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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
June 2009
TM-7650 2VA Receiver

This is one of the fastest receivers ever, having SVHS output, Blind Search, 2 Embedded Viaccess Card Readers, less than 1 Second channel change, Up to 70 Satellites and 5,000 channels, Fully DVB compliant, Multi-Event Timer, Full navigation auto finding and auto tuning, Super Sensitive tuner for very weak signals, High quality video and sound by MPEG-2 standard, Easy-to-use menu system with comments for guide, Channel deleting, moving and sorting functions, Automatic digital Satellite signal detecting Function, Separate automatic search for newly added transponders and channels, Multiple switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL Monitor types, Manual editing function of Transponder Information, Support PAL/NTSC system, Parent control function, Last channel auto-saving and recall function, Satellite name-change function, Receiver-to-receiver data transfer via RS232, Teletext Function, Automatic FEC and PID detection and manual entry of PID value, Pause function and Multi-Language OSD with 8 Favourite Channel grouping and sorting function.

COSHIP N9900T Receiver:

Incorporating the highly integrated single chip, COSHIP N9900T is a cost-effective and high performance digital ATSC receiver. COSHIP N9900T provides FTA (Free-To-Air) channels with user-friendly OSD (On Screen Display) and with fast inter-channel switching capability, which undoubtedly makes it an ideal choice for viewers like you to enjoy the digital life. The box has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. Scrambles and Pay channels are no problem for this box.

Humax VA-Ace+ PLUS Receiver

This is a Viaccess Card Slot, MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant, Capable of Descrambling Encrypted Programmes by Embedded VIACCESSTM, SCPC & MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band, Max. 4000 channels (TV & RADIO Programmable), Capable of delivering Dolby Digital Stream to Dolby Digital Encoders through S/PDIF, Supports user friendly OSD and easy Main Menu, Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) & Information Plate, DiSEqC 1.0 and DiSEqC 1.2 are available, 16 Colors On-Screen Display (256 colors optional), Plug & Play Self Installing Programmes by Automatic Scanning, Supports Letterbox DVB Subtitle and DVB Teletext, Parental Control. - Calendar and Biorhythm, Channel Switching Time less than 1 sec, OSD Languages (English, French, Russia, German, Romanian, Italian and Spanish).


The latest Topfield Freeview+ receiver for the UK has all the features and functions of the popular TF5800PVR but with a stylish new look. This is Fully DVB-T compliant, 2 tuners, Multilingual audio support, Multilingual menu text support Service switching time less than 1 second, Favourite service list editing, True-color On-Screen Display (OSD), Full Picture In Graphic (PIG) function, Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for on screen service information, Teletext supported by VBI insertion and software emulation, Parental lock facility by service and program event, Firmware and Data transfer from receiver to receiver, Exciting games embedded, S/PDIF for digital audio or Dolby AC-3 bitstream output, Recording capacity can be changed depends on HDD volume.(Ex. 200GB->100hours), Powerful trick mode supported, Dual Recording and Playback simultaneously, USB 2.0 supported for fast PC interface and MP3 decoding.

NanoXX / Protek 9600IP Satellite Receiver:

Digital Satellite Receiver (DVB-S), 1x LAN/Ethernet Port RJ45 for automatic software upgrade via internet and PVR feature (IP PVR software included). 1x Smartcard reader, conax but patchable to other systems, 4 digit Frontdisplay, 2x Scart TV and VCR, (beware of imitations that don't have this), AV-Phono, RF-Modulator, RS232, S/PDIF (optical), Mainpower Switch (beware of imitations that don't have this), LNB Loop-through-Tuner, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 and USALS, 6000 Channel capacity.

DUET 200 GbSat Twin PVR Receiver:

This box is fitted 200Gb HDD - Two Tuners, One recording and playback simultaneously - IDE HDD supported tested to 20Gb - 200Gb - PIP supported VFD (Vaccum Fluorescent Display) - Advanced edit features onboard, trim, cut, remove files - Firewire IEEE1394, move files to and from your PC - Brilliant OSD (On Screen Display) - MPEG-2 & Fully DVB compliant - MPEG-2 Video (MP@ML), MPEG-1 Audio Layer1, Layer2 - RF-Modulator UHF 21~69 with PAL - LNB controlling logic (off/22KHz Tone, 13/18V 14/19V) - SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band satellites - Digital Tuner with Loop-through - Wide symbol rate 2~45Msps & frequency input 950~2150MHz - 2 SCART for TV, VCR - DiSEqC 1.2 & USALS supported - S/PDIF Digital Bitstream audio - User friendly OSD menu with full function - 256 color GUI (Graphic User Interface) Multi-language menu, English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Spanish & others - Variable aspect ratio(4:3, 16:9) with Pan Vector or Letter Box - EPG (Electronic Program Guide) supported - Teletext and Subtitle supported (VBI & OSD) - Installation by Easy Setup Guide - Capacity for storing multi channel (4000 channels, 1000 transponders) - MP3, WAV, MPG, MSX supported - RS232C port and OTA (Over-The-Air) for upgrading system software - 2 Slot Common Interface for Viaccess, Conax, CryptoWorks (TM), Nagravison, Irdeto and MEDIAGUARD, Dragon, Matrix, Zeta, T.REX, Diablo & Others.

