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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
April 2010
DigitAllWorld DW-S2000

This is fully DVB-S compatible receiver, 2 CI slots and XCrypt card reader, Friendly Graphic User Interface, Supports PC channel editor, 5000 TV & Radio channels programmable, Powerful EPG: Now/Next & 7-days Program Guide, Program Lock by program rating, Multi-Satellite Search, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 & USALS compatible, Teletext supported, Program sort & edit by Favorite, FTA, Scrambled, TV/Radio Channel, Multi Languages (OSD & Menu) and Multi Pictures Function (4~16 pictures).


Just keep your eyes on your TV set. Through digital technology, we will bring the whole world right to you. Enjoy the new era in digital broadcasting as we transmit the digital signals to your TV safely so you can watch in comfort. Even when your TV is off, HUMAX STB is always on standby, waiting patiently for that moment when it will connect you with the world's delights again. In addition to standard Free-to-Air broadcast access, this product enables viewers to watch pay programs scrambled by the Viaccess encryption system through its embedded Viaccess Conditional Access System, plus programmes using any card/CAM combination - via the in-built Common Interface slot. Viewers can enjoy digital broadcasts hassle-free using the simple menu configuration, including easy installation and channel search. Its On-screen Display is viewable in 12 languages from Europe and Middle East regions. A variety of program information is also available through its user-friendly EPG. By installing the latest software with its built-in serial interface (RS 232C) and OTA (over-the-air) service, viewers can always enjoy high quality audiovisual programs.

Kathrein UFS 733

This is a digital satellite receiver with HDMI upscaling, includes in-built Conax and Common Interface, VFD front panel display, and stores 4000 channels. Its is upscaling to 576p, 720p and 1080i, Kathrein Comfort EPG with timer, Installation assistant on-screen, Pre-programmed channel lists, Automatic software download, Software download via satellite or PC, 4 favourite channel lists, Automatic showing of time and date, OSD in 8 languages, 8 timers, Multi-language soundtrack switching, Teletext with memory for 800 pages, Channel search and programme placement sorting.

Clarke Tech 3100 Plus

This is PVR ready digital satellite receiver, with Common Interface slot and embedded Conax smartcard reader. Stores 10,000 channels and offers Blind Scan. Component connection for better digital pictures. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Persian and Russian languages are available for communication. 8 favourite lists are available, Mullti-satellite search function, Parental control, DiSEqC 1.2/USALS and Picture-in-Picture/Mosaic.

Triax TD110 Pole Mounted Solid Dish

The Triax Digital series futures a dish that clearly stands out from all the other dishes in the market. The dish futures all the well-known reception properties and is distinguished by its design and quick and easy mounting. The dish is of rugged steel construction finished with Triaxs renowned 6-coat paint system. Frequency 10.7-12.75GHz Gain 40.2dBi @ 11.70GHz X-Polarisation >27dB Offset Angle 26dgs Reflector Type Offset (F/D 0.6) Measured Beamwith 1.8dgs Reflector Material Galvanised Steel Mast Dimension 32-60.

DigiCorder HD S2X

With the digital HDTV hard drive receiver DigiCorder HD S2 you can experience television in a different dimension. In addition to the television and radio programmes provided by conventional television providers, the DigiCorder HD S2 also allows you to receive the brilliant audio-visual world of high-definition television (HDTV). HDTV provides television enjoyment at a quality level hitherto unknown. The pictures are crystal clear, showing more detail, colours are richer and contours sharper. Sound quality is exceptionally high, providing an excellent, room-filling audio experience.

Maxview Omnisat Digital Satellite Compass

To receive a clear picture, the dish must have the correct Vertical (Azimuth) and Horizontal Alignment. Vertical alignment, is the angle of elevation above the horizon whereas the Horizontal alignment of a dish, is the compass bearing the dish will need to point.

Ku Wideband Polarator

Chaparral's Ku-Wideband Polarotor features a wide bandwidth for worldwide reception of linear polarized Ku-Band signals. The Ku-Wideband Polarotor incorporates Chaparral's patented probe design and reliable servo motor. An optional dielectric plate P/N 33-4875-1 is available for reception of circular polarized signals. Chaparral's Ku-Wideband Polarotor features chip-resistant powder paint and cast aluminum construction for added protection against the environment. The Ku-Wideband Polarotor combines Chaparral's patented probe and reliable servo motor for excellent reception of both horizontal and vertical polarities. It is ideal for use with small (both moveable and fixed) satellite dishes. An optional Mounting Plate Kit 62-2301-1 is available for large prime focus dishes.

