition terrestrial broadcasts, but who are located in a historically difficult reception area. We are also impressed that the unit can display its picture on both legacy TVs and HD-ready sets. We find the Tun-5000's ability to decode all 18 approved ATSC digital television formats to be a benefit. You can choose from a variety of display resolutions; 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i are all selectable, so you can make optimal use of your television's output capacity. You can also customize your viewing experience further with options for both widescreen 16:9 and standard 4:3 televisions -- you can choose from letterbox, full-screen and zoom outputs. The versatility of the Tun-5000's inputs and outputs make this unit great for high-end home entertainment setups or simply as a powerful receiver for a basic over-the-air digital TV broadcast receiver. This unit really stands out because of the strong reception of which it is capable right out of the box. If you live in a city or within the normal boundaries of over-the-air broadcast television, you can expect crisp, solid picture clarity without any additional equipment. The unit even performed admirably when tested in Colorado mountain towns, some of which are anywhere from 25-45 miles from the origin of the over-the-air broadcast signals it received. When we added a basic external antenna that was purchased for $7 to the unit, the channels we received in the remote and classically difficult setting of a mountain town delivered picture and sound every bit as sharp as those that we received in major cities.

Directv R15 DTV Receiver:

Enjoy over 225 channels of entertainment with high-quality, all-digital picture and sound. This receiver pulls in DIRECTV satellite broadcasts of TV shows, movies, sports, and premium channels, as well as music from XM Satellite Radio. Better yet, its built-in hard drive digital video recorder (DVR) lets you easily record up to 100 hours of your favorite programming. You also get some interactive features that are unique to DIRECTV. DIRECTV also included some extra conveniences that you won't find on other receivers. "Mix channels" display live feeds of multiple channels at once, so you can get a quick snapshot of what's on each one. For example, "Kids Mix" lets you see what's on the most popular kids' channels, then select which one you want to watch. You can also enjoy exclusive interactive capabilities from NFL Sunday Ticket™, DIRECTV's most popular sports package.

Lorex L164-81 Video On Demand DTV Receiver:

The L164V Series digital video recorders (DVR) offer professional grade performance, easy operation and are designed to easily connect to any monitor with composite or VGA input. The DVR provides high quality recording with modified MJPEG video compression, four input channels and is ideal for any business or home security application. All that is needed is an Internet browser and our proprietary software. The system allows users to record live digital video images continuously onto the 80GB hard drive. Attached video cameras can be remotely controlled to swivel and zoom in and out, and the unit can be triggered to initiate certain events through our specialized call-back feature by utilizing a telephone connection.

Neuros 4030500 DTV Receiver:

The Neuros MPEG-4 Digital Video Recorder II Plus is a digital VCR for the portable video age. If you own a video iPod or Sony PSP, you can now create open digital video files from all the content you already own. You can watch content whenever and wherever you want on your video iPod or Sony PSP.

MAXVIEW Omnisat Winder Satellite system:

The Omnisat Winder manual satellite system (MXL001) is a manually operated system which uses the latest elliptical 66cm satellite dish with specifically designed LNB feedhorn. The Winder has been designed for a very simple and quick installation to the roof of your vehicle. The Omnisat Winder makes sure that the elevation and azimuth are all conveniently controlled from inside your vehicle using the easy to read 2 sided scale and rotating mast. Designed for use throughout the UK and Europe.

NDS3900 Satellite receiver:

NDS3900 Satellite receiver (with CI slot) This product is professional QPSK processor. It is fully compliant with DVB/MPEG-2 standards. DTS522 is a high performance and cost-effective DVB-S professional receiver, it is designed and engineered for cable and satellite operators, the receiver features field-proven reliability, the embedded common interface provides great support for a wide variety of CA system. The receiver is MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB Compliant, Two ways MPEG-2 TS output, with two common interface slot Multi-Channel encypted programs by the specific CAM, PAL/NTSC automatic conversion, 2 CVBS outputs, audio outputs, two video outputs and 2 separate CIM modules, each supports decrypt 8 channel programs.

SonicView SV 1000:

The Sonic view 1000 FTA Receiver has proved time and time again that it will outlast the competition. Sonic view SV 1000 is one of the most highly recommended FTA Receivers. If you own a Sonic view SV 1000 Receiver and you are looking of Sonic view 1000 Files, Sonic view sv-1000 Keys, SonicView sv1000 Instructions, or anything else related to the SonicView SV 1000 FTA Receiver then our FTA Receiver Support section is what you need to start watching Nagra2 FTA Satellite TV with your Sonic View SV-1000.

Gigaset M170 T CX:

The Gigaset M170 T CX offers you a high-quality, space-saving way to enjoy all that digital terrestrial and subscription TV has to offer.



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