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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
March 2009
Dish Network ViP622 HDTV Receiver

The Dish Networks Dish Vip622 satellite receiver contains 2 individual HDTV tuners in one box. These Tuners are designated TV1 and TV2. TV1 is intended for use at a HD TV or Standard TV in the same room as the Vip622. The ViP622 has modulated outputs for both the TV1 and TV2 tuners. The allows for the easy distribution of TV1 and TV2 pictures throughout a house. The modulators operate on either UHF or CATV channels and are not HD TV signals. All of the ViP receivers from Dish Network are MPEG4 and Mpeg 2 compatible. MPEG4 allows for more channels in the same bandwidth. Read more about Satellite TV using MPEG4. The Vip622 DVR has two operating modes, Single and Dual Mode. In Single Mode the Vip622 can be used as a dual tuner DVR with full control of both tuners from one remote. In Single Mode, you can switch between the tuners, or press "PIP" on the remote use the built in "Picture in Picture" feature. Press Swap and the two images will swap places. Of Course you also have Full DVR control over both tuners. The Extra Bonus of the Vip622 is you can also use the receiver in Single Mode from the TV2 location. When operated in Single Mode, (change modes by pushing a button on the front panel) the Dish ViP622 provides TIVO like capabilities and should be considered a strong replacement option for DirecTV's TIVO community.

Triax T-HD 405 VA MPEG-4

DVB-T MPEG-4 set top box with embedded Viaccess and AC3 sound system. Approved by BOXER for Sweden, Denmark and Ireland. The box is DVB-T set top box, MPEG-4 HD, H.264, user friendly 7 days EPG function, user friendly on screen display Easy graphic user interface, HDMI output, perfect for flat screen TV, USB support, scart and audio outputs, supports both 12V and 230 V, fast text TV function, timer function, scandinavian Design and equipped with all latest features.

Sony Personal Video Recorder

Sony has a variety of PVRs to choose from that cleverly integrate different ways to your entertainment system. They have add-on set-top boxes like the DHG line of PVRs, and the PSX is a special PVR made to work with your PSP. Of course, Sony's handheld game system itself is a sort of PVR in that it can play back MPEG4-encoded material which, of course, can be downloaded from any bit torrent. And then there is the ultimate home theater PC PVR solution, Sony's Viao TypeX. Most PVRs, when not accompanied by a subscriber service like TiVO or ReplayTV, are just a feature added to a cable or satellite box. The cable or satellite box PVR functions are generally second rate, with slow menus and certainly not as feature-rich as the subscriber services who specialize in making your PVR experience as convenient as possible. Another option is Sony's DHG line of PVRs that add an HD tuner. With a digital program guide and menu system setup for your local reception, you get all the functions of a full-feature PVR service like TiVo without the monthly fee. The PSX is another PVR from Sony with special features that allow it to integrate with your PSP. Since the PSP can playback stored programming in MPEG4 format, the question has been how you get it to the PSP. PSX is one answer, although anyone with a PC and memory stick reader can do the same job. Convert your downloaded program to MPEG4 and then add to your memory stick and plug it into PSP. The PSX makes the process more fluid, allowing you to directly export from the PVR set-top box to the memory stick and then on to your PSP. Plus the PSX is a fully functional PVR.

Beyonwiz personal video recorder:

The Beyonwiz DP-S1 seems to be an ideal personal video recorder (PVR). It has two HD digital tuners that deliver good quality reception and can record different channels simultaneously. Unlike a standard PVR, you get a DVD player to watch movies when there is nothing appealing on TV. Also, if you’ve got a lot of content on your computer, you can sit in the lounge room and use the Beyonwiz to watch movies and listen to music stored on your computer over an Ethernet connection. The 200GB hard drive is only average for a PVR in this price range, so if you want to keep all your recordings at HD quality (with the unit able to record video at up to 1080i, or 1920 x 1080 pixels) you’ll find yourself running out of room very quickly. One option would be to connect external memory of some kind — the Beyonwiz supports USB 2.0 external hard drives and removable flash drives. A memory card reader allows you to download your digital photos, video or music files directly from an SD or Compact Flash (CF) card. High quality component video, digital audio and HDMI connections allow you to enjoy the best possible viewing quality, with standard composite video and stereo audio connections also available if you need to hook up your old VCR or TV.