Sonicview SV-360 Premier PVR

The SONICVIEW 360 PREMIER is the best FTA (Free-To-Air) Receivers. Sonicview 360 Premier comes equipped with PVR (Personal Video Recording) functionality and USB updating capability at an affordable price! What more could you ask for? It also has two (2) USB 2.0 ports, one handy front-panel USB port and one on the Premier's rear panel. Other awesome features include picture-in-graphic (PIG), time-shifting, and high speed channel switching. Using an external hard drive, you will be able to record all your favorite shows. The Sonicview 360 Premier's Personal Video Recording (PVR) functionality lets you Watch-and-Record your favorite satellite TV programs. You can even pause and rewind live TV, ala TiVo and other DVRs. Recording a program is as simple as pressing the red Record button on the remote control. Simply push the stop button to end the recording. There is also an eight event timer so you can set the receiver to record your favorite programs while you are gone, as well as a time switch function to put a program on hold if you get interrupted during a program. The Sonicview 360 Premier is Diseqc 1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS compatible, allowing you to connect its tuner input to almost any impossible antenna configuration from a single antenna to a motorized system.

Technisat DIGIT K3X Receiver

Digital cable receiver for the reception of free-to-air and encrypted television and radio programmes - comes equipped with SIM card reader and integrated CONAX and CryptoWorks decoding systems. A small receiver with a long list of features. The DIGIT K2 certainly has compact dimensions, neverthless it impresses with a long list of features. The highlight of this innovative receiver is the SIM card reader for the two integrated decoding systems CONAX and CryptoWorks. The high-level features of the K2 receiver furthermore include two Scart sockets, an RS-232 interface with a mini DIN socket as well as an electrical digital output for Dolby Digital (AC-3) surround sound. Other outstanding features include the free TechniSat value-added services such as AutoInstall, "SiehFern INFO", as well as the option of automatically downloading software updates via the cable connection.

Sagem DTR94500S Receiver

The Sagem DTR94500SHD twin-tuner Freesat Satellite Personal Video Recorder lets you watch, pause, rewind and record from all the great channels currently available without a subscription via the Freesat service, including fantastic High Definition (HD) services such as BBC-HD. The unit includes a 500GB hard drive and has a USB port for transferring media and an Ethernet port for connection to the Internet for BBC iPlayer compatibility. The hard disc also allows Freesat+ functions, such as pause and rewind live TV. Setting timer recordings is simple with the 8-day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) which allows scheduled recordings at the touch of a button. The PVR can even be set to record an entire series just as easily. What's more, it can also record 2 channels at the same time!

Eagle Sat Linux Box

The Eagle Box is Linux satellite TV receiver, with 1 x Smartcard-Reader. 250 MHz IBM PowerPC Processor (350 Mips), 2 LED status, Linux Operating System, Full automatic service scan, Supports directly bouquet-lists (indirect unlimited), Supports multiple LNB-Switching control (supports DiSEqC), 1 x Smartcard-Reader, Unlimited channel lists for TV/Radio, SPDI/F interface for digital bit stream out (AC-3 / DTS), MPEG2 Hardware decoding, Channel-change time less than 1 second, Fully adaptable OSD in many languages (skin-support), 100Mbit full duplex Ethernet Interface and supports EPG (electronic program guide).

Technomate TM-6800 HD USB PVR

PVR ready high definition & digital satellite receiver with 10,000 channel capacity. Includes USB 2.0 port, 1 Multicrypt smartcard reader + 2 x Common Interface slots, HDMI & Component Output with Upscaler and Dolby Digital. Allows PVR timeshift, record & playback of channels, MP3/JPEG Playback & software download, all via USB 2.0 port and external USB HDD/memory stick. It has the capacity to store 10,000 TV & Radio Channels, USB2.0 PVR Ready via external HDD or USB Flash Drive (memory stick) with Timeshift, Record & Playback functions, MP3 player and JPEG viewer via external HDD or USB Flash Drive (memory stick), Software & Channel List download via USB 2.0, Fully Featured VFD text Front Panel Display, Sensitive Tuner, Less than 1 second channel change and support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & 1.3 (USALS) compatible.

Hivion HD-9090X Ultima

This is an updated HD receiver to date - made by Homecast the Hivion HD-9090X Ultima ticks so many boxes - it has a three year warranty - USALS - easy menus (easier than most of the competition) - for the first time too you can record onto a USB Drive - the Smart card reader will read a Euro1080 card (and others) so no need to buy a CAM but if you do buy a popular CAM like for example the Diablo light - it'll work well with that too HDTV MPEG2 & MPEG4 DVBS2 receiver, PVR through USB 2.0 X 2, Smart Card reader (Multi-CAS through patch), User Friendly OSD Menu with Full Function, Favourite Channel and Parental Lock Function, S/W Upgrade through USB 2.0 and RS232 port, Picture in Picture support (Aux input / optional) and Electronic Program Guide for On-Screen Channel Information.



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