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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
December 2007
Viewsat Ultra PSR839

The Viewsat Ultra is our most powerful and exciting Free To Air Receiver yet. The box has added a faster processor (200 MHz), double the memory of the Xtreme (32 Mb SD RAM), And a USB communications port for easy data updates. Now you can use your USB flash drive To update your receiver. The new universal remote that comes with this unit is awesome. If that’s not enough, wait until you see the new colorful Graphic User Interface. This is by far the Best FTA STB the market has ever seen. The box is fully MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant, supports 7 Day EPG (Electronic Program Guide). This unique box has the capacity to store 5000 TV and Radio channels. Channels may be searched easily via automatic search. The receiver supports SCPC & MCPC from C / Ku-band. Symbol rates starting at the rate of 1-45MS/s is no problem for this box. The user may easily transfer their favourite channels in favourite lists.

CW600 FTA receiver

The Captive Works CW-600S comes with an outstanding set of features making it truly one of the best digital satellite receivers in the market. It is the only receiver in the market with Auto DISEqC functionality. This feature allows for auto recognition and configuration of all satellites connected to the receiver via a DISEqC switch. This receiver has blazing fast 160 MIPS, Connexant Processor 16MB SDRAM and 2MB Flash RAM Auto DISEqC for automatic satellite recognition and configuration. Multiple Channel Display Mode 4, 9, 12, or 16 pictures 4:3, 16:9. Letter Box and Pan & Scan Video Zoom Fast Channel Change. High Quality OSD Advanced Satellite and Channel and Search Available Options.

Fortec Star Mercury II

MERCURY II is a powerful satellite receiver ideal for satellite enthusiast. The receiver has an easy-to-use Menu, yet is feature-rich. MERCURY II comes with a comprehensive Power Scan for blind searching satellites. Users can back up their channel list before upgrading the software, and then restore the channel list, all from within the receiver’s own menu. The front panel has 8 buttons allowing complete control of the receiver’s functions without the use of the remote. The back panel has all the connection options you would need, with RCA composite jacks, component jacks (Y,Pb,Pr), and an S-video connection. Watch Free-to-air International & ethnic TV and Radio Channels on Intelsat America 5 (97W), Galaxy 10R (123W), AMC4 (101W), Galaxy 3C (95W), and other satellites. High quality and fast system! One of the fastest consumer receivers in the market today. Switches channels in a fraction of a second. The M-II is one of the few consumer receivers that will identify the frequency, symbol rate, polarity, FEC and even the PIDS for positive lock to any KU or C-Band satellite. With the “Blind Search” feature there is no need to manually go through the set up.

Manhattan XT Range

Manhattan has recently launched this new box. Each features a blind scan mode, a 1-4,5000 symbol rate range and full DiSEqC and USALS support and can be used as part of an SCR (Single Cable Router) system. Up to 11 favourite TV and radio lists can be created and channel data can be edited on a PC via the RS232 port. There's also a nine channel mosaic preview mode and a selection of games to play. Connections include LNB and UHF loop through, two Scarts, a composite video output, stereo phones and an SP/DIF audio output. Plaxa-XT-F (Free to Air Satellite Receiver); Plaza-XT-C (1 DVB Common Interface) ;-Plaza-XT-M (Twin smart card reader); -Plaza-XT-CM (Twin smart card reader 1 DVB Common Interface). This is by far the Best receiver in the market today by a mile. We have compared with other models and can be confident about the outstanding features we have included in our model.

