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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
May 2004
AD-70 QPSK and Analog Satellite Meter:

The AD70 QPSK and analog hand-held satellite meter allows the parabolic antenna pointment, signal to noise ratio, LNB consumption and precise BER indication for digital channels. It is definitely necessary to assure the digital channel reception quality.From the economical point of view the AD70 is situated among the high quality and low cost meters.The AD70 is presented in a basic pack including a case for transport it, a F/F connectors protector and the charging Power Supply.

SRT 6355 Digital CI Receiver New Slimline Design :

Alphanumeric display showing channel number or time Universal remote control 5 in 1 (TV, VCR, DVD, SAT1, SAT2),Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF),Future-proof software upgrade via satellite.It had dual common interface slots with all encryption systems and user friendly remote control. It has the possibility to connect external IR sensor . It has over 4000 channels memory capacity for 64 preprogrammed satellites.It is easy to use 256 colours graphic menu with PIG , selectable colours, transparency and brightness. It had the dit functions for Radio and TV programmes , favourite group name, satellite, PID and transponder information.

SRT 6155 Digital FTA Receiver New Slimline Design:

Alphanumeric display showing channel number or time,Universal remote control 5 in 1 (TV, VCR, DVD, SAT1, SAT2),Digital sound through coaxial output (S/PDIF),Future-proof software upgrade via satellite. The receiver has future proof software upgrades via satellite with automatic channel scan option. It has power on function with last viewed or user defined channel. It has the selectable DVB subtitiling and audio track support. There are also parental lock functions for menu and selectable per channel.

Chess basic 800 Digital FTA Receiver:

The receiver have 4000 programmable channels,Videotext DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 compatible, Softwareupdate via RS-232 and Satellite, 3 Favorite lists, 2 Scarts Display and On-off switch, Power switch, programm selector switch Auto and manual scan facility. The receiver has OSD with 16 languages and EPG for on screen channel graphic display. It has also the IF output with DC pass loop for analogue receiver.

Pay-Access System for Hotels:

The Pay Access system designed by TEKO is the ideal solution for hotels wishing to offer clients offer a selection of pay TV channels without changing the existing programme schedule or modifying the existing in-house distribution system. In order to facilitate installation and use, Pay Access has been designed as a modular system consisting of three principle units: head-end, system access box set, time card reader set - installed in the reception. The head-end is installed alongside the head-end of the existing system (which may be simply a channel filter block and a line amplifier) and is then connected to the audio/video supply source (usually sat. decoder or video recorder) which can supply up to a max. of six units. At this point the selection of additional six channels are available however, only when the client chooses to activate the Pay Access service.

SRT 4355 Evolution 2 CI Receiver:

SRT 4355 digital receiver with 2 Common Interfaces, compatible with all DVB compliant encryption systems, 4 separate favourite lists for TV and radio programs, digital audio optical output (S/PDIF), automatic future software upgrades via satellite, games (Tetris, Socoban & Snake), dual Common Interface slots for Viaccess, Nagravision, Seca, Irdeto, Cryptoworks, Betacrypt, Conax, multi lingual support on screen menu: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Swedish and Slavic, over 4000 channel memory capacity for over 64 pre-programmed satellites, easy to use 256 colours graphic menu with PIG (Picture In Graphic), adjustable colours, transparency and brightness, full electronic program guide for on screen program information, automatic channel scan options, edit functions for TV or radio program name, favourite group name, PID and transponder information, power on function with last viewed or user defined channel, software update and program list edit functions via PC with RS 232 connector, parental lock functions selectable per channel, Teletext via TV (VBI), full DVB subtitling support, advanced timer and calendar functions, full menu access by remote control unit or by 7 front panel buttons, user friendly remote control unit with 4 coloured function buttons.

DSC-200 Digital Signal Collector:

Digital signal collector replaces antenna for DVB-T also on moving boats and caravans. The Netherlands has one of the highest cable penetration rates in Europe and in some minds the demand for diversification is calling out to break this cable monopoly. Therefore the formation of Digitenne, a consortium consisting of KPN, Nozema, NOB and a mixture of public service and commercial broadcasters for digital terrestrial broadcasting, is now a fact the launch of the Digitenne Project was on April 23, 2003. To ensure the quality of this system, it is recommended by the official consortium to use "designed for Digitenne" equipment for the reception of these signals. The only DVB-T antenna that met the Digitenne requirements is the active indoor Digital Signal Collector that has been developed and produced by Funke Antennen.

WT-805 DVB-S FTA Digital Video Broadcasting :

It is a free to air receiver with fully DVB complaint and Multi QAM demodulation selection. The receiver has Hi-FI stereo output and 1000 channels memory space, including Radio and TV. It has compatible SCPC and MCPC support S-VHS video output. The receiver has automatic identifying NTSC /PAL and SECAM support PC to unit update. The receiver has super low threshold and sharp tuner with automatic and manual PID search.

MS-511/513/514 New Vestigal Sideband:

MS-511/513/514 New Vestigal Sideband Modulator for Community Headends. This new product is intended for modulating audio and video signals for their subsequent distribution on community systems. It is a very versatile modulator covering VHF, S and UHF bands, that is also very easy to program with an infrarred remote control.The audio output of this modulator comprises the sum of the left and right audio signals received from the minidin input connector. This device operates on an FA-203 power supply unit capable of feeding up to 8 modulator units and one broadband amplifier (PA-102, PA-103 or PA-104).One of the product's major advantages is the possibility of distributing the different modulated signals on adjacent channels, since modulation is of the vestigial sideband type. This product is manufactured to the BG standard (MS-511), I standard (MS-513) and DK standard.

CDVB 2300A/B FTA Digital Receiver:

CDVB 2300A/B is a high cost-effective household digital satellite receiver which built-in ST powerful single chip processor: STi5518. It's your final choice to enjoy free to air satellite programs. It is fully DVB-S/MPEG-2 compliant, 4500 channels memory space, 200 favourite channels, SCPC & MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellites, 256 colors on screen display (OSD), PAL-NTSC auto-conversion system, DiSEqC 1.2, Voltage (14/18 V), tone (22 K) and 0/12 V LNB switching support, multi-language OSD (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian), multi-language audio and subtitle reception, electronic program guide (EPG) and VBI teletext support, OTA software loading and game, RF Modulator for TV standard (PAL B/G/D/I/K, NTSC), two SCART sockets (optional), reserved AC3 digital audio output



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