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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
September 2005
Digital Satellite Receiver S80CX/IR:

Built-in STi5518 powerful single chip processor, MPEG-2, fully DVB Compliant, Embedded Conax/Irdeto (Optional), 950-2150MHz tuner with IF Loop Through Output, SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellite, automatic PAL/NTSC conversion, 2 SCARTS (TV and VCR), digital audio support with AC3 (Optional), 4,000 channels TV and Radio programmable, on screen display with Multi language (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish,Greek,Persian,Arabic,Portuguese,Russian), fully support to Electronic Program Guide(EPG), Picture in Graphics(PIG)support, 256 colors on screen display, automatic network search for newly added transponders, DiSEqC 1.2 fully support, 13/18V,0/22K,0/12V LNB control, various channel editing function (favorite, move, lock, rename and sort), parental control for channels, plug and play installation, with an ease to use Menu System, multi video output CCVBS, RGBL/R audio and digital audio, software upgrades through RS-232 port and Receiver to Receiver, automatic turn on/off by Timer setting (multiple options), OSD Teletext (DVB compliant) and subtitle function support, Teletext Support by VBI insertion, three different favorite groups selection and automatic save for last channel.

NL-830 Series:

Nescologic¡¯s NL 830 series support FTA, CX (Conax Embedded), CI (Common Interface) and CXCI (Conax Embedded with 2 Slot CI) models designed to meet with customers¡¯ design-preference. The box is MPEG2 & DVB-S Compatible, PIG (Picture in Graphic), 4,000 TPs, 5000 TV & 1600 Radio channel programmable, 256 Colors GUI (Graphic-User-Interface), Powerful EPG (Electronic Program Guide): Now/Next & 7-days, DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 & USALS compatible, Software & Data upgrade via RS-232 (STB to STB, PC to STB), OSD Teletext support (DVB ETS 300 706 & VBI Insertion), Multi languages (OSG & Menu): English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, NescoLogic SetTopBox Editor Program and Optical S/PDIF for Digital Audio & AC3 Bypass.

Smart VENTO plus (2xViaccess & 2xCI integrated:

This digital satellite receiver, which is developed and produced in Europe, allows you to use a variety of application possibilities and it is also ready for future innovations. By the loop-through-tuner you have the possibility to connect a similar receiver with the Vento plus. With the Vento plus you have a dynamic receiver, which offers continuous new applications to you: Common Interface slots, 2 Viaccess slots, AC3, Dolby Digital Output, Single chip MPEG Processor ST 5518, 4MB flash RAM, 8 + 8MB SD-RAM, IR-Blast, S-VHS output via scart, 5,000 programmable Channels, interactive EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Interactive Video Timer, DISEqC 1.2 and RS-232 Port for System Software Upgrading

TM-Remote Plus 2000:

Remote plus 2000 for any remote will operate like magic works through ceilings, Floors and walls. Rx UNIT: in your lounge front of cabinet for VCR, VCD, Cable TV, Converter and Digital receiver. TX UNIT: in your bedroom, you can play VCR, VCD, change channels, only TV in your bedroom or any other room use Remote plus 2000 and enjoy your TV program.

SFT-4000 Free to air digital satellite receiver:

Fully DVB-S compatible, Friendly Graphic User Interface, Software upgrade via RS-232, Auto/Manual/NIT Channel Search, 3000 TV & Radio channel programmable, 256 colors On-Screen-Display, Powerful EPG: Now/Next & 7-days program guide, Teletext supported, Programs sorted & edited by user options, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 & USALS compatible 13 languages (OSD & Menu): English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Croatian, Arabic, Parsi, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, etc.


Over 4900 channel memory capacity for over 64 pre-programmed satellites, 4 separate Favourite lists for TV and Radio programs, Games (Tetris, Socoban & Snake), Multi lingual support on screen Menu Easy to use 256 colors graphic menu with PIG (Picture In Graphic), adjustable colours, transparency and brightness, Full Electronic Program Guide for on screen program information, Automatic channel scan options, Edit functions for TV or Radio program name, Favourite Group name, PID and Transponder information, Power on function with last viewed or user defined channel, Software update and Program list edit functions via PC with RS 232 connector, Parental lock functions selectable per channel,Teletext via TV (VBI) and OSD,Subtitling support, Advanced timer and calendar functions, Full menu access by Remote Control Unit or by 7 front panel buttons, User friendly Remote Control Unit with 4 colored function buttons, Front Panel LED display and DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2.

Digital Cable Receiver CDVBC8800:

CDVBC8800 is a high performance HD digital cable receiver based on highly integrated single chip ATI X225. Compatible with many different models of HD televisions, CDVBC8800 will let you enjoy the high-definition and regular standard-definition programs. In addition to enabling HDTV content, the crystal clear picture and CD-quality sound will definitely take you to a higher lever of enjoyment. The box is Fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant. It supports PAL/NTSC/SECAM, Converting SD programs to HD support, Converting HD programs to SD support, Dolby 5.1 channel or PCM digital audio output, Electronic program guide (EPG), Near video on demand (NVOD), Live software upgrade or upgrade via RS232 port and 32 bits true color on screen display (OSD).

