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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
July 2004
Isocket Media Player:

Access TV, video and radio streams available on your LAN quickly and easily using the iSocket Media Player. Simply select the channel you want to view from the pull down list, press play, and immediately see the channel. The channel list is updated automatically allowing new channels to be added or channels to be removed with very little effort.Receive the complete channel set from up to six DVB multiplexes and stream each channel onto a high bandwidth network. Each channel announced on the network for easy viewing through Isocket AV Receiver and PC video viewer. Simplifies delivery of digital TV, radio and video channels across building or campus to desktop PC.

T 720:

The T720's state-of-the-art LCD projection technology, with its high 2400 ANSI lumens brightness and resolution specifications, ensures stunning image quality in any environment no matter what the lighting conditions. Completely versatile, the T720 is both ceiling mountable and rear projection compatible making this the right solution for most meeting room requirements. Set-up is simple, thanks to the automatic signal recognition and digital keystone correction, while the vast array of input and output connectors provide you with flexible solutions for any occasion. In addition to this, the T720 is wireless ready so you don't need to worry about cables or stress over connecting laptop and projector. Using the very latest WiFi wireless technology, it gives you the freedom to place your projector up to 60m away from your notebook without any connecting wires.

2430-series Satellite notebook:

Fresh from the aftermath of the launch of their 5100 series, Toshiba kicks with the introduction of the 2430-series as part of their Satellite notebook family. A little similar yet different from their 5100-series, the 2430-series are also based on Intel's Pentium 4 processor with a discrete NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go graphics solution. But unlike the bulkier 5100-series, the new Satellites doesn't come with a detachable wireless keyboard nor a separate mouse.The 2430-series currently comes in two models - the A620 and the A740. The main differences between these two models lies in the speed of the processors used as well as the size of the display. The A740 is integrated with a faster P4 2.53GHz CPU and a larger 15-inch TFT active matrix screen while the A620 comes with a slower 2.4GHz processor and a smaller 14.1-inch display.

Fusion Splicer:

Fibre Optics is rapidly being deployed by Cable TV networks countrywide. Unfortunately, the price of automatic fusion splicers has remained prohibitively high. As a result, medium sized networks often job contract splicing to third parties. The lack of an in-house splice machine can often result in maintenance delays, in case the optical fibre is broken. Responding to this market need, Channel Master have just launched a high quality, fully automated fusion splicer - OL450. The automatic fusion splicer has dual built in cameras to ensure high speed, high accuracy alignment of fibers prior to fusion. Separate cameras are used for the x and y axis alignments. Fibre alignment and the splice are viewed on a 3.5 inch built-in LCD monitor. Fusion splicing time is rated at a quick 12 seconds per splice. After splicing, the machine automatically estimates the splice lost with an indication of a good fusion splice.

Moby Launches Tanna Optic Nodes:

Moby has now launched a wide range of fibre optic nodes manufactured by Tanna Electronics. Tanna Electronics, is one of the most respected Indian manufacturers of CATV products. All Tanna products have proved to be extremely reliable even after years of service.The new fibre optic nodes from Tanna Electronics are available in a choice of 550 MHz, 750 MHz and 860 MHz.The nodes are available with a choice of single or dual hybrid IC configurations.Nodes utilising a single hybrid IC incorporate a PIN diode detector, providing low noise and low cost. All Tanna nodes include an output hybrid IC for low distortion and large output voltage levels.The nodes are also available with an output power double IC option, which provides either higher output or 6 dB lower distortion, depending on the level set by the user.All Tanna fibre optic nodes are built into weatherproof outdoor housings and include an SMPS power supply for low heat dissipation and longer amplifier cascades.

Fo Cable Assemblies:

PDR manufactures locally, a wide range of Fibre Optic Patch cords and pigtails. PDR is a major supplier of FO cable assemblies for telecom applications. State of the art equipment and increased productivity allows PDRs to continue offering the best value in the industry. All PDR patchcords are tested utilising the industry’s latest equipment and offer superior quality at low prices.PDR offers Simplex/Duplex patchcords with FC, DIN, LC, MU, MTRI, SC, ST, D4, Biconic, SMA, E-2000 Connectors are available for either Multimode or Single mode systems. Upon request, PDR will colour code duplex patchcords for easier identification. A test data sheet can be included with every order, against customer request.

Splitters & Tapoffs:

Tanna Electronics continually updates and upgrades its products based on market requirements and new options available.The company has recently revamped its entire range of indoor housing tapoffs and splitters. The new range consists of imported, one piece aluminum diecast housings for the entire range of indoor tapoffs and splitters.The new range is spectrum tested for full 1000 MHz operation with an extremely flat response and low loss. The products are ruggidised to withstand high voltage transients of upto 1000 volts peak that could be induced due to surges in a CATV line.For the entire new range, all outputs (i.e. output ports on splitters and branch ports on tapoffs) are isolated to prevent reverse power flow from output to input. This eliminates the need to provide power stop filters to avoid power conflicts at some location on a power pass line.he new range of tapoffs and splitters are rated to continuously pass more than 3 amperes continuously.

