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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
August 2008

: The EGPOSER II is a web-server, making EGIS-antenna-positioners controllable by means of a computing network. A choice of satellite- positions will be made available to all clients for selection and execution via internet or intranet. Any internet-browser (i. e. MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Apple Safari etc.) can be used to select and approach platform-independent satellites as well as positions from the net. It goes without saying that a simple hierarchy of programmable authorisations will be already implemented which will control the number of users selectively. In addition to passwords you may also use address-barriers. Usage becomes transparent by a log working automatically in the background.

LyngBox HDTV receiver

: The LyngBox enables you to enjoy viewing digital photo’s (JPEG) on TV instead of a PC, and if you have a high-definition screen then your pictures will be as clear as reality itself. Storing your photo’s and movies as high-quality, compressed, files on the LyngBox hard-drive is a convenient, flexible, and space-saving solution. If you need more storage it’s simplicity itself — just plug in a USB compliant memory source. What makes the LyngBox so easy to use and operate, and is also the source of a great variety of information, is the integration with LyngSat Network. LyngSat Maps is used to calculate which satellite signals can be received and directs the LyngBox to download channel information for the available satellites from LyngSat. The information is updated daily. You will always have the latest channels and won’t have to suffer when your favourite channel changes its’ transmission configuration.

NanoXX 9400 Receiver

: Digital Satellite Receiver, Blind-Scan Tuner, 2x Common Interface Slot, 2x Smartcard reader (licenced for Conax, X-Crypt, Firecrypt, DG-Crypt, Crypton), USB for JPG Foto show and Software Upgrades, 8000 Channels, 2x Scart, 256 Colour OSD, USUALS, RS232, Audio-Video Cinch, S/PDIF(opt.), EPG (7 days), Mainpower Switch, TARIC: 85287119, EAN: 4260094439407, 6 units per carton/51x34x34cm/15Kilo. You will also find different games in NanoXX 9400 Receiver.

SquareShooter SS-2200 Antenna:

Specifically designed to receive and demodulate DTV/HDTV transmissions from reflected broadcast signals, the SquareShootertm is uniquely suited for urban/metropolitan locations where line-of-sight to the transmit source is blocked. This 15" square antenna can receive and demodulate clear analog broadcast signals up to 45 miles and outstanding DTV/HDTV signals over 50 miles from the transmit source and is ideal for the suburban market. Because of its size and versatile installation options, it can be mounted practically anywhere for the best DTV/HDTV reception such as on wall, fascias, roofs, patios, attics, or railings. With the addition of our DS-1000 pole mount which meets DirecTV and Dish Network's wind load requirements, the Square Shootertm, when mounted above a satellite dish and diplexed with the satellite system, will incorporate satellite and Off-Air signal onto one coax cable.

Centronics AR-500XL HDTV Rotor:

Programmable atenna rotator digital display controller unit: compact unit allows you to faciliate program antenna position for clear crisp reception. Infrared remote control: control antenna directions with the touch of the button from your armchair to change channels easily.

Extra Terrestrial Receiver

Fast remote for channel changing, -Easy to use menus, has MHEG 5 providing a 7 day Extended Programme Guide (EPG), Timer Function, HDMI receiver output, USB for extra features, lowest power consumption in operation and standby modes of any HD receiver on the market and will be hard to beat for any other new releases. Scanning and channel order automatic or editable for favourites, 5 volts available for selectable for high gain antennas. Not that this receiver will need this as the tuner will pick the most sensitive of signals.


Maxpeak SAM is a battery powered hand held satellite alignment meter. It powers the LNB and is preprogrammed from the web via built in USB. Unique touch wheel to acess all functions. All difficult tasks like programming and difficult menu or operation is eliminated. Extremely fast and accurate with high sensetivity. Developed for DTH & the VSAT market. Low symbol rate e.g. 2000.

Sky Worth STX 7100:

The receiver has built in STi7100ZWC powerful single chip processor, MPEG-2 digital & fully DVB-S2compliant, Installation, Multiple Easy user reference settings, Automatic channel installation & channel list updates, English, German OSD (selectable in UI), Zap-list, Banner, EPG, Main TV & Radio Lists, 5 Favourite TV & Radio lists, Now & Next EIT based, 7-Day EPG (based on EIT schedules), Alternate AUDIO, with selection by language, 8 Timers and Remainders, DVB or EBU selected by the system based on availability on the network, EBU Teletext, VBI reinsertion and Macro Vision for all analog video outputs.

