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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
May 2007
TTR 150 Set Top Box:

Triax TTR 150 is user-friendly Receiver for reception of digital terrestrial Free to Air TV and radio channels. The box has the capacity to store 1300 TV and Radio channels. The Receiver is Multiplex and SCPC compatible, 1 Scart connector, Two Chinch for Audio L+R, Digital Audio (Dolby AC3, coax), Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), Multi lingual On Screen Display (Danish, Swedish, Finnish, English, Italian, Turkish, Deutsch, and Spanish), Videotext build in or VBI, DVB and teletext subtitling, 2K and 8K-Mode, RS 232 for Software Update, OTA Software update, Additional external IR sensor for "invisible" positioning of the receiver, Automatic and manual channel search, Indoor active antenna powering by RF cord (5V) and activated by software having five favourite lists.


The AmiNET103 is an ultra-compact and elegant MPEG-2 Set-Top Box for IPTV and video on demand applications. With an Ethernet input and TV video and audio output, the AmiNET103 STB provides an elegant, low cost and powerful means of delivering sophisticated interactive digital television including multicast and on-demand video along with internet access. The AmiNET103 is the smallest set-top box on the market measuring only 100 x 34 x 93 mm. It is supplied in an award winning, elegant enclosure made of anodised aluminium. Amino set-top box products are supported by leading IPTV, Middleware providers for integration as part of a broadband TV solution. The AmiNET103 also supports development of applications in HTML and Javascript.

DVB-T 2 Tuner with VFD:

There are seven buttons on the front panel of the box for complete function. The window display is situated in the middle of the box. There are 2-tuner with loop-through out (or RF out), VFD display for channel name, MPEG-2 main profile at main level, Easy menu installation,RS232C port for updating control software (PC to STB), Multi-language function (menu, audio), Dual SCART Connectors, OSD: 256 palette colors, Games, EPG (weekly) for onscreen channel information,Teletext function, Front panel buttons and full function IR remote controller user interface, Recall function, Disposed of favorite channel lists, Channel and receiver lock, 1000 channels memory, NTSC/PAL identification and converting automatically and manually.

TF 7700HSCI Receiver:

This is the latest box of Topfield. This is a CI receiver which can process both DVB-S2 QPSK and DVB-S2 QPSK signals. The box supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and fully DVB compliant, 2 Common Interfaces for Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Nagravision, Seca and Vaccess, supports DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and USALS(DiSEqC 1.3), capacity to store 5000 services (TV and Radio) programmable, Multilingual audio support, Multilingual menu text support, Service list editing, Favourite service list editing, True-color On-Screen Display (OSD),Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for on screen service information, Subtitle supported Teletext supported by VBI insertion and software emulation, Parental lock facility by service and programme event, Firmware upgrade by USB2.0, Firmware and Data transfer from receiver to receiver, Exciting games embedded, S/PDIF for digital audio or Dolby AC-3 bitstream output and USB 2.0 supported for fast PC interface

DigiCorder S2 with 80 GB hard drive:

Digital satellite receiver with hard drive, TWIN tuner and Common Interface (CI) for the reception of free-to-air and encrypted television and radio programmes The TechniSat TWIN hard drive receiver DigiCorder S2 allows you to record one programme, and at the same time to view another programme. The "Picture in Picture" function allows you to view two programmes on the screen at the same time. In addition, the DigiCorder S2 is equipped with two CI slots for use with CI decoding modules. An ideal feature for all those who wish to make use of various Pay TV or Pay Radio services by different providers. The list of extras found on the DigiCorder S2 is long. For instance, this receiver features such free added-value services as the user-friendly, editorially enhanced programme information service.

Interstar DVB-T8100 Premium:

It is the latest DBV-T ETS 300 744 standard compliant, Fully MPEG2 / DVB compliant, High sensitive tuner, Digital Terrestrial input, IF loop through for 2nd receiver, 2 scarts for TV and Video recorder, Easy auto programme searching, Manual PID scan function, Picture-In-Graphics function, Dolby Digital output (optical), Multi-Picture (4, 9, 10, 13 or 16 pictures) function, Multi language menu, Electronic Programme Guide, 8 favorite channel group selection / parental lock, Teletext supported by OSD and VBI, With or without RF-modulator, Data transfer from receiver to receiver and/or PC to receiver (RS232).

Horizon Satseeker:

Horizon Satseeker by Horizon Global Electronics Ltd brings their design skills to the VSAT market with a universal self deploying and seeking dish system. Designed to support the OMT and Radio units used by VSAT providers like Gilat, Hughes, Tachyon and ViaSat. Supports dish sizes in the range of 0.89 to 1.3 m. Strong enough to take up to 4 W radio. The unit is self finding via programmed settings and the scew can be adjusted for optimise alignment via BER.

EYCOS S55 Receiver:

The youngest Eycos receiver deserves the description 'quantum leap' without a doubt. Countless owners of plasma or LCD screens are furious about the often miserable video quality of many free-to-air satellite channels and doubt they have made a wise move by investing lots of money into state-of-the art screens which are fed by low-quality satellite channels. Everyone knows that a bad picture becomes worse the bigger the screen it is watched on. Many viewers lament the low resolution of their favourite channels and the limited bandwidth the programme providers use. Unfortunately, these complains are hardly ever listened to and in order to keep operational expenses low many programme providers experiment with using even less resources to transmit their signals.

EV-8000 S Receiver:

The brand new ELANVISION EV-8000S is the most complete DVB-S Two-Tuner PVR Set top Box that has ever been released. It is by far the most powerful solution compared to any of its competitors, using a LINUX operating system, an alphanumeric VF-Display, and providing two DVB-S tuners, a USB Host controller and a 100Base-T Ethernet socket, thus offering virtually unlimited capabilities. Using a IBM PowerPC CPU and the provided API for Plug-In developers, interested users may develop their own Plug-Ins for the EV-8000S and thus explore what this solution is really capable of, in addition to its already amazing basic features, which are already top class and unparalleled.



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