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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
May 2005
Dreambox DM500 Satellite Receiver:

250 MHz IBM PowerPC Processor (350 Mips), Linux Operating System, 1 x Smartcard-Reader, MPEG2 Hardware decoding, common available NIMs (DVB-S, DVB-C), V.24/RS232 Interface, 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet Interface, 2 LED status, unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio, channel-change time 1 second, full automatic service scan, supports directly bouquet-lists (indirect unlimited), supports EPG (electronic program guide), supports multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC), fully adaptable OSD in many languages (skin-support), SPDI/F Interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3 / DTS) and 1 x Scart-interfaces (fully controlled by software).

ARC-1000 Aspect Ratio Converter:

The ARC-1000 is a straightforward High Quality stand-alone Aspect Ratio Converter with simple operation. It is the basic unit of the range. The unit is designed for straightforward applications, configured with fixed 6 presets and pass. The unit is bi-directional, capable of going from 16:9 to 4:3 and vice versa. An easy user interface lets you choose the different presets and Filter modes (Video/Film/Mix). The presets are selected through the front panel controls. It features the same conversion precision as the ARC-2000 and ARC-3000, but in a more competitive package where no GPI, RS-485 or embedded control is available. This high quality 10 bit Broadcast unit is added to the family of Axon Aspect Ratio Converters for straightforward operation like tape transfers, and fixed program transfers.

SDL-3000 10 bit composite legalizer:

Based on the ARC-3000 platform the SDL-3000 is a high quality and easy to use legalizer. Input and outputs are SDI, 10 bit serial digital video (270 Mb/s) in either 525/60 or 625/50 modes. The SDL-3000 is a 19”, 1U high unit with forced air-cooling from front to back (dust-filtered sleeves in the front panel). This ensures reliable operation in a wide range of operating temperatures. A wide vacuum fluorescent display and rotary control knob on the front-panel eases local editing of pre-sets and is used for displaying the SDL-3000 status. The user interface is straightforward and direct. All major parameters are controlled with back lit one-button functions like: Upper hard limit (mV), Lower hard limit (mV), Upper soft limit (mV), Lower soft limit (mV), Upper slope (hard, knee, soft), lower slope (hard, knee, soft),Horizontal blanking, Vertical blanking, Function (Y+C, C only. A configurable monitor output is provided with a split screen preview to evaluate “before” and “after” legalization. This analog output is provided in 8bit composite and RGB. The monitor output can also be used as the converted output for convenient parallel viewing of the output signal.

VT-1 Video Transformer:

The VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and affecting the human voice or any other audio signal. The VT-1 is ideal for DJ's, karaoke, broadcasting and even home video for adding special vocal effects. The VT-1 is a coaxial transformer for analog video signals, full galvanic separation between in- and output and excellent video performance. The VT-1 is used for analog connention between (earth potential) floating studio environments.

FOR-30 Fiber Optic Receiver:

The FOR-30 Fiber Optic Receiver converts fiber signals back to SDI. Embedded audio or other Auxillary Data is also carried. The FOR-30 conforms to the SMPTE proposed standard for fiber distribution and is designed to handle pathological patterns. It provides 4 serial outputs. The FOR-30 is a stand-alone unit with built-in power supply.

ECHOSTAR PVR-5020 Personal Video Recorder:

Dual Tuner, 2 Common Interface Slots, 80Gb/160Gb/250Gb Low Noise A/V Hard Disk, Pause Live Video, Repeat, Slow Motion, Pause, FF, Rew, Instant replay, Picture in Picture, Mosaic view, 4 Live recordings and 2 views, Powerful Editing Tools for recording, 1 Week EPG, 7500 Digital Channels, 64 Satellites, 1,600 Transponders , Favorite Lists per mode (TV, Radio, PVR, MP3) , Powerful Channel Sorting and Grouping, Multiple Search Modes (incl. Update Scan), Optical S/PDIF Audio Output (Dolby Digital Compatible),high speed USB 2.0 link and Software Updates via Internet/Satellite (OTA).

XENON - HI FI Stereo:

230 Vac, Full PLL controlled frequencies: Video, Audio 1 (5,5 MHz), Audio 2 (5,74 MHz), 2 Scart connectors "LOOP THROUGH" enable to connect the Audio, Video & RGB of a satellite receiver or a DVD to a TV set (perform the real audio and video original outputs), Video & Audio Input level adjustable, Double side band Modulation, Input and Output mixed RF channels, Output RF level : VHF > 90 dBµV, UHF typical 85 dBµV, Output RF Level adjustable 0/-20 dB, "LOOP THROUGH" enables to use the I.F. Sat cable as return connection to the terrestrial antenna system.