Coolsat 8100 HD

Coolsat has done it again! - The first High Definition FTA receiver with DVR and USB 2.0 interface! From the makers of the Coolsat 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 boldly comes the Coolsat 8100 HD micRo PVR. This unit is feature packed and will quickly become the number one FTA receiver on the market. Mpeg2 and Mpeg4 capability combined with DVR and a USB 2.0 port for DVR and channel list updating. Coolsat 8000 HD will allow you to capture and get all the FTA channels in HD. Coolsat 8000 HD uses brand new updated standerds that provide the clearest picture for all HD and non HD TVs. Pansat 9200 HD New from Pansat the Pansat 9200 HD is here. The Pansat 9200 HD is a solid ATSC HD Receiver as well as FTA receiver. This receiver supports channel list update via USB port and includes free USB drive. With separate inputs for ATSC "Over the Air" digital TV (with UHF Antennae) and satellite, the Pansat 9200 HD allows for seemless switching between satellite channels and TV channels. Pansat decided to wait and learn from the mistakes of the early adopters. The end result, superior quality that only Pansat can deliver. Automatic On/Off Timer Function, Picture In Graphics, 5 Favorite Channel Lists with Unlimited Programs Within, Powerful Channel Editing Function AND Sorting channels by Alphabetic, Satellite, FTA or Scramble, Parental Lock.

DIRECTV D12 satellite receiver

The DIRECTV D12 newest receiver is the first to feature the user interface with the look and feel that will become standard across all future DIRECTV receivers. Upgraded version of the DIRECTV D11 model. The D12 comes with pre-installed software upgrade that a D11 would have had to download from the satellite during installation. Advanced Program Guide: Search the entire Advanced Program Guide (up to 3.5 days) on screen while viewing an active channel in the picture window. Multi-Satellite Capability: Manually or automatically select the types of satellite dish. Also compatible with "stacked" or ascendable multi-switches. Universal Remote: Remote control can also be programmed to control a TV and 2 additional devices such as DVD, VCR, or other audio equipment.

Viewsonic SV-4000

This box is fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S Supported : NEC EMMA 2SL MPEG Chip-Sets, Blind Scan Supported Sharp Tuner, Front Panel USB 2.0 HOST Slot, for S/W Downloading, Channel Naming Supported, Components Output : Y, Pb, Pr USAL Supported, 256 Colors & User Friendly GUI for Easy Control, 7 Segment-4 Digit Display, The Fastest Booting & Scan Speed, IR Sensor, Single & Multi-Satellite Auto Scan, 7 Controlling Keys, Manual Scan Supported, Power On/Off, Channel Up & Down, Volume Up &Down, Menu, OK, Highly Speedy Channel Changing, Time : Less than 1 Sec, USB 2.0 Host Slot (Front Door Inside), capacity to store 6,000 Channels Memory Capacity for TV & Radio Programs, 8 Favorite Channel List, Group Programmable, Channel Sorting by FTA, CAS, Satellite, Alphabetic Order & Network, Close Caption Supported, PIG (Picture-In- Graphic) Available, Muti-Picture Frame Screen Available, Tuner (Sharp NIM Tuner), 4, 9, 16 Frame Screen & Zoom In-Out Function for Watching Screen.

BEC DB-6600

This Free to air Receiver accepts every module available on the market today, including Viaccess, Nagravision, Irdeto, Canal +, Aston / Seca, Conax, Crypto Work, Alpha Crypt. The receiver has the capacity to store 2,000 TV and Radio channels, worldwide updated 63 Satellite and Pre-programmed satellites with Auto Search, Easy to add new satellites or new channels, NIT compatible, PAL to NTSC converter, Upgradeable, DiSEqC 1.0 and 1.2 switching supported and 0/12 volt switching.


: The PIXX ADT 3500 is a digital receiver with one CI (common interface) slot. The receiver is prepared and delivered with pre-scanned Astra/Hotbird channels and the Dutch channels first for your convenience. One of several great features of this PIXX receiver is the ease-of-use menu structure, simple to programme and setup channels, even


In most areas of the world, the receiver covers from 30 kHz to 60 MHz. In Asia, the coverage stops 1 Hz short of 30 MHz. In Denmark, the receiver also stops just short of 30 MHz, but adds 50.0 to 52.0 MHz. In Australia, coverage stops at 30 MHz, then adds 50 to 54 MHz. There may be other regional variations. The connections on the rear of the receiver are intuitive, but there are a few strange configurations. The recorder remote control jack is a mini plug, unlike the usual terminals or lug strips found on other receivers. For receiver control, this ICOM has a DB9 (RS-232C) connector and a connector for the ICOM standard CT-17 CI-V level converter. If you are not controlling multiple ICOM receivers or transceivers, then you do not need to purchase the expensive level converter.



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