PLATINUM Satellite Receiver:

The Fortec Star Platinum satellite receiver comes with dual CAM Common Interface slots and provides digital satellite reception with a channel memory capacity of 4,800 channels. This receiver is fully MPEG2/DVB compliant, supports multi-languages, and has an Electronic Program Guide for On-screen channel information. The receiver is equipped with Easy Graphic Menu Interface, RS 232C Port for Software Upgrades, Video Connectors (RCA, SCART), Supports DiSEqC 1.0/1.2, 0/12V, 13/18V, 0/22KHz Tone,2 SCART (TV/VCR) Connectors and 1 RCA Connector (CVBS, L, R), Multi-language Function (Menu and Audio),Last Channel Memory, Adjust On-Screen Display (OSD) Appearance ,256 Color OSD, Front Panel buttons and IR Remote Control Interface,Editing Functions (PID, Channel, Satellite and Transponder) 12 Character Channel Name Length, EPG for On-screen Channel Information, 3 Operation Modes (TV, Radio, Favorite List), Support Software Downloading Through Satellite, Digital Tuner with Loop-through out, SCPC / MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-band satellites, Teletext Supported Through VBI and OSD, Dolby Digital Audio and Games (Tetris, Snake, and others).

IDL 7000 PVR white:

The new Inverto™ Digital Video Recorder combines a hard disc TV recorder and a set top box equipped with two digital TV tuners. The product represents the cutting edge of digital TV technology and gives you better control and the freedom to watch what you want, when you want. The IDL 7000 PVR comes in various Hardware configurations for both satellite and terrestrial use (UK version MHEG5 is Available too) and in two stylish color schemes. The IDL 7000 PVR enables you to: Store and playback up to 160 hours of programming, Watch one channel whilst recording another, Record two channels simultaneously, Pause and rewind live TV and No videotapes required.


Fully DVB-S&MPEG-II compliant,SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-band Satellite,UHF Modulator: PAL/NTSC/Auto-Conversion Ch21-69,Variable Symbol Rate 2-45Ms/s,Supports DiSEqC1.0 and DiSEqC1.2,High Speed Blind Search Function 9 channels preview,Multi-Language OSD, (English, hindi, thai, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Polski,etc) Picture in Graphics (PIG) Supports,Max. 1000 Channels,Software Upgradeable Via RS232,Complete Editing Functions (Rename ,Delete, , Favorite, etc) and Wide scope voltage:90V-260V.

Smartbox T-10:

The Smartbox T-10 is a compact digital TV receiver that provides the features you need to enjoy free-to-air TV channels. You will no longer need a satellite dish or a cable connection. The receiver receives Free-to-air TV channels, No contract needed,Works on any TV,Simple setup and connection: no dish, no cable required, Fast channel zapping and teletext, Easy channellist with smartbars, Digital picture and sound quality, Stylish, compact design, Timer and Made in Sweden.

Xcruiser XDSR200 CXPVR:

As a digital set-top box, it can receive encrypted services via common interface module, as well as FTA broadcasts. Outstanding stability and comfort are its built in features. The simple installation and operation, user-friendly OSD menu, highest quality audio output with Dolby Digital Audio, and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience.The front panel of the receiver looks very elegant. In addition to the four-digit display, there are 8 buttons for operation of this receiver without the remote control. There is also a flap on the left side of the receiver. The rear panel is also very interesting. Two scart connectors, RCA jacks, Serial Interface RS-232 for uploading a new receiver software, programmable 0/12 V out put, S-VHS, Digital audio out put, IF input and looped through out put and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver. We can’t find any fault in the design of the receiver.

CSE 2000 Generation 2:

This System allows both analog and digital TV channels, sent by satellite or terrestrial frequencies, as well receiving as FM stations, processing them, and feeding them into the cable network. All processing modules are also available in twin design. CSE 2000 Generation 2 is a reliable solution, flexible for many uses.

Low-Cost Fast-Ethernet Switch SPIDER 5TX:

The SPIDER 5TX has five twisted-pair ports that automatically adjust to 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX as well as to a full or half duplex connection. As the switches can be cascaded as often as required, decentrally structured networks with short transmission distances to the related terminal devices can be realised. In this way the wiring effort is significantly reduced. Due to their compact housing, which measures only 25 x 100 x 78.5 millimetres (with x height x depth), the switches only need little space; they can be used in distribution boxes for instance. Information on device and network status can be read on LED indicators on the front panel.

Delsat DSR 7500 Plus:

DSR 7500 Plus is designed in a pretty and attractive gray color. The front panel of the receiver is designed simply. There are eight buttons on the receiver front panel used for various functions. The current channel number is shown by the four digit green display. As soon as you will open the flap on the left side of the receiver, you will come across two slots used for pay channel access. The rear panel of DSR 7500 Plus is designed very interestingly. There are two scart connectors for TV and VCR, serial interface RS-232 for uploading new receiver software, a programmable 0/12 volt output, RCA jacks and a main power switch for turning on and off the receiver. We also found the S-VHS out put on the rear panel. The remote control has any access to all the functions of the unit. The workmanship of DSR 7500 Plus will really give a positive impression on your mind as well as thoughts.

Model ASC 950 L-Band Converter:

The Model ASC950 Converter is a high performance unit that is independently designed to up convert a 70 MHz (52 to 88MHz) base band input signal to the output frequency band of 950 to 1450 MHz and, simultaneously, down convert an input signal in the band of 950 to 1450 MHz to a 70 MHz output. The upconverter and downconverter are two independent functions that are individually controlled from the front panel facilities. The Model ASC950 upconverter section has the capability to interface directly to an external block up converter (BUC) by supplying the necessary 10 MHz reference and the +24 VDC power. These two signals are multiplexed with the transmitted L-band signal to form a composite baseband signal. The Model ASC950 downconverter section can interface directly to a receive antenna LNB and supply the necessary +24 DC power. The received L-band signal is down converted to the 70 MHz baseband.



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