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The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
February 2007
Motorola Signal Booster:

When using your TV or computer, there's nothing more frustrating than encountering poor reception. Now there's a fast and effortless way to make your signal strength up to 32 times more powerful! The Motorola Signal Booster enhances analog and digital picture quality, improves cable modem communication, and reduces lost data. It's easy to install and tools are not required. This device also allows you to optimize multiple broadband devices in your home - televisions, cable set-top boxes, cable modems, VCRs, and digital radios - all from one convenient cable. Clearly, the Motorola Signal Booster is a strong alternative to weak signal quality.

DIRECTV HD Satellite Receiver:

Enjoy more than 225 digital-quality channels with DIRECTV. You'll also receive stunning high-definition broadcasts which now include your local channels in this format. With lots of premium channels and a variety of sports packages to choose from, there's always something to watch. Get program listings days in advance with the Advanced Program Guide. HD capable: Choose a DIRECTV package that accommodates HDTV signals for the ultimate in programming options. You will be quietly satisfied with this new box.

HR20700 HD DVR Satellite Receiver:

HR 20700 DVR/HD Tuner Pause and rewind HDTV Record two shows at once Record 200 hours in SD Record 30-50 hours in HD Interactive features Easy series recording Start a library of shows: Record up to 200 hours of standard-definition programming, up to 30 hours of HD (MPEG-2). Programming or up to 50 hours of HD (MPEG-4) programming. Let the DVR do the work: This DVR can be set to automatically record every episode of your favorite shows even if the time or day it airs changes during the week. You can set the HR20 to find and record shows by actor, title, keyword or channel or record at a moments notice with the touch of a button. Advanced programme guide: Easily scroll through all DIRECTV channels to see whats coming on, up to 14 days in advance. Supports over-the-air HD: The HR20 includes two satellite tuners for access to SD and HD DIRECTV programming and two ATSC tuners for access to local broadcasts where available. Outstanding picture and sound: The HR20 DVR features HDMI and optical digital audio outputs to deliver true theater-quality picture and Dolby Digital5.1 surround sound to your HDTV. Formats supported: 1080i, 780p, And 480i and 480p.Interactive aspects: The DIRECTV Active feature gives personalized, interactive weather, horoscopes, lottery results and Best Bets program suggestions. Some interactive features may require an additional service fee. Other features: View and log caller ID information on-screen. Set up parental controls to restrict children's access to programming.

Samsung SIR-S4040R:

Control TV like never before with this Samsung DIRECTV satellite receiver and digital video recorder. Access over 225 digital-quality channels through DIRECTV. With 31 premium channels and a variety of sports packages to choose from, you’ll always find something to watch. Browse the Advanced Program Guide and schedule up to 35 hours of programming to be recorded, or enjoy the convenience of one-touch recording while watching live TV.

Starsat X5D PSR834:

This new brand from Starsat has been introduced specially for Middle East. This receiver has LG tuner and is Slim & smart. One may store easily his 200 favorite channels, having Multi languages OSD, TV scart for TV standard, Picture in graphics support, 6000 channels TV & Radio, Easy installing programme setup, Software upgrade through RS232, Fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S compliant, PAL-NTSC auto-conversion system, OSD menu colour in four selections, Timer and sorting function support, Multi Language audio and subtitle reception, Automatic search for transponders & channels and RF modulator for TV.

SuperJack V-Box II Positioner:

It is compatible with DiSEqC 1.0/1.2 Receiver or Any Receiver, Compatible with any Actuator or H-H Mount, Memory storage up to 60 Satellite Positions, Drive Dish up to 3M ( Optional:5M ), 3 Digit LED Display, Anti-Noise Design, Fine-tune EAST/WEST Buttons, Optional Remote Control Available, Built-In Resynchronize Function for quick repositioning, Overload Protection ( Auto-recovery ), Compatible Motors:24V~36V DC, Maximum Power Consumption:80W/100W, Input:230 VAC/50Hz (110 VAC/60Hz available).

Eurovox Max Satellite Receiver:

A new Eurovox max satellite receiver with a cable tuner installed. With twin scart sockets and updated firmware, Powerscan like bruteforce Improved tuner, attractive EPG System, New on screen menu design, No freezing problems and no waiting when changing channels, Pre-loaded with software, Includes power cable and remote control. The box is the new model version 3 with 2 scart sockets. IT had similar functionality to the Nokia and sagem box. You probably know what the box is capable of doing or you wouldn't be looking here. Using this box allows you to view all cable (ntl, cable and wireless etc) for free. The item is brand new & fully guaranteed for 12 months (on hardware) from the date of purchase.

Kaon 550 Receiver:

This is a fully tuned 'Plug and Play' Model. Universal system for all satellite, plus recording. This box is fitted with 80 gByte Hard Disc Recorder for Multi Channel Recording, Fitted with Twin Conditional Access Slots (CAMS) for card usage, Fitted with Twin Tuners for Multi Satellite reception, Full compliant MPEG-2 and DVB broadcasting, DVB-S and DVB-T Compliant, Multi Language OSD, Automatic PAL/NTSC Conversion, Fast Channel Change, 3,000 Channels TV and Radio programmers, Flexible reception of SCPC and MCPC, Subtitle & Teletext Supported (Inserted in VBI), C/Ku Band Satellite reception, Blind Search, Timer Function, 256 Colour (Graphic Use Interface), Number PIG (Picture in Graphic), 5 Favourite Channels Lists, Powerful Channel Editing Function, Parental Lock, Channel Rename, Channel Skip, Manual PID/Satellite & TP Scan, DiSEqC 1.3 Control Compatible, SMATV System Settings, Upgrades through RS-232C (STB or PC), Pre Tuned for all available English Language Satellite Channels and Pre Tuned for all available English Language Radio Channels. Coolsat 4000 Pro Receiver: The Coolsat 4000 Pro is diffidently the coolest receiver around, with full EPG (program guide) for all networks, 1 second or less channel change, and s-video output with digital audio. We recommend this receiver for it's fool-proof setup and killer combination of power and simplicity. Free Diseqc Switch and update cable.