Hivion High def PVR HD9090X Ultima:

This is the HD receiver to date made by Homecast the Hivion HD-9090X Ultima ticks so many boxes - it has a three year warranty - USALS - easy menus (easier than most of the competition) - for the first time too you can record onto a USB Drive - the Smart card reader will read a Euro1080 card (and others) so no need to buy a CAM but if you do buy a popular CAM like for example the Diablo light - it'll work well with that too. The receiver has Smart Card reader (Multi-CAS through patch), Multi Video Outputs HDMI, Componenet, RGB/HV, Composite Video, Audio L/R, Play Back Recorded Files at PC Support, Dolby Digital (AC3) 5.1 Channel Surround via Optical S/PDIF, Multi-Lingual Teletext and Subtitle Support (VBI & OSD), User Friendly OSD Menu with Full Function, Favourite Channel and Parental, Lock Function, S/W Upgrade through USB 2.0 and RS232 port, Picture in Picture support (Aux input / optional) and Electronic Program Guide for On-Screen Channel Information.

Dish Network High Definition 6000U Silver:

Standard features include parental control locks, program information, themes lists, favourite lists, programme browse, automatic and manual event timers, one-touch channel return, closed caption support and alternate audio support. A high definition receiver supporting both common HDTV output, Two HDTV output formats: 1080i and 720P. When using the high definition video outputs 480i, standard definition content (480i) is also up converted to 1080i or 720P, the Model 6000's modular design allows hardware upgradeable to support future technologies, adjust feature for high definition mode, allows you to adjust the position of the image on your screen, HDTV down conversion to standard definition through composite and S-Video outputs, five methods to adapt a non-HD 16:9 image to a 16:9 HDTV to best suit the preference of the viewer. Each mode is easily selected by pressing the asterisk button on the remote control.

Technomate TM-9100 LINUX:

Technomate TM-9100 Super; Technomate's first Linux based Ethernet connection satellite receiver. You can do anything with this receiver: share original card from someone with Ethernet or get someone else card information in to your receiver and watch it with their card. Technomate has HDD hard drive ready but there is no HDD include in this sale, but you can buy one or use your own. You can share one card with many different satellite receivers; card and you want to share it in 5 other rooms; but also you do want to share it in someone 5000 miles away from you.


This latest TV is only available to current DIRECTV customers. The DIRECTV Sat-Go provides reception of satellite TV signals in areas with a clear view of the TV satellite in the southern sky. The DIRECTV Sat-Go is not intended for use when operating a motor vehicle. DIRECTV programming available separately. There is an additional fee to mirror programming from an existing DIRECTV account for each DIRECTV Sat-Go receiver. Programming, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. DIRECTV® SAT-GO ("Satellite-To-Go") combines a receiver, antenna and integrated 17" LCD TV with two speakers all in one easy-to-carry unit. Now, anytime you want to enjoy all digital DIRECTV® programming all you need is a clear view of the southern sky.

Humax Duovisio PVR-9200 T:

The Duovisio is a PVR ideal for digital terrestrial broadcast reception and offers up to 100 Hours of recoding with its integrated 160GB hard disk drive. In addition to receiving Freeview channels the Duovisio can also receive pay TV channels with the use of a CA module. With simple installation and operation, the Duovisio offers a user-friendly three-dimensional OSD, the highest quality digital audio output and advanced video clarity for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience.


The fantastic Professional TV EXPLORER II continues with impressive innovating features. At a first glance the instrument unveils an impressive 6,5" screen with 16:9 panoramic format and transflective technology. TV EXPLORER II introduces many new features. It allows measuring of High Definition satellite DVB-S2 signals and DVB-H for mobile TV broadcasting. It covers Cable TV return path. It can display the constellation diagram for DVB-T/H/C/S/S2. Allows automatic measurements through the DATALOGGER function with a massive 128 MB internal memory.

Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR:

The Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR is the first HDTV Receiver with Hard disk of Topfield. In addition the equipment possesses 2 Tuner. So you can look at a HDTV programme, while they note another program. By the 2 CI Slots at the front can be used the Topfield TF 7700 HD PVR with Pay TV transmitters. Push simply the suitable thing in CI module Receiver. The HDTV of pictures arrives over the HDMI interface at your television set. Further highlights are the alphanumeric display, the picture in display function.



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