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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
August 2009
Pansat 9200 HD

The Pansat 9200HD Hgh Definition FTA digital receiver is a new addition to the Pansat lineup for 2007. It is an Pansat HD Receiver that can output using HDMI. Using the HDMI output to your HDTV, it can output using 1080i, 720p, 576p, and 480p. This new model adds 8mb of flash RAM (faster channel changing over last years model), 10000 channel memory, universal remote, component video out, HDMI VIDEO/AUDIO OUTPUT, USB 2.0 Host to support USB Memory Stick , 128MB USB Drive, composite video output, dual satellite & terrestrial tuner input, and finally Standard Definition/High Definition contents (MPEG2 and support MPEG4 AVC/H.264). The receiver has the capacity to store 10000 TV and Radio Channels, Timer Function (Automatic Turn On/ Off by Setting Function), 5 Favourite List & Unlimited Programmes per each and supporting DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS Compatible.

Viewsat MaxHD

The Viewsat MaxHD is best selling Free To Air Receiver. The manufacturer have added a faster processor (200 MHz), double the memory of the Xtreme (32 Mb SD RAM), and a USB communications port for easy data updates. Now you can use your USB flash drive to update your receiver. The new universal remote that comes with this unit is awesome. If that's not enough, wait until you see the new colorful Graphic User Interface. This is by far the best FTA STB the market has ever seen. It is fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S2 Compliant, supports SCPC & MCPC from C/Ku-band, Tuner Symbol Rate: 1~45MS/s, Fast booting & auto scan, Quick channel changing, Max. 4000 channels (TV & radio) programmable, Master PIN Code Function & Parental Lock Function, Zoom Function and Multi Picture display function.

Viewsat 9000 HD

The brand new Viewsat 9000 HD High definition with fan and DVR (digital video recorder) has a 266mhz RISC cpu ST40 that will allow you to capture MPEG2-MPEG4 High Def 1080 channels with the best picture provided by the viewsat 9000HD video tuner that is better then coolsat 8000hd video tuner able to give you the best picture and sound on all hd channels. Viewsat 9000hd has a usb port for PVR features along with being able to update by bin files and key codes. This is a great free to air high definition receiver. This new box has HDTV, SDTV display support. Teletext close caption, user friendly OSD and operation, favourite channel selections, S/W upgrade through RS-232 and USB 2.0 and Parental Guide and rating control.

Satellite Signal Finder

High quality very sensitive satellite signal finder with Audio tone and Light. It is the best tool in Satellite TV installation like DIRECTV, DISH NETWORK, Bell Express Vu and other FTA systems. This satellite meter is very easy to use, you can tune and peak satellite signal in a few minutes even you have no any installation experience.


This new satellite receiver has fastest power scan (blind search) with complete parameter control, 150 programmable satellites and 6,000 programmable channels, Timer function for Sleep / Wake Up / VCR Record, Fully MPEG 2 / DVB compliant, MCPC/SCPC, C/KU reception, 1 LNB input with IF loop through for 2nd receiver, Variable input symbol rate 2 ~ 45Msps, Manual PID scan function, DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS supported, Picture-In-Graphics function, Multi-Picture (4, 9 or 16 pictures) function, ZOOM In/Out, Electronic Programme Guide, Teletext supported by OSD and VBI, Multi language menu, 7 favourite channel group selection and parental lock and Data transfer: receiver-to-receiver or PC-to-receiver.

Conaxsat Trio FTA Receiver

The newest receiver from Conaxsat is the Trio. The Trio has all the options and features of the previous Conaxsat release, the Duo. The Trio though, has the option of loading DivX movies right off your PC on to an external hard drive. The Conaxsat Trio can load DivX movies, record TV shows (PVR), and is still one of the lowest priced FTA Receivers on the market. Conaxsat receivers are getting more and more popular everyday with the Trio leading the way. This receiver is by far one of the nicest and most sophisticated around. It's completely affordable and very easy to use. Starting around rought $250, this high powered receiver is capabale of PVR and Divx movie replay. All you need to do is plug in a USB 2.0. This Personal Video Recorder (PVR) is ready via USB 2.0, Reserve Recording in EPG Mode, Recorded file play on PC, Upgrade Software & Update Channel Database through USB 2.0 Port and RS232, Two USB 2.0 Host for USB Storage Devices (e.g. External HDD, USB Memory, etc) and C/KU band control for each antenna.

