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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
June 2007
USB GPS Receiver:

This MS-GM-03A output USB GPS receiver is a compact all-in-one GPS solution suitable for a broad range of end product applications, where fast and easy system integration and minimal development risk is required. This MS-GM-03A features 16 parallel channels and 4800 time/frequency search bins provide short start-up time and fast signal acquisition. Having fast time-to-first-fix and enhanced sensitivity, the MS-GM-03A offers good navigation performance even in urban canyons. The satellite-based augmentation systems, such as WAAS and EGNOS, are supported to yield improved accuracy. What all this means is that if you have software that can take a GPS unit, but no GPS, then this is the answer you've been looking for! Because the output is a GPS standard protocol (NMEA-0183), many applications work with it out of the box.


With this Lite-On LVW-5115GHC+'s built-in TV tuner and versatile connection ports, you can easily record TV or other A/V sources to DVD+R / DVD+RW and DVD-R / DVD-RW discs, build your own video library in a format that will last a lifetime. This Lite-On LVW-5115GHC+ has the ability to play back WMA, MP3 audios and audio CDs, providing the ultimate solution for audio enthusiasts, plus with it’s sleek and stylish design makes it a perfect addition to your home theatre. Connect a DV Camcorder to the "DV Link" to easily transfer your home movies to a DVD recordable disc that out lasts VHS tapes. The on-screen DV Control panel allows basic commands over the DV camcorder using LVW-5115GHC+'s remote control. You can also connect a VCR or VHS player to the LVW-5115GHC+ and convert all your old family videos to DVD. The advanced user-friendly interface, Easy Guider menu, makes using LVW-5115GHC+ a snap. At the press of a few buttons, you are guided through all the major features available. It's never been so easy and fun.

Thomson DTI2300:

This is one of the latest box from Thomson, which is equipped with latest technology. Automatic set up, Easy to use menus, having facility of Child lock, EPG now and next programme guide and 10 event timer. Thomson DT12300 has full access to all Freeview channels. One of the only ways to connect to top-up TV, stylish, slim silver design.

Nokia 221T Receiver:

If you want the 221T but don’t want to pay any money hers your chance to pick up a Grade A reconditioned box with 6 month Guarantee. Grab them while you can! The Nokia Mediamaster 221 T is an easy-to-use digital TV receiver that gives you better telly. Receive a whole variety of quality programmes right at your fingertips: entertainment, sports, news, and interactive services all through your existing TV and roof-top aerial. And here's the best part, you don't need a new TV set or pay a subscription. Access to new quality digital channels - all through your TV and roof-top aerial. Digital text and interactive services, Easy installation and navigation with Nokia NaviTM Bars, Twin-scart for superior picture and sound, RF loop through for simple connection to existing TVs and Common Interface slot.

DEC 2000 Set Top Box:

The new DEC 2000-t is a new generation TV adapter that can be connected to either an analogue TV or a Personal computer or a Notebook through a USB connection. The DEC 2000-t will allow you to receive all the new Free to view digital terrestrial channels. The DEC 2000-t comes with all the cables to allow you to connect to a TV set through either the Scart or RF inputs. The DEC 2000-t also comes with a USB cable and software allowing connection to a PC or a Notebook. You can watch Digital TV on your desktop and record directly to your hard drive. Playback the video on your desktop in full screen. The playback quality is just amazing! Easy installation and configuration, remote control and USB connectivity for PVR, clearer picture and sound, large selection of channels, no subscription costs and an unbeatable price make the DEC 2000 t an instant winner.


The DEC 1000-t product is designed for receiving, decoding and displaying Digital Terrestrial Free-to-Air TV and Radio Broadcasts on a standard analogue TV set or Video Recorder. The product can receive all the Free-to-Air channels without the need for any additional specialised equipment. Simply plug in and enjoy clearer pictures and sharper sound, the major benefits of Digital TV. The DEC 1000-t will allow you to receive all the new Free to view digital terrestrial channels. The DEC 1000-t comes with all the cables to allow you to connect to a TV set through the supplied SCART cable. Easy installation and configuration, remote control and, clearer picture and sound, large selection of channels, no subscription costs and an unbeatable price make the DEC 1000 t an instant winner.

PACE Twin Digital TV Recorder:

The Pace Twin Digital TV Recorder is an integrated digital terrestrial receiver and hard disk recorder that is easy to use, giving you access to digital TV and all the functionality of a VCR. The product is the first ever Integrated Digital TV Recorder with a one-off cost and no monthly subscription. Freeview offers UK viewers a huge range of subscription free digital TV, radio channels and interactive services, all received via a standard rooftop aerial. Broadcasts are recorded in their original digital form. That means recordings are of exactly the same quality....there's absolutely no deterioration in picture or sound. Watch 2 different channels in 2 different rooms. Unbelievable but true. You can link the Pace Twin Tuner Digital TV and simultaneously display, say, a soap in one room and a sports event in the other.

Technomate TM-9100:

The TM-9100 is a PVR ready Satellite Receiver that uses a Sharp tuner which is both sensitive and fast, having a low-threshold which enables it to find and capture weak signals. The booting of the TM-9100 is very fast, taking less than 10 seconds from power OFF. In Standby Mode, when the TM-9100 is turned ON, the booting is instantaneous, taking less than 1 second. The TM-9100 can be updated via memory card by the 9in1 card reader, being able to upload and download (backup) data, view photos, play music, etc. This can be used simultaneously with the Hard Drive. It has a built-in fan which is not noisy and is only active when the hard drive overheats. The TM-9100 is based on Enigma open source and is capable of: Tuxbox project, Telnet, etc.

ENVISION 500C Receiver:

The Worlds smallest digital Linux set-top box with DVB-C Standard universal CABLE TV tuner. Perfect for private cable networks, SMATV-DTM installations or MMDS. Full DVB-C distribution system planning and installation service available. Universal mains power supply. This box works with all third-party hacked 500c Images that are currently being used in other receivers.

Mvision FCIS 9085:

This box has the capacity to store 7000 TV and Radio channels. Easy Software Upgrade through RS-232, S/PDIF Dolby Digital and AC3 Audio Output Capable, Multi-Channel Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Teletext, and Subtitle Support. DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, and USALS Capable, Full Parental Control/Lock Function (User Customized or via EIT) and International Language Support (32 Audio Language, Multi-Language OSD, and Subtitle).



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