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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
March 2006
Interstar DSR 7800CRCI Premium:

Golden Interstar has presented a beautiful receiver for its customers. The receiver is Conax embedded, 2 x CI for all types of modules, 1 tuner with loop through Dolby Digital output, Picture-In-Picture function, NEC-Technology, 6000 Channels of TV & Radio programmable, Up to 1000 transponders, OSD with multiple languages, 8 favorite lists, Multipicture function, EPG (Electronic Program Guide), Software update via RS-232 from PC or receiver, Function DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 et USALS, RF-modulator, Teletext supported by VBI and OSD, MPEG 2 & DVB compatible, SCPC & MCPC for C/Ku-band, Parental lock and Games.

Pansat 3500SD Satellite Receiver:

The front panel window display is in a reduced shape and situated in the middle of the box. The receiver is fully Full Compliant of MPEG-2 Digital & DVB broadcasting, 950 - 2,150 MHz input Frequency (IF Loop Throughout), Variable Input Symbol Rate (1-45 Msps), Multi Language OSD, Automatic PAL/NTSC Conversion, Fast Channel Change, 5,000 Channels TV & Radio Programme, Universal Remote, Flexible reception of SCPC & MCPC from C/Ku-Band Satellites, S/PDIF (Digital Audio or Dolby AC3 Stream out), Timer Function (Automatic Turn On/Off by Setting Function), 256 Colors (Graphic User Interface) Number, PIG (Picutre in Graphic), 5 Favorite List & Unlimited Programs per each, Powerful Channel Editing Function, Sorting: Alphabetic, Satellite, FTA/Scramble, Parental Lock, Move, Delete, Favorite Edit, Parental Lock, Channel Rename, Channel Skip, Manual PID / Satellite & TP / Network Scan, Smart Search, Satellite Scan - Simultaneous Scan with 4 Satellites, DiSEqC 1.3 Control Compatible (STAB USALS), Capable of Setting the Frequency for SMATV System and Software Upgrade via RS-232C (Receiver to Receiver, PC to Receiver).

Globalteq GSR 3510:

The front panel window has covered the most area of the receiver. It is completely FTA receiver. There are 5 favourite groups, where 100 channels may be stored in each list. The receiver presents fast channel changing. It supports DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 protoclos. The receiver is Fully Automated Satellite Scan, Powerful scan & stable performance with easy user interface, 5,000 Channels TV & Radio Programmable, OSD Teletext & Subtitle Supported ,Teletext Supported by VBI insertion.

TM-1500 CI+ Best Entry Level Satellite Receiver:

TM-1500 is one of the fastest receiver ever , Blind Search {power scan }, common interface +card reader, Less than 1 Second channel change, Up to 70 Satellites and 5,000 channels, Fully DVB compliant, Multi-Event Timer, Full navigation auto finding and auto tuning, Full navigation blind search auto finding and auto tuning, Super Sensitive tuner for very weak signals, On Screen DiSEqC and USALS positioner display- moves dish incase of rain and bad weather, Auto satellite finder- just turn USALS ON and select, for example, HotBird and it will find it instantly, High quality video and sound by MPEG-2 standard, Easy-to-use menu system with comments for guide, Channel deleting, moving and sorting functions, Automatic digital Satellite signal detecting Function, Separate automatic search for newly added transponders and channels, Multiple switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL and Manual editing function of Transponder Information.

Botech DVB-C "Digital Cable Receiver:

3500 Channel Memory capacity and high speed channel switching, Editing functions (TV and radio channels, Channel name, PID), Picture in Graphics feature, OSG with! 256 colours Full resolution, Full support of Electronic Program Guide for On Screen Channel information, Teletex and subtitle support through the VBI&OSG, Manual PID entry, Software upgrade through the RS-232 port, channel data transfer from the PC, PAL, SECAM via NTSC TV standards, Multiple OSG language support, Multi Group Favourite channels, Screen Control (brightness, contrast, saturation and transparency), Multi functional remote controller unit, 2-Scart (TV via VCR) and RCU ( CVBS and Audio L/R) connectors, Digital Audio output (S/PDIF) and games to make bore moments full of enjoyment

Digital Satellite Receiver VA-7200:

Slot for VIACCESS™ smart-card, Compact stylish design, High-quality components for long life, 1xSCART – (RGB, CVBS, stereo),1x S-Video, Optical Digital Audio Output S/PDIF, Signal reception LED indicator, RF-modulator, SCART-RCA adapter included, Supports DiSEqC™ 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS™ support, Compatible with DiSEqC™ 2.0 devices, 5000 TV or radio channels storage, Advanced TV Guide for 7 days, 32 favorite lists, 32 timers, Level access to services, Subtitles support in TXT and DVB modes, Teletext support in VBI and DVB modes, 15 languages in OSD menu and built-in games.

Rotor Control MP01:

The mini-positioner "Rotor Control MP01" is an indispensable tool needed by the installer when pointing the dish. Easy to use, in 5 minutes it enables the dish to be perfectly pointed only with the help of the field strength meter. The "Rotor control” connected to the cable between the motor and the receiver, is a DiSEqC 1.2 command generator for turning the motor east and west, fed directly from the receiver. The 'zero' function, which allows the motor to return perfectly aligned to zero at any moment, is of particular importance when the 'rotor control' is permanently installed near the receiver and when the user is not very familiar with the OSD of the receiver. Just by pressing the 'zero' button, besides the alignment to zero, all functions previously memorized are reset, thus avoiding nearly all calls for assistance.

MS 220 interface:

The MS 220 interface is a DiSEqC 1.2 codes generator which has been specially designed to be connected to all analogue and digital receivers with no direct motor control system. Connected by coaxial cable between motor and receiver, it enables the motor to be driven in all functions by means of the provided remote control: drive East and West, positions memorization, automatic re-calculation, limits configuration, re-alignment, direct recall of 49 memorized positions. Easy to use, the interface is fed by 230 Vca voltage and is provided with a display indicating position and some other functions.

Spaun 17 Premium Class Multi Switch:

The Spaun 17 input is designed to deal with 4 dishes. The worthy advantage of a multiswitch is that only one coaxial cable is required between the switch and a receiver. The multiswitch supports a standby mode. The SAT IF amplifiers and the LNB remote voltage are only active when at least one receiver feeds a remote voltage to its multi-switch outlet. The multiswitch support DiSEqC level 2.0. It means that it should work with a receiver using DiSEqC 1.0 to choose a satellite. The system will work without any problem with it. The signal present on one input can induce some interference on the other input and it will create no problem for you. Bi-directional communication between receiver and multi switches is possible. The multiswitch has 17 isolated terminations and are shipped with the Basic multiswitch to terminate the trunk lines.

FAGOR Terrestrial Antenna System:

You can connect up to six different antennae for various bands. You have the following inputs: FM (87.5-108 MHz0, BI (47-68 MHz), BIII/DAB (174-230 MHz) and 3 UHF inputs (470-862 MHz). the digital channels and keep their level 15 dB below the analog channel level. Thanks to this, DVB-T receivers or digital/analog TV-sets work properly. We can say that Fagor’s selective amplifiers are really ready for today’s mixed analog/digital terrestrial transmissions.



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