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The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
May 2008
USB Digital TV Freeview Tuner Recorder:

This product require that you use a high-gain roof antenna to enable and enjoy reliable Digital Television Signal reception throughout United Kingdom. The portable antenna that we provided should only be used and relied on in areas where the Digital TV signal reception is optimal. (Some countries or regions can have different reception conditions, and the environment in which you are viewing can be affected by various factors: Proximity to the Digital TV transmitter, heavy/ tall building constructions and thick walls or ceilings.) Portable or mobile Digital TV reception in cars, trains or airplanes etc. is normally not supported.

Humax F2-FOX Freeview Receiver:

Meet the new flat design F2-FOX T for terrestrial broadcasts with the latest technology and user - friendly menu. You are looking at a remarkable Set-top box with the latest technology sensational sound and modern design. As a digital set-top box it can receive FTA broadcasts. Outstanding stability and comfort are its built in features. The simple installation and operation user-friendly three-dimensional OSD highest quality audio output with Dolby Digital Audio and advanced video clarity made for TV and VCR are all designed to enrich the viewer experience. In addition to providing more channels with its new highly sensitive tuner this compact box boasts the enhanced Electronic Program Guide EPG and information plate. Software upgrade notices are posted periodically on the Internet homepage and new versions can be updated through automatic software upgrade service OAD via BBC Engineering Channel or through software download service on HUMAX Customer Service Area via the built-in serial interface RS-232C.

Viaccess Cam:

VIACCESS CAM Allows viewing of free to air programmes using this encryption method. Used with digital satellite receivers with CAM slots built in. May require viewing card for certain programmes.

Topfield TF5800PVR:

The Topfield TF5800PVR is a uniquely specified Freeview PVR. The Toppys devastating flexibility enables you to watch and record a combination of up to four channels at once, to output two different programmes (including recordings and live transmissions) simultaneously via its RF outputs and scart socket, to record/pause/rewind/fast-forward live television and to edit recordings on the hard disk for later playback or output to your PC. Further, the TF5800 allows user-developed application programmes - or TAPs - to be added via USB2, increasing features and functionality beyond the already impressive array on offer, enabling limitless software control possibilities. Yet, with all that functionality, it is a sprightly performer. Channels change in under a second, bringing an end to frustratingly slow Freeview surfing.

DirecTV 5 Beam LNB Dish:

This new dish from DIRECTV encompasses three LNBs to receive the 101°, 110°, and 119° degree satellites, plus the new Ka satellites at 99°and 103° for local HD programming. AT9 Multi-satellite Dish required for use of H20 receiver on the HD Locals. The DirecTV Ka-Ku Multi Satellite Dish antenna is primarily designed for use with up to four independently operating DirecTV Ka/Ku MPEG 4 HD Receivers but will function with other DirecTV receivers as well.

Matrixstream MX1020HD box:

The Matrixstream MX1020HD set top box is able to deliver 1080p, which is the best quality high definition, over a regular broadband connection. By utilizing a proprietary compression method, it’s able to retain all the high quality HDTV information through your cable or DSL modem. IMX 1020HD is MatrixStream’s latest IP STB that can support videos up to High Definition (HD) 720P, 1080i and 1080P formats. IMX 1020HD currently supports most advanced video codecs such as H.264/MPEG 4 Part 10. IMX 1020HD can support streaming video, download and push VOD.

M370 S CI Receiver:

The Gigaset M370 S CI offers you a smart way to start enjoying digital satellite TV and radio. The receiver is simple to set up and easy to operate thanks to the intuitive on-screen display (OSD) which features a handy installation guide to take you step by step through the set-up process. Thanks to a CI slot you can watch pay-TV so you can experience the next big football game or Hollywood blockbuster in brilliant digital quality. To make sure you never miss your favorite program you’ll also have access to a user-friendly Electronic Program Guide which lets you effortlessly keep track of what’s on and when. Handy front panel access to digital radio also means you can tune in to your favorite broadcasts without having to turn on your TV.

Opentel ODS4000CIR Receiver:

Featuring a genuine embedded Irdeto card slot for use with subscription television or Optus Aurora and a two Common Interface slots for future encryption upgrades. This decoder is extremely versatile and can be used with the majority of the subscription satellite TV services such as the many ethnic programs on Optus B3 as well as Optus Aurora and Foxtel/Austar with a valid subscription. As well as the Irdeto smartcard slot this unit features two CI (Common Interface) or CAM slots which allows you to purchase a module that will allow you to insert other smartcards not presently supported. It is very unusual for a satellite receiver to feature both these options.

BMS Integrated Multi-Switch:

With the TERK BMS-58 5x8 multi-switch, you can install your home theater multiplex in no time by connecting up to eight receivers with ease. There is no need to remove integrated multi-switches already embedded in your satellite dish. Simply connect the two SatA and SatB cables inputs to the BMS-58 and run your receiver outputs to the rooms you want. The BMS-58 has an ultra-low noise built-in amplifier to eliminate signal loss and deliver the best possible reception to every TV in the home. It features DC pass capability allowing it to be used with amplified antennas that require DC power via a coaxial cable. The TERK BMS-58 is designed to be waterproof making it rugged, durable and easy-to-install.

Technomate 5300D+ PVR:

FTA + 10,000 Channels + USB 2.0 with: PVR Ready for Record & Playback of Channels, MP3/JPEG & Software/Channel List Download + Component (YPbPr) Output + Blind Search + Sensitive Tuner + Optical SPDIF Digital Audio + USALS/DiSEqC 1.2. One of the fastest receivers ever. The receiver is USB2.0 PVR Ready via powered external HDD or USB Flash Drive (memory stick) for Record & Playback functions, MP3 player and JPEG viewer via powered external HDD or USB Flash Drive (memory stick), Fast Software & Channel List download via USB 2.0 Component (YPbPr) Output, Fast Blind Search (power scan), Super Sensitive tuner for very weak signals, Optical Digital Audio S/PDIF Output, Enhanced 16 Favourite Channel Groups and sort function, Auto Navigation system – select as many satellites as you want to search automatically, High quality video and audio by MPEG-2 standard, Extended EPG and program reservation on EPG, Easy-to-use menu system with comments for guidance, Channel delete, move, rename and sort functions and Automatic digital Satellite signal detecting Function.


The AmiNET500 is a cost-effective, compact and stylish Personal Video Recorder (PVR) platform, with MPEG-2 decoder and network interface for multicast or on-demand video streams over IP. When combined with suitable middleware or application software, features such as time-shifting, pause and trick-play of live material, instant-record, and instant replay are supported. Coupled with a suitable EPG application, the AmiNET500 allows scheduled record of two streams simultaneously. It can also provide RSTP streams to one or more other set-top boxes, such as the AmiNET103 or AmiNET110.



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