Echostar DSB890 2CI Digital Satellite Receiver

The latest Twin Common Interface (2CI) from Echostar. Features include 4,400 channels, 80 Satellites, 1,500 Transponders. DiSEqC 1.2 and Go To X Motor control. Software upgrade via Satellite. The Echostar Multilingual Interface has 10 languages. 14 day EPG and picture freeze frame. Audio / Video. This unit has 2 Scart sockets, SVHS output, and UHF loopthrough. 2 phono Audio outputs and Digital Audio output (S/PDIF) An excellent performer packed with features.

Arion AF-8000HD High Definition Satellite Receiver

It is fully Compliant to MPEG-2 Digital standard, Fully Compliant to MPEG-4 part10 AVC HD/H, 264 standard, Fully Compliant to DVB-S/S2 satellite standard, Various Video Display format with PAL/NTSC/480p/576p/720p/1080i 50/60Hz support, Conditional Access Interface, PCMCIA, 2 Slot of DVB CI standard, switching automatically between PAL and NTSC. The front panel is completely covered by window display.

SLX 4 & 8 Way loft mount unit

This device is designed for installation in a loftspace this unit has inputs for; Satellite Dish, UHF Aerial, FM Areial, DAB Aerial, CCTV (via a modulator). The signal is combined and sent down 1 cable to where your Satellite receiver is situated (usually in your lounge). A Triplex wallplate is then required to seperate the various signals into your Satellite Receiver, TV, HIFI, etc. A return cable is also required form your Satellite Receiver back to the Loftbox to enable you to control your Satellite receiver functions from the outlet points wired to your Loftbox. This type of system will allow the viewing of pictures from your Satellite receiver, TV aerial, and CCTV camera at each outlet point.

8 to 32 Way Satellite Multiswitchers

These Triax TMS range of Multiswitchers are designed to provide multiple satellite feeds around the house or building enabling a separate receiver to be fitted at each outlet point. The multiswitch is to be fed from 1 dish with a Quatro (HI, LO) LNB fitted. Integration of the UHF signal is also possible so a Triplex plate can be used at each outlet to provide both Satellite and UHF signals. 8 - 32 outlet versions are available.

Tivax STB-T8 DTV Receiver

The STB-T8 from Tivax is a Digital TV Set Top Converter Box with Analog pass through for connection to a TV antenna, receives free on air high definition TV broadcast, analog pass through for easier connection to a TV antenna, auto scan, electronic program guide and program information, parental control, supports both 4:3 and 16:9 TV aspect ratios, closed-captioning, dolby digital, full operation by remote control.

Dizipia DS4H-9160 HDTV Satellite Receiver

Dizipia DS4H-9160 from Korean manufacturer “Receiver Dizipia” makes an imposing statement with its size and looks. The sleek black metal-cased receiver is bigger than most at 43cm wide, 28cm deep and 6cm high and the sturdy metal case means it’s quite heavy too. The shiny front panel contains a nice and clear channel information display. The remote is also larger than usual, measuring 24×5cm. This can be programmed to operate a “Dish TV” in addition to the “HD receiver“, and this was quick and easy to set up for my TV from the codes in the back of the manual. For once I had no need to be trawling the internet for additional codes to make this work! The remote is clearly laid out, and the keys have a definite click when they are pressed, but at the same time don’t need too much pressure to make the connection as many of these type do. Complementing the assuring click of each button, the STB or TV button lights up when a button is pressed. The front panel’s other notable feature is an unusual grid of little red lights. At first glance they look like they are just indicators, but they are in fact little buttons, and through these most of the receiver’s most important functions can be controlled.

HDTV Satellite RELOOK 400S PVR

HDTV Satellite Receiver RELOOK Linux OS, Twin Tuner PVR The Sky is the Limit! This latest model from the well known Korean manufacturer “DG Station“, the “Relook 400S” has been introduced to the market very recently and has also arrived at the test labs of Tele-Satellite for an in-depth examination. Unlike the majority of today’s “digital receivers”, the Relook 400S operates under Linux, and what makes it unique for time being, is the double tuner. The whole front panel is in fact a flap and once opened, it reveals 8 pushbuttons to operate the PVR, two card readers and two CAM slots. The rear panel is even more surprising: Besides the classical two Scarts, the RCA analogue outputs for stereo and video and a serial interface, you will discover two sets of LNB in/outputs for the 2 tuners, a UHF modulator, an optical digital audio output, a USB and an Ethernet interface and even a power switch. The remote control is rather small for the consider-able amount of functions it has to command on a PVR receiver and people who use glasses for reading will certainly need them for this remote.



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