DT230S FTA Digital Receiver:

The DT230 FTA Digital Receiver has a Blind Search function (optional),Low Threshold Digital Tuner, with Loop Through,MCPC/SCPC all Support (2 to 45 Mb/s),Picture in Graphic (PIG),Electronic Program Guide (EPG) For On Screen Channel Information,DiSEqC 1.2, 1.0 Version Compatible,RS-232 Serial Port with Max. 115K Baud Rate Programmable of Over 2000 Digital channels and Over 50 satellite/1000TP Programmable. It had a last channel memory function and parental lock for channel memory.

DT519T DVB-T Digital Terrestrial Receiver :

As a digital set-top box, DT519T is a high cost-effective digital terrestrial receiver which using the high-performance CPU Sti5518. Fully MPEG2 and DVB-T compliant. It can receive FTA broadcasts by wireless. Support 8MHz or 7MHz transmission channel bandwidth. Outstanding OSD performance, high reliability and stability, simple installation and operation, high quality of video and audio outputs. The program parameters will be stored when the receiver is powered off. The STB provide the enhanced EPG (Electronic Program Guide). It is more convenient to receive the digital terrestrial signal by using Auto search, manual search and user frequency input functions which are the built in features of the box. The built-in serial interface (RS-232C) can help you to achieve the new version software update when connecting to a PC.

Chess basic 800 Digital FTA Receiver:

It is a free to air digital satellite receiver with 4000 preprogrammed channels for Radio and TV. The Chess basic 800 Digital FTA Receiver has Videotext, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 compatible, Softwareupdate via RS-232 and Satellite,3 Favorite lists, 2 Scarts,Display,On-off switch, Power switch, programm selector switch Auto and manual scan facility. It has 16 languages to communicate with time settings. The EPG function will guide about the upcoming programmes.

DreamBox DM 7000 Linux-Based Receiver:

DreamBox DM7000 250 MHz IBM PowerPC processor (350 Mips), Linux open source (most parts under the terms of GPL, accordingly expandable), supports Linux standard API (Direct-FB, Linux-FB, LIRC), 1 x DVB Common Interface slot, 2 x Smartcard-reader, integrated compact flash interface slot, MPEG-2 hardware decoding (fully DVB compliant), in future support for MPEG-4 decoding, common available NIMs (DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C), 100 MBit full duplex Ethernet interface, USB port keyboard, pointing devices, WebCams and other devices, V.24/RS 232 interface, big-size LCD-display, up to 64 MByte of RAM, integrated IDE UDMA66 master/slave interface, support for internal HDD in any capacity, unlimited channel lists for TV/radio.

DT230S FTA Digital Satellite Receiver :

It is a free to air receiver. It is Blind Search function(optional),Low Threshold Digital Tuner, with Loop Through, MCPC/SCPC all Support (2 to 45Mb/s), Picture in Graphic (PIG),Electronic Program Guide (EPG) For On Screen Channel Information, DiSEqC 1.2, 1.0 Version Compatible, RS-232 Serial Port with Max. 115K Baud Rate, Programmable of Over 2000 Digital channels, Over 50 satellite/1000TP Programmable, Auto Channel Search & Save Function,Network Search Available, Manual PID Insertion and Scan Function,3 Favorite Channel Lists,Channel List Edit Function, Tele-Text & Sub-Title Support, Quick Channel Zapping <1 Second, Last Channel Memory,Event Timer and Parental Lock for Channel & Menu.

TEMPUS-1 DAB digital Radio:

Designed to complement and enhance the complete range of PURE products, our accessories are manufactured using the same high-quality components as your original PURE products and are rigorously tested for compatibility. The constantly expanding range of accessories includes acoustically-balanced additional speakers for our award-winning EVOKE-1 and TEMPUS-1 DAB digital radios, dedicated speaker stands, original specification cables and replacement remote controls.

Manhattan 5900 Digital Receiver:

Highlly acclaimed receiver from Manhattan. 5000 channels, Patched embedded Irdeto slot & 2 CI Slots. Up to 50 satellite position memory using DiSEqC 1.2 motor. Fully automatic scan and store of TV & Radio channels from up to 20 selected satellites using Diseqc 1.2 motor. Disecq 1.3 with USALS functions. 22 different Favourite groups with ability to categorse and re-categorise each group.

Lemon 01-P Receiver:

The most cost-effective and mobile digital TV receiver. Based on the state-of-the-art Volksbox technology, it incorporates all one needs in order to enjoy digital TV at home or outside. The compact size and slim style design combined with a 12 V DC connection for external power supply makes it a perfect mobile or fixed powerful device. The software may by updated via satellite. It has a multilingual display system.



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