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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
June 2005
DSR 3880 Digital Satellite Receiver:

The receiver has maximum channels programmable, support user friendly OSD and easy main menu, 256 color on-screen display, picture in graphics settings, digital video out put SPDIF, 5.1 channel Dolby AC channels PCM, favourite channel selection, audio language selection, plug and play self installing, automatic channel scanning, parental control, software upgrade via RS 232 and fully functional IR remote control.

DTR7100 – Asia Version:

1000 TV & Radio Channels Capability, MPEG-1 Audio Layer 1 & Layer 2,MPEG-II Video, Input frequency 470 MHz to 862 MHz (UHF), 2k and 8k FFT size, Implements complete DVB-T standard, QPSK 16 QAM and 64 QAM constellations,Multi Function, Multi language menu, EPG for On-Screen Channel Information, Subtitle & Teletext supported by OSD & VBI, Dolby AC3 Digital Bit Stream out (S/PDIF), Flexibility, Firmware download through RS232 from PC to receiver, Tuner Control by TV Channel Table, Easy Installation, Auto & Manual Scanning, Full Channels Editing, Channel Frequency Editing Capability, With S-video input and Baseband/ AV input.

MX-700 FTA Satellite Receiver:

Use sti 5518 chip processor, fully compliant with DVB-S and MPEG-2, Plug & play self installing programmes by automatic scanning, 3000 programmable channels, Software update via RS-232 serial port, High sensitivity, Low Eb/No Tuner, QPSK Demodulation, symbol rate:2-45MS/s, 13V/18V,22KHz,0/12V switching, DÝSeqC1.0 & 1.2 switching, Multi language OSD.. English, French germane, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic and AC-3 available.

KU Band LNB Eight-way Universal:

8 Output LNBF, Input Frequency Range from 10.70 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz, Output Frequency Range from 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz, Superior Low Phase Noise for Digital Reception, Low Noise Figure & High Isolation performance, Excellent D.R.O Stability, Easy Installation of Digital Reception, Meets ETSI Standards (CE Certified), Weather Proof O-Ring and Gasket inside and Guaranteed Water Proof.

Success FTA CG5900 Satellite Receiver:

Integrated with powerful NEC EMMA2L single chip processor, CG5900 enables you to enjoy free channels with easy-to-operate menu system. Moreover, it has 3000-4000 channels storing and fast channel switching capability, which makes this model no doubt an ideal choice to experience digital life. The receiver is Fully DVB-S/MPEG-II Compliant, NEC EMMA2L Single chip MPEG-II, decode chip set design QPSK Demodulator model, Symbol rate:2~45MS/s, HIFI stereo output, 3000-4000 Channels Memory Space(Including TV & Radio), Channel upgrading through RS-232 local and from PC to PC, Support DiSEqC1.0, DiSEqC1.2, GO TO X, Supoort13/18V, 0/12V, 22KHz switch, SCPC/MCPC, C/Ku Band compliant, PIG¡¢EPG, Tele text OSD and VBI, Automatic Detection of Front Error Correction, LNB short Automatic Protection, Multi-language OSD, Friendly user interface and automatic and manual PID search.

NL-830 Digital Satellite Receiver:

MPEG2 & DVB-S Compatible, PIG ( Picture in Graphic), 4000 TPs, 5000 TV & 1600 Radio channel programmable, 256 Colors GUI (Graphic-User-Interface),Powerful EPG(Electronic Program Guide), Now/Next & 7-days program guide, Program Lock by program rating, Automatic / Manual / Network Satellite Scan,Multi-Satellite / Transponder / PID Search, 8 Favorite channel Group, Powerful Channel Editing Function, Rename/Lopck/Skp/Delete/Sort/Favorites,Multi-Language Audio Support, GMT and Manual Time Setting, Various Channel Sorting by Satellite/TP/CAS/Alphabet/All, DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 & USALS compatible, Software & Data upgrade via RS-232 (STB to STB, PC to STB) & OTA (Optional).

TECHNOSAT IR- 7000 Satellite Receiver:

Conditional Access Embedded Irdeto with Loader version 3.2, Fully MPEG-2 / DVD Compliant, QPSK waveform (C/Ku band, SCPC, MCPC), Support RS-232C port for S/W Upgrade (115,200 bps), Software download via Satellite, Seperated TV / Radio List & Favourite Group List Offering 3,000 channels memory capability, Dynamic Hi-Fi stereo sound system Auto & Manual FEC & PID, Support DiSEqC 1.0 and 22 kHz tone switching compatibility,User Freindly OSD with help sentence (256 color on screen display) LNB power overload protection function, Parental lock code function, Easy channel edit (Sort, Rename, Move, Delete, Lock, Favourite), Network search function,Mechanical Polarizer control, 4 digit display, Free voltage (95V~260V), PAL-NTSC auto distinguishing system, Support Electric Program Guide (EPG) and Support Teletext.

