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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
June 2004
Home and Mobile Flat Antenna:

It covers wide range of frequency and dual polarization,high efficiency,best quality, reducing production cost, same gain, much smaller size, meets environmental regulation,very easy to install,can be installed indoor ,saves much room, can be used for recreational vehicle or leisure boat. It covers open the way of commercialization of lowest profile vehicle antenna with mechanical 45 degree beam titling. It has the easy mounting indoor as well as outdoor with compact size and light weight. It has an elegant design , weather resistant and rust proof, broadcasting and data communication.

AD-90 Handheld Satellite Spectrum Analyzer:

It is Satellite TV (FM, DVB, DSS), Satellite Internet, VSAT Systems.Measures all parameters required in a satellite system, both digital and analog, Carrier level, C/N, BER, XPOL.It is a spectrum analyzer with 50Db SRF and automatic identification of satellite and services from transport stream analysis and data logger. It have long life batteries and less than 1Kg.

DSR 9400 Series:

It is Free to Air, card reader for Nagravision Embedded. The DSR 9400 Series is MPEG2/DVB compliant ,SCPC program receivable,Multi-language (19 languages) supports OSD (English, German, Franch, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) It has Quick scan and channel change (scanning: about 4 minutes for Hotbird and Astra at the same time,Easy auto scan for channels over 32 satellites at the same time Max 4000 TV and radio programmable,Software download via satellites (Hotbird, Astra, Sirius),Advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG),Subtitle with multi-languages Teletext OSD and VBI supported with multi-languages,Channel sorting: Favorite lists, Providers name, Alphabetical, Transponders, PiP in channel sorting and EPG,Quick and easy antenna installation.

Torodial Dish:

Toroidal 55 & 90 are designed to reflect signals twice through the main reflector and a sub reflector, forming a focal line created by focal points along the bottom of the main reflector, making Toroidal 55 & 90 function as a multi-beam antenna that receives broadcasts & communication satellites at the same time.It Capture up to 16 different satellites,Superior to any rotary system,No noisy or no tear,True Multi Satellite Dish.


The "New MiniSAT" is a simple to use, low cost signal strength meter for digital satellite installation. It include signal strength in dBuV capable of dual LNB readings and audible tune in.This unit is very compact and ideal for home use or low end installations, such as caravans, etc. The kit includes rechargeable batteries, leather case, mains charger, two F to F connection leads and a car charger. It is Cost effective,Small and compact,Self powered via rechargeable NiMH batteries,Measure two sats at the same time,Powered via built in batteries, charger or receiver,Large graphic LCD display for all information,Quick access keys for most functions,Digital, accurate and sensitive,Built in backlit,Built in sounder,Measures voltage, current and RF signal level, 22 K tone and DiSEqC,Can generate 22 K tone and DiSEqC and high or low voltage for LNB,Supplied with NiMH batteries, Mains charger, car charger, 3x F to F leads and leather carrying case,Options in setup for various defaults including different languages.

HDTM-Si Professional:

It is Small and compact meter for monitoring purposed via RS232 computer inter face, Easy to read RF level (calibrate 35 dBuV to 75 dBuV with over ind) and Pre and Post BER (Bit Error Rate), Fast and responsive,Either 12 V DC supply or 100-240 V mains,For 24/7 use,As used by the RAIWAY in Italy.

Horizon Free to Air Digital Terrestrial Set Top Box:

It has an Easy installation in less than 5 minutes/ Auto Tune,Remote control, full screen or wide output mode, small footprint 250x45x178 mm,Digital Text,Digital audio output,RGB output capability, RF Loop through and Output for active antenna. It Input connector: IEC169-2 Female Demodulation : CDFDM 2K/8K Carrier, Frequency Range: VHFIII and UHF Channel Bandwidth: 7 or 8 MHz, RF out : UHF, RF out connector: IEC 169-2 Male TV Standard : PAL B/G, I ,D/K, SECAM L, NTSC M, Video Resolution: 720*576 Input Bit Rate : Up to 90 Mbit/s, Transport stream: MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-1 Audio decoding: MPEG / Musical Layer 1 & 2,Audio mode: Single / Dual Channel, Power requirement: 90 to 260 V 50/60 Hz 17 Watts,Size: 250x45x178 mm and Weight: 1.2 Kg.

DMRE55EBS Recorder:

The new Panasonic Recording onto DVD-RAM (up to 16 hrs on double sided disc) and DVD-R (Up to 8 hrs),Time Slip-Function,5 Recording Modes,PAL Progressive Scan,Component Output, New Direct Navigator. Playback of DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio (2 channel), MP3, CD, CD-R/RW,Playlist Playback, One Touch Recording ,Partial Delete and Recording, Advanced Hybrid VBR Technology for High Picture Quality.

SAGEM ITD62 Free View Receiver:

SAGEM ITD62 belongs to the last generation of SAGEM Digital Terrestrial TV Receivers. The main objective in the design of this micro set top box is to meet the consumer use and lifestyle, with a featherweight, extra-slim and stylish box, offering powerful and easy-to-use features.SAGEM ITD62 combines pleasure and high performance to enjoy an unforgettable TV experience while watching Free Digital Terrestrial Television. The high technology IBM processor allows very quick and safe installation process, with antenna adjustment tool for optimal signal quality. New services are automatically detected. The programs are delivered with an outstanding picture quality. SAGEM ITD62 “Family Box” with a cool-grey top cover, comes with two SCART connectors, for your DVD player or video recorder, antenna input and RF loop-through. Additional features such as an enhanced EPG with resized video, subtitles and digital text in different languages as well as a smart channel list displayed on video, and favourite lists with organiser increase viewer’s entertainment and comfort.

DT1000 Digital Terrestrial TV Adapter:

It receive all the latest freeview channels,benefit from vastly improved picture and sound quality. It answers all your questions for a hassle free upgrade. The simple plug and play system for easy access to Digital TV, subject to post code and Aerial condition. It has easy and intuitive navigation. Onscreen display of programme information about new and next events and comprehensive programme listenings. It control the content of programmes view by your children.



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