LEMON 020 Receiver:

The front panel of Lemon receiver is occupied by a large window display, which shows the current channel number and time in a stand by mode. Lemon digital satellite receiver original box and packaging power lead having plug remote control handset batteries user manual / installation guide scart connecting lead latest multi emulation patched software all software can be downloaded from the website. The receiver has the capacity to store 4000 TV and Radio channels. The software may be upgraded via a serial interface RS-232. One may put his favourite channels in one of the favourite channels list inorder to watch it easily when free.

Pace DS 810 KP Receiver:

The DS810KP, one the first multi-format HDTV receiver in Europe, supplies outstanding clay/tone and image quality for the home range. The DS810KP supports various digital TV standards and copy protection technologies, e.g. MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, AAC HE, DVB both highly soluble television (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) S2, DiSEqC 1,2, HDMI with HDCP, 3DES, AES and USB 2.0. Apart from integrated premiere the entrance system a CI card location for other TV offerers is present. The software is continuously improved - in such a way new SW versions know over satellite on the receiver loaded will equipment multi-format HDTV receiver Pace DS810KP DVB S and DVB-S2-konform MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 dynamic channel management protection of children and young people of option channels entrance to PREMIERE DIRECT integrated premiere entrance system CI card location (PCMCIA type II) for a multiplicity of usual DVB of decoding systems HDMI exit HDCP copy protection favorite list for TV and radio memory for 4000 programmes multilingual screen menu of fast and extensive programme leader (EPG) with preview for up to 8 days data processing multicolored titles of digital ones of optical audio exit (S/PDIF) for through-led AC-3 audio of similar Teletext to the SCART socket are automatically passed on large alphanumeric DOT matrix display (8 places) DiSEqC 1,2 provided accessories: HDMI cable, SCART cable, remote maintenance, batteries, user manual.


The Fortec Star 5900 satellite receiver provides digital free-to-air satellite reception along with the convenience of having one Nagravision embedded slot that allows you to subscribe to Nagravision encrypted programming (requires a smartcard). Smartcard is not included with this receiver and it is supplied by the programming provider when you subscribe to their service. This receiver is fully MPEG2/DVB compliant. It has an easy-to-use Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) for On-screen Channel. Watch Free-to-air International & ethnic TV and Radio Channels on Intelsat America 5 (97W), Galaxy 10R (123W), AMC4 (101W), Galaxy 3C (95W), and other satellites. High quality and fast system! One of the fastest consumer receivers in the market today. Switches channels in a fraction of a second. This box has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels.

DirecTV HR20-700 HDTV Receiver:

The DIRECTV plus HD DVR delivers you the ultimate in 100% digital-quality DIRECTV programming. Add the DIRECTV HD package and DVR service and you get the best choice and widest selection of high-definition programming and the convenience of digital video recording in one unit. Images are sharper. Colors are brighter. Sound is crisper. And now they can be recorded. The easy-to-use search function enables you to locate exactly what you want to watch or record. Take a look at all the features and benefits and get ready to enjoy maximum entertainment. View and record standard definition content, high definition content and off-air digital broadcasts, where available. Watch whatever you want on your own schedule. Store your favorite programmes, whether standard-definition or high-definition. No need to choose which show to watch, you can see both. Record two shows at once while watching another recording

Invacom SNH-031 LNB:

A high performance universal LNB with an integrated feed-horn and 1 output. Excellent choice to use with motorized dishes, or where the signal strength is poor. Invacom designs and manufactures high performance LNBs for professional and domestic use, either with an integrated feed horn or with a C120 flange. They produce some of the lowest noise figure LNBs available. This 0.3dB LNB is a market leader. However, it is not just the low noise figure that makes Invacom LNBs perform so well.

M-1 Motorized CLASSIC Blind Search Choice Set:

This system will allow you to move the dish to several satellites to watch more channels. A powerful solution if your favorite channels are available over several satellites. The receiver's remote control will actually control the whole system for you. The motor gets its power from the same coaxial cable going to the dish, so no extra wiring is needed. With a motorized system the dish moves from east to west to track the satellites positioned along the Clarke belt. Good for any offset dish with a U-bolt or Pole mounting up to 120 cm Aluminum or 95 cm Steel. This motor will fit a Winegard 30" dish. Installation involves setting up your motor to track the satellites along the Clarke belt east to west. Incorrect alignment usually results in the motor only tracking part of the arc and only a few of the available satellites being received.

Globe Cast Receiver:

GlobeCast currently offers a bouquet of quality foreign and English language news and entertainment channels, from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. They are constantly adding new and exciting channels. Use this system if you want to subscribe to the International channels on IA5. After you receive your system, install it and then call Globe Cast TV to subscribe to the international channels. All instructions, remote Control, and subscription smartcard are included with syst



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