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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
July 2010
DMX524 Quad Linear Ku Band LNBF

This is by far the best quad LNBF on the satellite market. It has a full 2-year warranty and a low low noise figure of 0.4dB for excellent quality signal level and quality. This is a linear universal LNBF and works with any linear Ku band satellite around the world. Great for Galaxy 19, Galaxy 18, Galaxy 25, AMC 4, or any other Ku band satellite within North America and United States. compatible with all the DiSEqC & Multi switches on the market and with an incredible, first ever 0.2dB noise figure, it will give you the highest possible quality signal. Works excellent if you want to upgrade your Free To Air and/or Ku band satellite system to add additional satellite receivers.


DVBT8100 is a HD digital terrestrial receiver fully compatible with DVB-T/ MPEG-2 standard. It has a built-in HDD up to 320GB, which can record programs and support time shift function. Also, it is 2 tuners inside, so you can record programs and watching programs at the same time. It is fully DVB-T Compliant System, 2500 TV, 1000 Radio Channels memory, Teletext and subtitle supported, Multi-language OSD and user friendly user interface, Electronic program guide (EPG), game function Channel, Built-in HDD up to 320GB, 2 tuners inside, support record current channel or another channel while and watching current channel.

Technomate TM 800 HD LINUX

Technomate TM 800 is Linux HD Digital Receiver. This is the latest receiver from Technomate which is a Linux HD receiver running on Enigma. The receiver is equipped with all updates features. It has the capacity to store more TV and Radio channels.

Grundig Freesat HDR

This stylish unit is the very latest in PVR technology for the Freesat platform, allowing you to record up to 312 hours of standard-definition programming, or 125 hours in high-definition. For use on the Freesat satellite television platform, this twin tuner receiver offers similar functionality to Sky+, without the subscription costs. By connecting two cables from your satellite dish to this PVR, you can record one channel whilst watching/recording or another; or even record two channels whilst playing back something you've previously recorded. Combing this with the Freesat EPG, setting up recordings couldn't be easier, just find the programme you want, press record, and that's it, no manual timers. Connections include HDMI, Scart (TV and VCR), RS-232, Optical Out, SPDIF and LNB In (x 2). The Grundig GUFSDTR500HD also has a USB port on the rear for additional storage (cannot record directly to USB memory stick or hard drive). The included Ethernet port will allow use of on-demand type services like BBC iPlayer.

Satcatcher Digipro T Max

A total of 26 buttons are available to operate the Digipro T Max, all of which are located on the top side of the meter’s housing. Apart from the standard on/off switch and a cross-shaped navi key, Satcatcher also added five keys with dedicated functions as well as four keys with userdefined functions. Making full use of these four keys it becomes child’s play to work with the latest Satcatcher model. The new Satcatcher DVB-T meter boasts excellent workmanship and creates a comfortably reassuring first impression, even though the meter housing is made of plastic rather than metal. We should note that our testing crew unanimously was of the opinion that the manufacturer’s decision to go for plastic instead of metal was absolutely right. After all, every attempt at reducing the final weight of a mobile meter deserves special praise, not least from professionals who have to carry it around all day long.

Horizon Digital Cable Meter

The all-new HD-CM is the latest offering from Horizon Global Electronics to satisfy the need to measure and confirm installation of the increasing popularity of Cable Media installations. The HD-CM offers an easy to use, fast, accurate and affordable solution to precise downstream measurement and fault diagnosis. As needed with this type of system for the ground engineer, the Meter is fast on start up and recognition of feed information with its Rapid Scan of downstream centre frequencies, with an easy to read screen, Logging Report and Slope comparison. Fully compliant to ITU-T J.83 standards for DVB-C applications covering Annex A, B & C, as well as multi-lingual support, this Meter is sufficient for the majority of Global Cable use, to include up to 120 AC or DC Volt input protection and measurement system.


Twin tuner digital & HDTV satellite receiver. Stores 10,000 TV and radio channels in total. Records 2 channels simultaneously while watching a 3rd. PVR recording via USB or eSATA, or in-built HDD (not included). Internet connection for web service via Ethernet port. Using USB/eSATA ports, the SRP-2100 can record directly to an external or internal hard drive. The high-definition PVR also features two HD-Tuners (satellite) and a high performance chipset. The DivX Certified Topfield HDTV PVR SRP-2100 delivers a premium experience for digital entertainment through native playback of high-quality DivX® video from an USB storage device or an internal hard drive.

Jiuzhou DTS6600 PVR

The receiver comes in a rather plain but nonetheless good-looking silver case. The front panel supports a very easy to read 4-digit segment display, flanked by two LEDs to indicate the box’s operating mode. Hidden behind a flap are seven keys to operate the DTS 6600 without remote control, as well as two CI slots which accept all standard modules such as Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Nagravision and so on. Only the standby button can be reached without opening the flap. The back panel reveals a comprehensive range of connections such as the satellite input and loop-through output, a HDMI interface for fully digital video and audio transmission, three sockets for YUV as well as three additional RCA jacks for stereo audio and composite video and specifically for the European market two scart euro connectors. The EPG menu always shows information for six channels at a time. With the help of the colour-coded buttons you can change the date or jump to the current time.



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