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The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
February 2010
HD TV Satellite Eycos S50.12 PVR

The front panel sports a four-digit display as well as eight buttons for complete operation of the receiver should the remote control go missing. Behind a centrally located flap are hidden a pair of CI slots that can be used with a variety of modules (Irdeto, Seca, Viaccess, Conax, Nagravision, etc.) The nicely equipped rear panel also put a smile on our faces. In addition to the IF input and looped-through output for the two tuners, there are also a set of Scart connectors as well as an S-Video connection, three RCA jacks for video and stereo audio, a programmable 0/12-volt output, an RS-232 serial interface, a USB 2.0 port for connection to a PC, an RF modulator and also an optical digital audio output for perfect sound. Rounding out all of this is a main power switch. The included remote control is ergonomically designed, clearly labeled and sits nicely in your hand. Eycos also provided a second remote control that is smaller and equipped with limited functions. This could be quite practical when you consider that your nosy little one could have otherwise easily messed up the entire programming of the receiver.

Dizipia DS4H-9160 Receiver

Dizipia DS4H-9160 receiver is quite heavy. The shiny front panel contains a nice and clear channel information display. The remote is also larger than usual, measuring 24×5cm. This can be programmed to operate a “Dish TV“ in addition to the “hd receiver“, and this was quick and easy to set up for my TV from the codes in the back of the manual. For once I had no need to be trawling the internet for additional codes to make this work! The remote is clearly laid out, and the keys have a definite click when they are pressed, but at the same time don’t need too much pressure to make the connection as many of these type do. Complementing the assuring click of each button, the STB or TV button lights up when a button is pressed. The first time we switch on, we go straight to the installation wizard where the local time, time zone and preferred languages are. There are limited language options here – for the on-screen menus and messages just English, German and Russian are available. Strangely, the list of languages for audio and subtitle defaults are different. The choice here is between English, German or French.

Imperial SatBOX HD Receiver

The Imperial SatBOX HD receiver not only DBS-S2 signals in MPEG2 (H.262) but also signals in the newer MPEG4 compression (H.264). At the same time, the video signals are now carried to the “Dish Television” digitally with the new HDMI connection. The sensitivity of the tuner is above average and its operating system is fast and comes with a number of convenient functions. In addition to the Standby button on the front panel, there are seven more buttons that let you work through the menu system without the need of the remote control. The dominant feature on the front panel would have to be the 13-character alphanumeric display. It shows not only the channel name but also provides information on a number of the menu functions. The two CI slots plus the Conax card slot lets the box receive up to three different encryption systems at the same time. This is especially critical since HDTV is mostly available with encrypted “Pay TV packages”. The teletext function is quite sophisticated: every page is automatically downloaded by pressing the yellow Teletext button. Every page can there-fore be accessed instantly when needed. The cursor buttons let you switch pages one at a time or by the hundreds just as fast.

Metabox HD Combo CI

The “Metabox HD Combo CI“ of Korean manufacturer Meta multimedia is such an innovation. As the ‘Combo’ in its model name suggests, this box brings together two different reception modes: DVB-S/DVB-S2 and DVB-T. And this is also why the back panel features a terrestrial antenna jack complete with loop-through output next to the usual IF input and output for satellite signals. Added to that are two scart euro connectors, a total of six RCA jacks for composite video, stereo audio and YUV, as well as an optical digital audio output. The HDMI interface that is also located on the back panel makes sure digital video and audio are transmitted free of loss. There is also an interface labelled E-SATA. It had not been activated on our test unit, but Meta multimedia is working on activating this function, which will then convert “HD Combo CI” into a full PVR. Software updates and new channel lists can be loaded into the memory the contemporary way by simply plugging in a USB stick with the required file son the front panel. Speaking of the front panel, it features an easy-to-read VFD display as well as eight buttons for operating the receiver without using the remote control. An unimposing flap on the right side of the front panel hides two CI slots and the USB interface for updates.

Vantage VT-X121SCI

The brand name satellite receiver vantage stands for high-quality products at an affordable price. ADS Trading based in Karlsruhe (Germany) distributes the Vantage range and when unpacking the new VT-X121SCI we noted that the workmanship of the satellite receiver as well as the remote control lives up to the high promises. On the front panel there are two additional buttons and a cross-shaped arrangement of keys for operating the box with-out the remote control. A four digit segment display completes the front panel layout. On the right hand side of the front panel two card readers with embedded Conax as well as two CI slots are hidden behind a flap. The VT-X 121SCI delivers the video signal as CVBS, RGB or YUV in PAL and NTSC and a dedicated menu can be used to define daylight saving time – thumbs up for this nice feature which liter-ally saves time because you don’t have to look this up in the user manual. The box can be used with a C band or a Ku band antenna and even less common LOF values for example for S band signals – are processed faultlessly. Our first signal scan on an 80-transponder satellite was finished quite swiftly in little more than four minutes.

FTA Satellite Receiver Beetel SD9822

Satellite Receiver Beetel the Indian company Bharti Teletech started production of telecommunications equipment in 1985 thanks to technical cooperation with Siemens. Back then, it was all about telephones, but these days the company has begun to manufacture satellite receiver as well in order to meet the increasing demand in India. We tried to find out what this receiver isall about and whether it is technically fit for the global market. That’s why we tested the Beetel SD98 in our TELE-satellite Test Center in India. The receivers features both USALS and DiSEqC 1.2 and so we decided to connect a STAB motor to the box. The Beetel has 45 satellite positions pre-stored. For our test we first selected the correct LO frequency and then chose the NSS6 satellite at 95° East – the offset antenna started to move immediately and in less than one minute the receiver had scanned all transponders, including transponders with a high symbol rate of 40700. There’s hardly a way any other receiver could achieve this faster and more easily.

Moxi HD Receiver DVR

The Moxi ships with a 500-GB hard drive that’s good for 75 hours of HD (or 300 hours of SD material, however unworthy it may be). Better still, the eSATA port is active and fully supported. You can hang an additional 2 TB of storage off this port. Any additional storage adds to the 500 GB on board; it doesn’t replace it.”Moxi” specs demand a hard drive “marketed or certified for DVR use” that spins at a minimum of 7,200 RPM and is at least 160 GB. Checking on Amazon, you can buy a DVR-compatible 500-GB drive for as low as $128, and a 1-TB drive is just under $200 (at this moment). If you’re keeping score at home, a Moxi that’s expanded to 1.5 TB is about the same price as a TiVo XL HD with a lifetime contract. When you connect storage, the Moxi formats it quickly, and you’re up and running with the increased storage seamlessly integrated into the scheduling and storage interface.

Technomate TM-2300

The TM-2300 from Technomate makes it easy to convert the monofeed satellite system of a single user into a system that can receive all receivable satellites at a particular location. Technomate’s antenna motor model that has proven itself for many years has been reintroduced to us with improved precision; something that we have to look into in much greater detail. An antenna motor is the perfect solution to receive the ever-increasing number of satellites in the sky. Technomate’s TM-2300 operates like all other H-H motors on a polar mount in which the motor’s turning axis is aligned with the North Star and thus parallel to the Earth’s axis. In this way switching from one satellite to another no longer involves an azimuth and elevation adjustment; a simple motor turn is all that’s needed. But even this one-dimensional adjustment takes place automatically with the TM-2300.


DishPointer currently has two iPhone applications available in the iTunes store. One of them is Dish-Pointer Maps, a version of the popu-lar website calculation tool, and the other (available in a Pro and Lite ver-sion) is a completely new application that can be used to determine what satellites can be received at a par-ticular location before the antenna installation work is even started.



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