Como DV1394:

The COMO DV-1394 Pro-SDI MKII is a high performance bi-directional IEEE-1394 DV to Analog converter, designed for the needs of broadcast and professional users. In addition to converting DV to and from Analog Video and Audio, the unit's SDI and AES/EBU Audio I/O allows bi-directional conversion of DV-to-SDI. It also provides bi-directional Analog-to-SDI conversion and Analog to Analog transcoding. All outputs work in parallel, so multiple devices such as VCRs and monitors may be connected at the same time. For convenience, there are two 6-Pin Firewire connectors on the DV-1394Pro-SDI, one in the front and one in the rear. When in a broadcast studio or post production environment, the Genlock interface allows the unit to be synchronized to a studio reference signal. Control of the DV-1394Pro-SDI is by front panel buttons and LCD or remotely via RS-232. An RS-422 interface is provided for controlling VCRs from an editing system, such as AVID, via the DV connection. The unit is housed in a desktop case with rack mount.

FS1000 Video server for automation:

In today's world of continuously evolving video broadcast technology, there is no room for a human operator error or a sudden failure of the master Betacam player deck. That is why; we at Darim Vision have created a robust and reliable video server, the FS1000. The FS1000 combines simple direct software with powerful hardware that provides all the advantages and flexibility of digital video storage, high performance, and the highest quality professional video input/output device. The FS1000 is uniquely designed to manage live and recorded video programs of any duration - from a 30 second commercials to a prime time feature. All A/V transitions and effects can be automatically repeated using script commands and launched from a precise video master clock. Here are just a few of the potential applications using the FS1000 video automation server. Scheduled, automatic video content broadcasting with control locally or remote. Small spot insertions into the live feed, Insertion of commercials or infomercials, Real Time titling of live or pre-recorded programs and Add audio tracks to video only programs.

Fujitsu CAT5 Extenders/Line Drivers

: Fujitsu's CAT5 DA(B713) and DAX(B714) Extenders allow a console KVM to be extended up to 200M away using CAT5E UTP cable. The CAT5 DAX model with its unique XLR feature allows ground based digital broadcast applications to benefit from broadcast quality audio extensions. Featuring an industry pioneering RGB colour shift correction circuit(patent pending),which effectively eliminates colour shift due to differences of lengths of signal lines within the CAT5 cable. The KVM interface supports PS/2 and SUN mini DIN 8 pin, and with a compact height of just 1U it can also be rack mounted. When used in conjunction with Fujitsu's KVM switches (SERVIS) or console drawer (SERVIS drawer) allows multiple servers to be accessed from a remote location. In addition local access console ports also permit the user to access servers within the same room. Supports video resolutions 1600x1200 at 50m, 1280x1024 at 150m and 1024x768 at 200m.

Neutrik Ethercon Cable Connectors :

The cable end connector provides a robust diecast shell as a carrier for the pre-assembled RJ45 Plug.Ethercon connectors comply with CAT5 (IDC and vertical PCB versions) shielded or unshielded for use with 10 Base-T and 100base-TX systems.


Fully comply with DVB and MPEG2 standard, Dual tuner options available for diversity function, Mobile receiving could terrestrial digital TV programs during moving in high speed. (e.g. 120Km/h above), Automatic frequency scanning when moving between different signal coverage and 256 Colors On-screen display.


Irdeto CAS embedded, Enable to decode QPSK satellite transmissions, HDTV, SDTV display support, Teletext close caption, Aux Composite input, video and L/R audio input for DVD/VCR, aspect radio adjustment, user friendly OSD and operation, favourite channel selection, parental guiding and rating control, RS-232 and OTA, picture in picture support, electronic programme guide and optional common interface.

Star Pro Broadband:

Star Pro is a scalable, high performance satellite IP terminal that delivers broadband access with a high-speed return channel. Global Service Providers, ISP's, and corporations require efficient, broadband IP networking solutions to satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications such as internet access, digital media streaming, video-conferencing, distance education, file transfer, multi casting, and virtual private networks. Star Pro is the ideal, low cost solution for these and many other IP-based services. Star Pro has been developed under a unique combination of skills in data networking, digital communications, satellite access, and network management, to provide a low cost, scalable next generation satellite networking product.


MPEG2 & DVB-S Compatible, PIG (Picture in Graphic), 4000 TPs, 5000 TV & 1600 Radio channel programmable, 256 Colors GUI (Graphic-User-Interface), Powerful EPG (Electronic Program Guide) : Now/Next & 7-days program guide Program Lock by program rating, Automatic / Manual / Network Satellite Scan, Multi-Satellite / Transponder / PID Search,8 Favorite CH. Group, Powerful Channel Editing Function, Rename/ Lopck/ Skp/ Delete/ Sort/ Favorites, Multi-Language Audio Support,GMT and Manual Time Setting, Various Channel Sorting by Satellite/ TP/ CAS/ Alphabet/ All,DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 & USALS compatible and Software & Data upgrade via RS-232 (STB to STB, PC to STB) & OTA.



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