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The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
May 2006
Digiworx 3000 Combo:

The new box from Digiworx is well in reception of Multistandard Digital C&Ku band channels. MCPC and SCPC signals is a child play for Digiworx. It uses the Symbolrates starting from 1.45ms/sec. There are two scart connectors for TV and a VCR. The receiver has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. There are four separate favourite lists. The receiver shows seven days EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for the current and the following programme with event name and summary. One can channel search by using key words. Data transfer via another receiver or PC and Multi Picture screen supported is unique characteristics of Digiworx.

Atlanta –9200 FTA Receiver

: Atlanta Receiver has the capacity to store 2000 TV and Radio Programmable channels, is fully MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant with quick Channel Switiching Time and Fast channel Download from Satellites with Network Search. The receiver can scan 32 satellites at one time and has more then 100-satellite worldwide. Reception of SCPC & MCPC signals from C/KU -Band Satellite is also a unique feature. The receiver has easy Installing Programme Set-up and Direct Subtitle & Teletext Supported by OSD & VBI. The Parental Lock Facility channel and Program event Support to Store 3 Favourite list. There is 3 way channel listing (Alphabetical (A-Z), by satellite categories, by normal channel order). Manual PID entry is also possible.

BSR-5206CA CAS Embedded Receiver:

Integrated with powerful STi5518 single chip processor, BSR-5206CA enables you to enjoy free channels with easy-to-operate menu system. Moreover, the CA part support Conax and CryptoWorks, which makes this model no doubt an ideal choice to experience digital life. The receiver is fully MPEG-2 Digital and DVB Compliant having Digital Tuner with Loop-through out and fully SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/KU-band satellite. The BSR receiver has Plug & play Self-installing Programme Set-up and Automatic/Manual Scan Function and PID Insertion. It supports USALS and DisEqc 1.2. The receiver has quick channel switching and Searching. Teletext, Subtitle Function are available.

BHR-5000 Head-End Receiver:

Blossoms professional Head End Receiver BHR-5000 is precisely produced for Engineering system in every project as Hotel; School; Firms; Stable and qualified working performance assure you a worry-free system in Video/Audio reception project. MPEG-2 Digital and DVB Compliant There are separate Favourite Groups for channels. Serial interface RS-232 output for Software Updating and Channel Information Display.

HIC-2000H Satellite Receiver:

The receiver is fully MPEG-II digital and fully DVB Compliant having the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels and updated worldwide 60 satellites. The receiver has 8 Favourite channel groups, where one can save 4000 channels in a group. Reception of SCPC and MCPC signals from C/Ku band is a child play for HIC receiver. Channel search in automatic, manual and NIT search, Blind scan. Channel sorting by channel number, Alphabet, FTA, etc. The Installation Wizard helps easy and automatic installation step by step.

Openstar GS-1690 Receiver:

The new Openstar GS-1690 Receiver has 2MB Flash memory, New improved Tuner with very fast installation, Colorful Menu, Easy Operation, Zoom Function, Multi Picture Function (9 pic) , MPEG-2 & Fully DVB Compliant. The receiver has Digital Tuner with Loop_through, SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/Ku-Band Satellite, Wide Symbol Rate 1-45Mbps, DiSEqC1.2 Supported. 2 SCART for TV & VCR, User Friendly OSD menu with full Function, Teletext a Subtitle Supported (VBI/OSD), Installation by easy Setup Guide, Quick Channel Changing, Max 4000 channels on (TV/Radio) Programmable, Favourite channel list Programmable, Master PIN Code Function and Parental lock Function and Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and simple Video Converter

Intek FTA_X101S Receiver:

The receiver is fully compliant to MPEG-2, DVB Standards, User Friendly Installation System with Plug & Play, 4000 Programmable Channels for TV,Radio and Data Channel Editor and Programme Loader Provided for easy editing & software download, DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 & USALS Compatible for motor antenna and satellite auto positioning, ODS Teletext, Subtitle & Audio Language, Full EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) daily and weekly, Multi language OSD Display (English, Russian, Arabic, German, Turkish, Etc.), 5 Favourite Lists and Channel sorting function (Satellite, Scramble, Name).


The Kaon KVR had Tuners PVR (DVB-S), Simultaneous 6 Record and 1 playback, Simultaneous Time-shifting & Dual Recording, Dual Decoding from Live stream or Recorded stream, (PIP: Picture-in-Picture), Analog TV Input and Recordable MP3(MPEG-1 Layer-3), Transfer & Play from Internet via USB 2.0, Powerful and Stable Trick mode, USB 2.0 support for Fast transfer via PC, Removable Hard Disk Cartridge and Variable HDD size, 1 Channel Home Security System, Concurrent working of PVR and DVR in perfect, MPEG-2 TS stream Recording format, Event Recording after detecting of Activity and Intrusion and Instant-Recording for Efficient HDD Saving.

Dmove DP-303 Satellite Receiver:

The receiver front panel display is designed very beautifully. The window display is situated in the middle of the receiver. Dmove receiver receives satellite signals from C/KU band in digital system, Positioner built-in, Searching satellite with one button, RS-232 port for software uploading, RF modulator PLL and Power supply.

Opentel ODC 7200CPVR:

It is a complete Personal Video Recoder and Conax CAS Embedded Digital Satellite Receiver. It is Fully MPEG-2 & DVB-C Compliant, 2 Input Tuner with Loop Through IF Signal, Fast Booting & Auto Scan, Quick Channel Changing Speed Less than 1 Sec, Max. 1000 Channels Programmable, User Friendly EPG, Supports Teletext, Using OSD Subtitle and Supports DVB subtitle, Radio Channel Background Display and Favourite Channel List Programmable, Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and 2 SCART Output for TV & VCR, 20 hours for 3.5Mbps Stream with 40GB HDD.

DSR-9900 VACI Viaccess Embedded STB:

This Digital Stereo Satellite Receiver is suited for the DVB-S Standard reception of free, Common Interface and Viaccess embedded Digital Satellite programmes. The receiver has PCMCIA interface(2slots) according to DVB Common Interface standard, Capable of Descrambling Encrypted Programmes by Embedded VIACCESS, 3000 pre-programmable channels (TV : 2000CH, RADIO: 1000CH), Simple Operation through On Screen Display, 3 SCARTS for TV and VCR and External, Full Infrared based Remote Control, RS232 Serial Link for Interaction with personal computer, DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 and USALS control technology, Display Signal Strength Meter for easy initial set up, SCPC/MCPC channel receivable from C/Ku band satellites, 10 Events Timer, Network search and OTA (over the air download) function.



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