Acutrac 22 Pro Dual Signal Meter:

This is the AcuTrack 22 Plus Dual Satellite Tracking Meter from Perfect Ten. The Accutrack 22 Plus Dual Satellite Tracking Meter is designed to be an aid in aligning satellite antennas so that they can provide maximum performance. Please be aware of the fact that there are numerous satellites that will cause the AccuTrac 22 to respond with a signal reading. The installer must select the correct satellite(s) for alignment. It is quite easy to select the wrong satellite and find that the satellite receiver indicates "No Signal". The software provided with the satellite receiver can provide the elevation and azimuth of the satellite(s) desired. With this information in-hand and a good compass, you can point the antenna in the proper direction. Then, with the aid of the AcuTrac 22, the performance of the antenna can be maximized by watching the tuning bar and digital strength readings. (Please take time to read the instruction manual so will be familiar with the capabilities of the AcuTrac 22.) The AcuTrack 22 Plus is the only piece of test equipment you need! You can align multi-feed systems, verify LNBF performance, check receiver output voltages, verify coax continuity and performance. It is "Perfect for DirecPC satellite return systems, DIRECTV PARA TODOS and Local Channels at 101 degrees-110 degrees-119 degrees. Some of it's features include an all-new LCD display, dual satellite signal strength measurements, and a selectable audio On-Off tone. It measures receiver voltage output and individual LNBF current consumption, switches 22 KHx On/Off, tests COAX cable runs, and has an adjustable LCD Contrast. The AcuTrac 22 Plus includes these accessories: An AC Charger, a DC Charger, a Leather Case, and a DC Battery Pack which includes a rechargeable battery.

Test-UM CX-200 Coax Tester / Mapper:

This handy tester is designed for CATV and security camera connection and installation. It tests multi-run coax cables terminated with F-connectors from a central source. It has the ability to put a tone signal on a coax cable, as well as find and identify multiple coax cables connected to a coax splitter. Individually identified test terminators allow you to trace up to 4 connections at a time from the main cable box. Eliminate Cable confusion in the home with the COAX MAPPER For CATV and security camera coax connection testing and installation, Finds and identifies multiple coax cables, Includes 4 color-coded F- connectors and BNC adapters and Built-in tone generator.

RF Modulator RCA CRF 900:

Allows TVs without A/V inputs to view DVDs, video games, etc. using channel 3 or 4, Vertical or horizontal design with removable base, Auto selection for A/V or antenna inputs. RCA's RF modulator is used to convert analog audio and video to radio frequency for connection to televisions without analog A/V inputs. This RF modulator has stereo audio input and a modern attractive styling. Get your A/V equipment connected to a TV at great savings.

VisionDTV USB-Sat (Sar Box):

StarBox is an exquisite digital TV box, which offers an easy installation of USB & an amiable user interface, you can enjoy satellite TV in digital quality simply by your PCs or notebooks. Also, StarBox via satellite” to your PC (service provider) You can enjoy surfing Internet at high & never suffer from any delay! key features includes high quality digital satellite TV & radio receiving (DVB-S) – Twinhan supports only free-to-air programs, high speed one-way Internet via satellite you need to apply for an account first with a service provider, DVB data service, instant recording record digitally as MPEG II format. I hour digital about 1.7G, schedule recording you can set your own recording list and playback like, time-shifting you can pause live TV shows and never miss any, electronic programme guide (EPG) EPG tables offer the most updated information, teletext page is only available in certain areas.

Dual Signal Meter Perfect Vision PVSF3:

The PVSF3 DUAL SIGNAL METER is intended to aid in the alignment of a satellite dish. It includes a satellite IF (950-2150 MHz) amplification and a broadband detector. The detector drives a meter and a variable frequency audio tone. The dish is then aligned for maximum meter deflection or high pitch tone. A gain control allows a wide range of input signal levels. The unit is connected to the LNB via a short coaxial cable. Connection to the receiver is optional but extends battery life between charges. It allow measurementof voltage on the coaxial cable. It will also measure current. An internal rechargeable NiCad battery pack, carrying case/strap a wall plug recharging unit are included. The internal battery pack allows a to be aligned before it is connected to the satellite receiver. The battery is switchable between 13 and 18V output, allowing either polarization to be selected when used with a voltage switched LNB. In US DBS applications, is selected when the LNB voltage is nominally 17V. The PVSF3 includes two meters in one housing, allowing easy alignment of satellite single dish installations. When peaking, the dish signal level can viewed for both LNBs simultaneously, making alignment quick and easy alignment of dual satellite single dish installations.

Channel Master 6344P 3x4 Multiswitch:

Works with all DBS, DSS and DVB systems. VHF/UHF TV antenna mixing, up to a 4 satellite receivers can independently select different satellite channels, non-powered. This switch supplies LNB power from the satellite receiver and do not require a power supply. It includes a VHF/UHF amplifier. At least one satellite receiver must be connected to it to pass VHF/UHF signals.

SatHawk 3000 Digital Satellite Signal Meter:

This portable satellite meter is used for identification of satellite broadcasts throughout the world. The satellite meter is essential equipment where precise satellite identification is crucial especially true in digital (DVB-DSS) transmission set-up in both the C band and Ku band ranges. Using this satellite meter, with easy adjustment and calibration, the local installer can perform more accurate dish alignment quickly leading to fewer callbacks. The satellite meter is programmable, user friendly and ideal for installation of VSAT, internet-over-satellite systems as well as the digital television antenna. Analyzing the data stream the satellite meter gives precise identification of the satellite desired and ignores any others in the arc. Offering DiSEqC compatibility, positive satellite identification, and pinpoint accuracy. All-new digital satellite meter! Used by professionals to make the installation of DBS satellite antennas and VSAT antennas much easier and faster. With the advent and spectacular growth of digital satellite TV and two-way satellite Internet services, there is a need for a tool to make dish installation quick and accurate, ensuring cost-effective operations to the installer. This the tool that professionals use. The meter is supplied with a shock absorbent ABS case to help protect it fr?????? Elements and any unavoidable knowcks and bumps in the field. Ergonomically angied screen that maximizes visibility and enables hands when the neck strap is worn. The meter is operated using a three button panel and the vital tasks can be completed with one hand.



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