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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
March 2010
Technomate Single LNB

We all know that Technomate is one of the manufacturers of classy digital satellite and terrestrial receiver. Recently, Technomate have decided to expand their products lines with Ku-Band LNB. The choice is really wide: from the single models to octo and even the monoblocks. Are they all as good as the receivers they are supposed to match? Their noise figures (0.2dBand0.1dB) are very promising but we know that only a test with real world signals can prove the value of an LNB. The noise figures printed on TM-1 packages promise very good performance. However, it is not a secret that some manufacturers over specify their products to gain a market advantage over competition. Did Technomate follow this trend? Or perhaps their products are really the state of the art LNBs? We decided to submit them to a really hard test. We took probably the best LNB we had the one that had out performed many other 0.3 dB and 0.2 dB models in our previous tests. At the same time this reference LNB had a high gain (high signal level at the output).

Technotrend TT-micro S320

Technotrend TT-micro S320 Video transmission via HDMI, In the past ,the video signal from receiver to TV used to be transmitted as an analog video or colour signal. In 2003, the specifications for HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface were defined, allow in fully digital transmission of video and audio data to any compatible output device. Switching channels or between TV and radio takes place quickly and without any switching distortions, which is proof of a state-of-the-art operating system. Software updates are available via ASTRA1 and downloads start without long delays. On-screen information about current and next events is displayed when-ever a new channel is selected and content as well as presentation are up to expectations.

TeVii S650 USB box

TeVii S650 USB box With the S650 Taiwanese manufacturer Satellite Receiver TeVii introduces a further development of its DVB-S USB Box S600, which is now also capable of Dish Network receiver high-definitions channels HDTV. The S650 Box comes in a metal case which gives it a very sturdy look and the level of workmanship is also very high. Its backside features a satellite IF input as well as a loop-through output. An external power pack – which is also connected to the rear panel – provides the box with all the power it requires. On one side we find a USB host interface for connecting the box to a Windows or Linux based PC with USB 2.0. In case you’re wondering: yes, it’s true – TeVii also offers a Linux driver for its latest product. An infrared LED is located behind a protective cover on the front panel for picking up commands from the remote control, a feature that worked brilliantly.


The OPENSAT 3000CRCI PVR is a small CI receiver with PVR. It has unusually small dimensions and there fore fits into any living room environment. The front panel features a four digit segment display and in the upper left corner the standby button. All other buttons and slots are hidden behind a flap. If you open this flap it reveals seven buttons to operate the receiver without remote control, a CI slot for all standard modules like Irdeto, Seca,Viaccess, Cryptoworks or Nagravision,a Conax card reader as well as a USB interface. The back panel is equally well designed and sports the usual satellite IF input and loop-through output, 2 scart euro connectors, 4 RCA jacks for stereo audio and video, a 0/12 control current, an optical digital audio output , a UHF modulator output, an RS-232 interface and a mechanical mains switch.

TechnoTrend Scart TV S100

The receiver comes in two different varieties, one being a FTA receiver and the other one featuring an integrated card reader which is compatible with either Nagravision being used by German pay TV provider Premiere, or Cryptoworks, the encryption system adopted by “Austrian public broadcaster” ORF. In addition, the version with built in card reader comes with an optical audio output, which is missing in the FTA version. The pre-stored satellite list comprises the most important European DTH satellites (17 positions in total). Considering the missing DiSEqC 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 protocols this number of satellites is sufficient. LOF frequencies can individually edited for each satellite, even though hardly everyone will use this feature because the satellite list cannot be extended C band reception is possible and respective transponder data (for example THOR 1° West) are partly preset. The last step of the installation wizard is the automatic channels search, which can either be a full search or a search of individual satellites or for FTA or encrypted channels.

Humax PR-HD1000

On the perfectly equipped rear panel you’ll find an HDMI interface, three RCA sockets for YUV as well as three additional RCA sockets for stereo audio and video, two scart euro connectors, an optical audio output, a USB and an RS232 interface and last but not least the IF input with a corresponding looped through output. The penny pinchers amongst our readers will certainly also appreciate the main power switch which helps save the 20 W standby power consumption, which is rather on the high side. The user interface of the Humax PR-HD1000 is simply exemplary – they could not have done it any better in terms of ease of use and clarity. The channel list is very cleverly arranged as well, with four areas and two columns, so that channels of a specific satellite, of the favourite list or pay TV channels (sorted according to CAS) can be displayed at a touch of one of the colour-coded buttons on the remote control.