Coolsat 7100 Receiver

Dubbed The "Time Machine" by R&D for its futuristic features, the latest in the Coolsat line up of STBs is unique. In Freetech's extensive research, insight and development of This STB, The Time machine offers up 1 GB of internal memory, enabling You to record instantly, right out of the box. The 1 GB of memory along with USB 2.0, outstanding video, time shift, a full 9 day EPG and up to 10,000 channels storage lets us know that that the Coolsat 7000 micRo PVR is another high quality STB by Freetech-Inc. The receiver has up to 40 min. Time machine, Recording & Play back using 1 GByte internal memory, 9 Day EPG, USB 2.0 Host support (MP3 Player & JPEG Viewer), MPEG-II Digital & fully DVB Compliant, Blind Scan, Multi-LNB Controled by DiSEqc Control Version 1.0, 1.2, and USALS and Multi Satellite Search.


High power flat antenna of panel type for satellite broadcasting is coming up to you. The most powerful and elegant flat antenna of panel type for DBS satellite, more gain of flat antenna than ugly dish for satellite broadcasting signal is next to you. You will find many differences in TELE Frontier flat antenna that you have never experienced in other satellite flat antennas Wherever you are over the world, you can enjoy watching satellite broadcasting with TELE Frontier flat antenna.

Diamond LNB of GT-SAT International

A few years ago, we were observing the improvement in noise performance of LNB’s. The older LNBs that had the noise figure of 0.8d B or even larger than 1dB have been replaced by LNBs with noise figures specifiedas0.6,0.3 or even 0.2 dB (typically). Another parameter that is quite important for systems with long coax cables is the output power provided by the LNB. Since a coax cable attenuates the signal, if we need to feed a receiver that is far away from an LNB, we need to insert an amplifier at the LNB output. Such amplifier means additional cost.It can also spoil the noise performance of the system. The alternative is to use an LNB that already provides a stronger signal. And the Diamond high gain line of GT-SAT International are just such products, which we took from the market: single, twin, quad and quattro LNB’s (GT-LST40D, GT-T40D, GT-QD40D and GT-QT40D). These products have high conversion gain, so when compared with a regular LNB they should create visible stronger signal at the output. These LNBs are the perfect choice for difficult receptionareas and allow for plenty of bad weather signal reduction.

Digital satellite finder meter SF3000S

Digital satellite finder is a simple and convenient instrument for setting and aligning a satellite dish. According to parameters of satellite, you can set and align a satellite dish very accurately and conveniently. Features as follows: 1. Graphic user interface is easy to use. 2. Easy to use for beginner of setting satellite dish. It can calculate Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization automatically according to local longitude and latitude and show in a graphic way. 3. It can communicate with PC through serial port. Update new satellite parameters conveniently. 4. Large memory capacity can pre-store 80 of the satellites parameters and measurement records.

Satellite Receiver Imperial DB 1 CI

Satellite Receiver Imperial is not too different from each other when it comes to reception technology. Almost any receiver will provide you with reason able video and audio quality. FTA receiver What sets set-top boxes apart from each other is the way they interact with their users. Who hasn’t lost his temper when trying to set up new equipment for the first time?Who hasn’t spent ages looking for the right item in the menu, and who hasn’t despaired bringing some order into a channel list comprising hundreds of digital channels? If all that sounds familiar to you you’ll be happy to read that we discovered a box with easy installation, fast signal scan and comfortable channel zapping. And as an added bonus it only consumes 6 Watts in standby and 12 Watts when turned on, so it doesn’t only look after its users but also after the environment. Even when a motorised dish is operated by this receiver Imperial DB 1 CI , its energy consumptions increases by a mere 2 Watts. The receiver features both an optical (S/PDIF) and electrical (RCA) output for digital audio so that you can listen to your favourite stations with the best available audio quality.

Minisat Horizon Digital Satellite Meter

The new "MiniSAT" is a simple to use, low cost signal strength meter for digital satellite installation. Features include signal strength (RF level) capable of dual LNB readings and audible tune in. This unit is very compact and ideal for home use or low end installations, such as caravans, etc. The kit includes rechargeable batteries, leather case, mains charger, two F to F connection leads, car charger and a compass. The new "MiniSAT" is a simple to use, low cost signal strength meter for digital satellite installation. Features include signal strength (RF level) capable of dual LNB readings and audible tune in.



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