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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
February 2008
Eurovox Max Satellite Receiver:

New euro-vox max satellite receiver with a cable tuner installed, With twin scart sockets and updated firmware, Powerscan like bruteforce Improved tuner, EPG, New on screen menu design, No freezing problems like dbox2 and no waiting when changing channels, Pre-loaded with software, Includes power cable and remote control. The box is the new model version 3 with 2 scart sockets. IT had similar functionality to the dbox. You probably know what the box is capable of doing or you wouldn't be looking here. Using this box allows you to view all cable (ntl, cable and wireless etc) for free. The item is brand new.

CW-600S Premium:

The CaptiveWorks CW-600S Premium comes with an outstanding set of features making it truely one of the best digital satellite receivers in the market. It is the only receiver in the market with Auto DiseqC functionality. This feature allows for auto recognition and configuration of all satellites connected to the receiver via a DiseqC switch. This Receiver uses Conaxent chip (the lates technology in the FTA market) which allow multi-picture and zoom into the picture. This is Truly the best receiver available in the market. This receiver has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. It comes preprogrammed with 100 updated satellites from worldwide.

Tristar 700:

The New 2007 Tristar 700 pro satellite TV descrambler. For those of you who love the FTA satellite receivers but can’t stand the downtime, the answer to your prayers is here. It’s name is the 2007 Tristar 700 Pro. Anyone new to the satellite or FTA industry is going to have it so much better than past users and won’t even have to know the hardships we’ve all gone through to get to this point. If you are familiar with FTA receivers in general, you are well aware of the current problems and the constant never-ending up/down back and forth battle on a weekly or monthly basis. Stop the delays, stop waiting, and stop playing games with your TV satellite viewing. You are going to absolutely love the newest addition to the illustrious, storied, and most universally recognized Tristar family. Tristar actually ran a detailed survey late last year discussing all of the pros, cons, and suggestions/complaints for FTA receivers and came up with this brand new, lightning fast, one-time setup, never going to go down 2007 Tristar 700 Pro that includes every bell and whistle imaginable! The Tristar 700 Pro comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 5 year fully extended warranty/trade-in plan and all policies are clearly posted on the site at all times.

DTH 330-335:

The DTH330/DTH335 is DVB-compliant across multiple suppliers of open system conditional access and system information protocols and formats. Building on its experience in the broadband communications industry, Motorola has added a new and cost-effective international family of highly reliable digital video receivers. The DTH330/DTH335 was specifically designed for systems that deliver secure video and interactive broadcast services over DVB-compliant advanced wireless networks. The DTH330/DTH335 is currently being deployed in major markets around the world. It supports a wide range of symbol and payload data rates, (up to 30 Mbps), and decodes standard MPEG-2 transport streams including most audio/video decoder formats. Additionally, it is DVB-compliant across multiple suppliers of open Conditional Access Systems (CAS) and System Information (SI) protocols and formats, such as NDS and Nagravision. The DTH330/DTH335 is engineered and manufactured using highly integrated component and software technologies to minimize operational field costs.

Octagon Satellite Receiver:

It is fully MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant, Smart Design with 256 colours, Built-in Measuring instrument of Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer function, Supports user friendly OSD and easy Main Menu, Displaying fantastic user friendly EPG (Electronic Program Guide ) to display the program information’s and preview, 100 Satellites programmable, Aspect Ratio for 4:3, 16:9 and Letterbox, Zoom in/out, Pause programmable, Recall programmable: Save the last 10 chose Channels, Find programmable: find your Channels alphabetically, 4-digit LED Display, Switching time less than 1 sec, Sleeping timer programmable, 8 Favourites Channel group Selection as (Move, Music, Sports, Drama, Kids, News, TV1, TV2), Parental Lock of Menu and Channels and more comfortable channel sort function as delete, rename or displace

DSR-922 Receiver:

The DSR-922 4DTV receiver lets you enjoy three times as many channels for nearly half the cost per month than what small dish owners pay. The 4DTV receiver has been around since 1997, so most of the "bugs" have been worked out and it's much easier to use than the Sidecar or just about any other satellite receiver! Like the Sidecar, it features a programmable 4-in-1 remote control so you can program the main functions of your TV, VCR or other device into the remote control. While the DSR-922 4DTV receiver does cost a lot more than the Sidecar did, I believe that once you install one you will be very happy with it, like I am with mine. For anyone that purchases a DSR-922 4DTV satellite receiver from us I will personally walk you through how to install and program the receiver over the phone. All I ask is that you pay for the phone call (by calling us on our non-toll free phone number) since it can take an hour to program correctly.

SRT 5005 set-top-box

: Handled quite poor reception very well—I tested it in an area with severe ghosting and low signal strength, using nothing more than a Tee shaped length of ribbon cable as used by many older HiFi radio receivers. The picture and sound quality is quite good, probably about as good as can be expected for a standard definition box. Simple way to switch between 16:9, 4:3 letter box, & 4:3 cropped display modes without wading through menus.You can program four buttons on the remote to be hot-keys for your favourite stations. Has composite, S-video, and component video outputs (all working at the same time), two stereo audio outputs, and digital audio outputs.