Winegard RC-DT09A

This unit is Low Pass and receives digital broadcast signals and converts to analog, for analog tuner TV sets. Which means you can continue to use your old TV after the US government mandate in 2009 or capture digital signals on your new TV with this digital to analog converter. Additional programming with multicasting, Compact Size, Closed captioning for hearing impaired. Includes Remote, Perfect for home or RV, analog pass through. The converter box installs between your analog TV and your over-the-air antenna, enabling you to receive crisp, clear digital local DTV programming FREE with NO monthly programming fee. Other features include additional programming with multi-casting , closed captioning, on-screen programming guide, parental control.


SONICVIEW 8000 HD PVR V2 with internal cooling fan is the hottest new high definition FTA (Free-To-Air) Digital Satellite Receiver that will deliver the best in High Definition television. Sonicview 8000 HD PVR V2 FTA Receiver is very easy to setup and use. This Sonicview High Definition unit will provide 1080i output quality on all the best channels with USB 2.0 port Sharp video tuner and much more. The PVR (Personal Video Recording) function allows you to record your favorite shows on external Hard Drive. Sonicview 8000 HD PVR V2 FTA Receiver has a very powerful processor, fastest booting & scan speed which makes this receiver to be the best in the Free To Air World. The box has 8 favourite Channel Lists: Programmable, Channel Sorting by FTA, CAS, Satellite, Alphabetic Order & Network, Zoom In-Out Function for Watching Screen, Various Aspect Ratio with4:3, Letter Box, Full Screen & 16:9, Background Graphic Display for Radio Program Channels, Parental Lock Function using Master PIN Code, Automatic NTSC / PAL Detection and Simple Video Converter (NTSC <-> PAL) and support DiSEqC 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS.


Introduction the new Viewsat MaxHD FTA Receiver, the latest High Definition FTA Receiver in the market. Viewsat MAXHD is capable of receiving High Definition signals with resolution up to 1080i. The picture quality provided by the Viewsat MAXHD video tuner is outstanding and better than most other digital satellite receivers currently available in the market. Viewsat MaxHD is featuring fast processor speed of 200 MHz, fast memory speed of 32 Mb SD RAM, PVR, and a USB communications port for easy data updates. The PVR (Personal Video Recording) function allows you to record your favorite shows on external Hard Drive. Now you can use your USB flash drive to update your receiver. The new universal remote that comes with this unit is awesome. If that's not enough, wait until you see the new colorful Graphic User Interface. This is by far the best FTA Receiver the market has ever seen. The box has capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels.

NFusion SD Nuvenio NU PVR

This unit is an upgrade of the very popular NFUSION NOVA. The Nuvenio sets itself aside from the rest. Underneath it's shiny outer coating, the Nuvenio NU powered by nfusion is truly a powerhouse waiting to be released. The receiver has capacity Free to Air Channel Reception from Satellite Broadcasting, IPPVR (Audio & Video Recording to PC via LAN) Satellite Input, Fully complies with DVB-S MPEG 2, Standard Definition Content (MPEG 2), Satellite Scan - Multisat Scan Support, Flexible Reception of SCPC & MCPC From C/KU-Band Satellites, EPG (Electronic Program Guide) & Channel Naming Supported, Multi Language OSD Fast Channel Changing Speed, Over 6000 TV & Radio Channels can be stored, Full Color & User Friendly GUI (graphic user interface) for Easy Control and Timer Function & Real Time Clock & PIG (Picture in Graphic) Support.

XpressV dual tuner

The XpressVu Dual Tuner PCIe card is the latest in innovative solutions from Cerona Networks. The XpressVu can receive and decode DVB Linear video or DVB IP broadcasts and deliver those streams via a high-speed Ethernet connection. PCI-Express is a radically new implementation of the PCI computer bus that uses existing PCI programming concepts and communications standards, but is based on a much faster serial communications system. The result is superior performance with twice the capability and reliability. The XpressVu PCIe Card enables operators to deliver highvalue content using their existing bandwidth and infrastructure. Whether “turbo charging” an existing VSAT network or eliminating Internet bottlenecks. The XpressVu is a single PCIe card with two integrated tuners each capable of up to 80 Mbps of data as either independent links from one or two separate satellites.



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