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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
March 2004
Dynavision 7700 MSCI Sky CI Receiver

It is fully DVB complaint over 5000 channels capability. The receiver had 2 slots with common interface. It has a list of favourite channels and digital PID. The Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) contain information about the future programmes. It is UCAS Embedded. The CD quality audio 18bit DACs sample. It is available with 2 scarts and UHF/VHF output. The QPSK demodulation capability is of 2-45M. The RISC chip is of high speed. The unique character of the receiver is that it has a multilanguage OSD support with channel subtitle support and channel language support. The freeze pictures may be supported by screen. It has Dolby sound support and unique OSD options. It is built in with sky crypt solution. The free-x TV is available with unlimited time and original card working with the embedded smart card (Irdeto1-11, Viaccess 1-11, Seca 1-11,Nagravision and Conax). All channels are working with these cards. This receiver is user friendly with update functions.

F1CI Portable Common Interface Satellite TV

It portable Common Interface satellite receiver with FREE-X-TV compatible.It has AV in / AV out & S-video DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.2 compatible. The DVB MPEG-2 compatible receiving PCMCIA slot support for CAM moduleDC 12V power fit automobile application. It has auto/manual scan world wide satellites. It is supported by 4000 TV and radio channels. The symbol rates are widely receiving. It has the fast preset programmes for installer, 5 seconds to install one satellite and manual PID seeking. One can search the free to air channels by it. The channel may be sought by satellite, Network and alphabet.One may download the software by personal computer. It is also available with car application.

SR-X200 CI Digital Common Interface Receiver

It is MPEG-2 digital and fully DVB compliant and MPEG / MusiCam Layer I and II, CD quality audio sound with Quick channel switching time. It can Fast channel download from satellites with SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellites and 256 color OSD.It is available with 116 preprogrammed satellites. English, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish and Persian languages are available . It has 3000 channels for Radio and TV. It has the parental lock facility. The EPG shows information about the upcoming programmes.

ECHOSTAR DVR-7000 HDD Digital Analog 2 CI Receiver

ECHOSTAR DVR-7000 HDD digital analog satellite receiver with hard disk drive, 2 Common Interface slots, MP3 and positioner. It has Multilingual advanced user interface (12 + languages) with 2 Common Interface slots and 40 Gbyte low noise audio/video hard disk drive. It has Time shifting function (Pause of Live Signal) with Simultaneous recording and playback. The receiver has Integrated MP3 player (500 songs typ.),DVR/MP3 multiple repeat functions (Once, All and A-B),Exclusive EchoStar AutoSat (satellite position calculating) feature and 6 week EPG (2 weeks previous, 4 weeks ahead) with variable.It has 20 timers for VCR,DVR. It is available with parental lock and installaton and Edit lock. The software may be updated via internet and satellite.It has mute manual and PID entry and editing.

SMS 9801 NF Compact Multiswitch for 8 SAT IF Signals

SMS 9801 NF Compact Multiswitch for 8 SAT IF Signalsand Terrestrial amplifier using push-pull technology With the integrated variable attenuator active or passive distribution can be selected. In active mode too high input levels can be decreased 0 ... 15 dB. Turned to max. attenuation the amplifier is bypassed and turned off. The passive distribution is return path compatible (5 ... 862 MHz).A new amplifier/filter design improves the intermodulation properties of the multiswitch considerably. The high selective input filter guarantees that interference products of the LNBs can not drive the amplifiers into saturation. An additional output filter ensures that intermodulation products and noise effects do not degrade the terrestrial signal.

Pyramid Multi Focus LNB's

It is the first exciting new product in this sector - targeted at the installer market. It will carry many of the features found on the existing digital satellite meter HDSMV2, with signal strength and Bit error rate, DVB-T compatible, and is fully upgradeable. The newest product to be released is one of the World's first Pyramid Multi Focus LNB's. This allows for a single cased LNB to pick up three satellites at the same time using integral DiSEqC switching, and a single connection point and standard 40mm collar.

Digital Terrestrial Meter

It displays Signal strength (R.F. level) and Pre & Post BER,32 pre-programmed transmitters (via website) or all channel step through withAudible tune-in, with back light. It has 7 or 8 MHz channels and 2K and 8K mode. It has VHF (band3) and UHF bands,Automatic constellation,RF input range 167-862 MHz and Input dynamic range - 72dBm~-20dBm.It has Fast and accurate Pre BER in real time for easy pointing of aerial via built in COFDM. PASS and FAIL indication in real time with Built in universal charger 100-240 V Ac/ 12 W. Intelligent charger (CE approved) with delta detection. Fast charge, then Trickle.It Run time with full charge: Minimum 5 hours from 2.5 Ah battery,Figure of 8 mains input connector. 2.1 mm Female PSU plug for external charge via supplied car charger and Computer interface: Serial port (Com 1-4) for upgradeable software on transmitters.

Multi Focus LNB

It is Multi focus LNB, receives signal from three satellites at the same time with small and compact, simple 40mm dim. Collar for easy installs, Integrated DiSEqC switch and Control's via DiSEqC 1.2.It is available in three models now. PYRAMID EU - Integrated Universal LNB, can receive Astra 19E, Eutelsat W2 16E and Hotbird 13E. PYRAMID ME - Integrated Universal LNB, can receive Nilesat 7W, Hotbird 13E and Arabsat 26. PYRAMID US - Integrated DSS LNBf, can receive 101, 110 and 119W.

Universal Remote Control

The universal remote control is being marketed by the Prime Line for all. They had offered their model OFA 4 . This remote control works with TV, VCRs, DVD player and satellite or cable receivers of all brands. The menu is controlled by the central cursors keys with an OK button. It makes the DVD players and digital receivers much easier than before.It changes the TV format quickly. It contains 150,000 infarred codes, even the latest models can be operated with the remote control. The remote control is easy to use and site well in hand.


Stab is the Italian company that first set order in the chaos among sat motor commands by collaborating with Eutelsat to develop the DiSEqC 1.2 protocol. Looking to the future, in 1997 Stab company created motor sat HH100. Now it is the reference point for most important sat receiver manufacturers worldwide for the development of DiSEqC 1.2 commands.Although the DiSEqC 1.2 standard only concerns the communication system on sat cable, Stab wanted to move forward to produce a polar motor which is directly fed and operated by the receiver without an interface. This innovating feature allows receipt of all programmes from each satellite in a completely automatic way without any intervention by the user. In fact the training system (precision like 0,1 ) is based on the direct dialogue between receiver and rotor



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