The SkyDSR is Cerona’s flagship DVB-S2 receiver. Available as a clean, easy to install network appliance, the SkyDSR provides media-rich broadband IP data at speeds up to 80Mbps to the desktop, the Enterprise LAN, or the Service Provider’s head-end. The SkyDSR is part of Cerona’s Sky Digital family, which is the most comprehensive end-to-end DVB-S/S2 broadband IP solution available. The SkyDSR works with any DVB IP Encapsulator, including Cerona’s own Digital Gateway Router. The SkyDSR receives and decodes a multiplexed DVB broadcast transport stream comprised of MPE (Multi-Protocol Encapsulation) IP data and delivers it via a high-speed Ethernet connection to the desktop.


MvixUSA have launched their latest PVR-capable media player, the ULTIO Pro MX-880HD. The new set-top box supports Full HD 1080p via HDMI, and can play back H.264, MKV, DivX HD, MPEG 2-TS, VC-1 and WMV video formats; inside there’s a 3.5-inch hard-drive bay happy with up to 2TB disks. That drive can be used for local playback, standalone Torrent downloading or time-shifting, though since there’s no onboard tuner you’ll need to hook the ULTIO Pro up to a cable or satellite box. Ports include ethernet, two USB host, one USB 2.0, a multi-format memory card slot, HDMI, component, composite and coaxial digital audio, and there’s an IR remote. DLNA network streaming, optional WiFi 802.11n support and UPnP round out the main network features, and of course there are photo and music player apps as well as video.

i-Link IS-9000 PVR

The new i-Link 9000 comes equipped with USB 2.0 and PVR functionality so you can record all your favorite shows and a built-in ethernet adapter to allow the i-Link to connect to the internet. Simply attach any external USB hard drive (up to 1Tb) and start recording your favorite programs within seconds. The receiver has the capacity to store 5,000 Channels Programmable, Blind Scan, Picture In Graphic (PIG) , Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for On Screen Channel Information, Multi-language supported for Menu and OSD, Zoom Function, Parental Lock , Closed Caption Support, CVBS Video & Audio Output via RCA and Component Y/Pb/Pr Output via RCA.

Sonicview 8000 HD

Sonicview 8000 HD PVR V2 with internal cooling fan is the hottest new high definition FTA (Free-To-Air) Digital Satellite Receiver that will deliver the best in High Definition television. Sonicview 8000 HD PVR V2 FTA Receiver is very easy to setup and use. This Sonicview High Definition unit will provide 1080i output quality on all the best channels with USB 2.0 port Sharp video tuner and much more. The PVR (Personal Video Recording) function allows you to record your favorite shows on external Hard Drive. Sonicview 8000 HD PVR V2 FTA Receiver has a very powerful processor, fastest booting & scan speed which makes this receiver to be the best in the Free To Air World.

Comag SL 90 HDTV PVR

HDTV and digital satellite receiver with 1 Common Interface slot, and USB connection for external HDD PVR recording. Supports DiSEqC/USALS. This receiver has 5000 channel storage, DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2, USALS, 800 page Super Fast Teletext, Software updates via Astra 1 or via USB, 4 digit LED front display, Low-power consumption in Standby, 7 day Electronic Programme Guide, 8 favourite channel lists, Channel list editor, 8 multi-function event timers and quick channel with changing last channel recall.

Darkbox REV 2008 HD

PVR ready (via eSATA external HDD) HDTV and digital satellite receiver, with dual Common Interface and smartcard reader. This receiver may store 10,000 channels, and supports USALS motor control. 10,000 channels TV & radio, Timer function (Automatic turn on/off by setting function), RTC (Real Time Clock), PIG (Picture In Graphic), 5 favorite lists, Channel editing functions, Sorting: alphabetic, satellite, FTA/scramble, Parental lock, Channel rename, Channel skip and DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS compatible with Software Upgrade via USB and supports Teletext and Subtitles.



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