Diginet CDVB9200A:

The receiver can be set up to run multi satellites with a positioner. The receiver has blind scan function: All you need to do is to select the satellite you are pointed at and it auto scans the channels! Dual CI SLOT(Conax, Cryptoworks. Irdeto, Nagravision, Seca & Viaccess). Pre-Programmed all channels which come on Chinaset 6B, Asiasat 2, Asiasat 3S, Palapa C2, OPTUS B3, Optus D1 ,PASS8 and all other satellites for Australia and NZ. This receiver is compact, friendly use with fast responding time, high quality sound and crystal clear picture. You can also update the software through its RS232 port if you need in future.

Supernet 4200s:

The new Free to Air digital television service available now to all New Zealanders. The four key benefits provided by free-to-view digital television are Sharper Pictures (including many programs in High Definition), Clearer Sound (including some programs with Dolby Digital surround sound), Widescreen Programs and Extra Channels.). The Freeview NZ Digital Service includes the following channels: TV One, TV2, TV3, C4, Maori Television, TVNZ V8 Supercars Channel, Radio New Zealand National and Radio New Zealand Concert. Later, more channels will be added, including a family channel, News and Factual channel, and specific special interest channels. These channels can be accessed with any Freeview or Free to Air Set top Box available from our online shop

Buzz Plus Receiver:

The Buzz Plus is the hottest box sweeping the United States today. Made by a large Korean OEM, the Buzz boasts a robust 160 MHz NEC Processor for ultra fast channel change and enough under the hood for the long haul. The Buzz Plus also includes a 7 day EPG (48 Hours true at this point) with 32 Megs of SDRAM and a 2 MB flash capabilities. Buzz Plus also has component output for near HD clarity. All Buzz boxes ship with DISEqC switch and null modem upgrade cable. Bulk orders up to 10000 available with 20 days lead time for sea travel 5 day lead time for air.

HRS-02 Receiver

It is fully Compliant with MPEG-2 and DVB Standards, Built-in Teletext Decoder (STV/VBI), PIG(Picture in Graphics), MPEG-2 Video(MP@ML), MPEG-1 Audio Layer1, Layer2, 3000 TV and 1000 Radio Programmable Channels, SCPC/MCPC Reception in both C & Ku-bands, Digital Tuner with Loop-Through Output, Wide Symbol Rate 2~45Mbps & Frequency 950~2150MHz Inputs, DiSEqc 1.2 Capable and manual PID Insertion. The receiver has unlimited updated satellites from worldwide.

Coolsat 5000 Platinum:

The Coolsat 5000 Pro is the leading satellite receiver on the market. Due to high quality and features it now outsells the Pansat 2700A. It is not for use with cable, but rather Free-To-Air satellite reception.

Samsung DSB-4700F Receiver:

The new Samsung DSB 4700 receiver is one of the newest and best receivers on the satellite market. It comes with a full 1-year warranty and is part of the Samsung family of consumer electronics. With a name like Samsung, you can't go wrong. It is fully MPEG2/DVB Compliant, SCPC / MCPC programme receivable, Multi-language(19 languages) supports OSD (English, German, French Italian, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, etc.) All PAL, NTSC Channels will Play on PAL , NTSC or Mulitsystem TV. Easy Auto Scan for channels over 32 Satellites at the same time, Max 4000 TV and Radio programmable, Software download via Satellites (Telstar 5, Intelsat America's 5, IA5, Intelsat5), Advanced Electronic Program Guide (EPG) Subtitle with multi-languages, Teletext OSD and VBI supported with multi-languages. Channel Sorting: Favorite lists, Providers name, Alphabetical, Transponders, PiP in channel sorting and EPG, Parental Lock, Digital Audio Output (S/PDIF) and Quick and Easy Antenna Installation

Semi Modular Head-Ends for MATV and SMATV:

K series is designed to process Digital and Analogue Signals in a SMATV system. K series is designed to be used in pose press in Multi dwelling units, Estate, Hotels. It is complaint with digital programs (DTT receiver). It has the ability to manage compels channels plans. The KTP LCD programmer allows modules to be easily adjusted. The modules are quick fitted on the DIN BAR. It may be used with the standard Din Bar as well as mount rall. By using one broadband amplifier for all the modules (with KF range). Modules are single channel modules, which integrate filter and amplifier. By using KF, K120 or K120A modules, you can process each channel independently. It is fully complaint with digital terrestrial television. It is also fully complaint with adjacent channels. It has high selectivity to compensate up to 15-db gaps between two adjacent channels. It has automatic gain control on K120A. It ensure the signal output level if the off air signal fluctuates. To convert digital or analogue channel, the product can also be used as filter with the same channel at the input and at the output. The product has a VHF and UHF input and a full band agile output. The product allows to convert digital channels in the whole Bandwidth.

TQ-511 QPSK-QAM Transmodulator for Digital Channels 912 Series:

QPSK-QAM transmodulator, each module converts a DVB-S digital satellite channel into a digital DVB-C cable TV channel. Different types of programmable QAM modulations. The QAM output channel contains the same TV programmes as the input transponder. The product complies with requirements of the low voltage directive 73/23/ECC and the EMC directive 89/336/EEC and their relevant amendments, gathered under the directives 93/68/FEC.



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