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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
December 2005
DVB-T2 Digital TV Set-up Box:

The front panel of DVB-T2 is made very attractive. It delivers Video output type in NTSC and PAL format. There are saving 500 channels. The 6MHz & 8MHz bandwidth can be set up with software. The strict vibration-proof experiment and dependency experiment guarantee. Switch automatically between PAL and NTSC, Being equipped with handy panel control, it works more convenient. The operation is controlled by the entire functioning remote control.

USB Stick Digital Mobile TV Signal Receiver:

The mobile TV signal Receiver has two-chips and Mobility 90-100km/h. This minute digital receiver is therefore perfect for mobile, cordless TV and radio reception. Most of the European population has today the facility of receiving the terrestrial digital DVB-T signal in their homes, and thus have a choice of around 30 TV broadcasting stations. In the light of this, DVB-T is already a success story.

DT-001 Satellite Receiver:

DT-001 Satellite Receiver: The four-digit display on the front panel of the receiver shows the current channel number and time in a standby mode. The receiver has preprogrammed 500 TV and Radio channels. There are five favourite groups, in which you may put your favourite channels for easy watch. The Electronic Programme Guide delivers informations for seven days in advance. The picture format is 4:3/16:9. The rear panel has all those connections situated on all ordinary receivers.

UMC1100 DVB-C Receiver:

The beautiful workmanship will never let you go to adopt any other receiver. It has a Powerful single chip MB86H20A, Fully DVB-C/MPEG2 compliant and Irdeto CA support. It has memory up to 1000 channels. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) supports the onscreen channel. It has Friendly user interface, multi-language OSD. You may set the favourite channels according to your own will. Adult channels can be blocked via PIN. There is automatic switching between PAL and NTSC.

DT524 digital terrestrial receiver:

: The receiver has Easy manual search, Easy menu installation, Digital tuner with loop-through out, MPEG-2 main profile at main level, RS232C port for updating control software (PC to STB and STB to STB), Multi-language function, OSD: 256 palette colors, First time installation wizard, Games, Calendar, EPG (weekly) for onscreen channel information, Teletext for OSD, Digest (nine pictures), Regional setting, Timer function, Sorting functions (by channel name or serviceID or channel no. There are Front panel buttons and full function IR remote controller user interface with Disposes favorite channel lists and Channel lock. There is NTSC/PAL identification and converting automatically and manually

C2-7100 Dual Channel Video Processor:

: The dual channel video processor provides all the features and functions of the C2-7200 except without the SDI Inputs and Outputs. This results in a total of 9 Inputs, along with the two independent output channels. It provides the power of two independently functioning products, performing different tasks in one box. Each output can deliver different formats and resolutions simultaneously. For example, a presentation being fed to a high-resolution display on Output 1 via DVI can also be fed to a VCR for recording on Output 2 via Composite Video. In a Broadcast environment, the C2-7100 can function as two completely independent Analog to HD-SDI Converters, each genlocked to a different reference and each with a different logo or ID keyed in.

IM-400 MATRIX Routing Switcher

Image MATRIX 400 is a family of 400MHz bandwidth Matrix Routing Switchers that includes multiple models. The maximum matrix size to be released in the initial phase is a 16x16 RGBHV with Stereo Audio. This will be expanded to 32X32 RGBHV in the very near future, with larger matrix sizes beyond that. The initial series is designed around two basic video switch cards, an 8X8 and a 16X16 matrix, using similar control software. These basic cards will be able to switch a wide variety of video signal formats in multiple Input/Output configurations. SDI formats will be addressed in future models. The control software can be programmed for Group Switching, which can prevent an input being routed to an incompatible output. Because of the high bandwidth, the IM-400 series is ideally suited for High Definition Television applications. HDTV signals in both YPbPr and RGBHV formats can be accommodated within the same matrix. Control is provided via Front Panel Pushbuttons with an LCD readout or Remote Control Panels. An RS-232 interface is provided for interfacing with third party control and automation systems.

VD-S548X Satellite Receiver:

VD-S548X Satellite Receiver with Dual CI Slots for Irdeto/Viaccess/Nagravision/Conax/Cryptoworks/Mediaguard, Multi language OSD, Single and simultaneous multi satellite search, 5000 programmable channels (TV+Radio), Built-in smart card reader with embedded Conax, Viaccess and Iredeto Conditional Access, Easy installation and fast search, SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band SAT, Powerful edit (rename, sort, favorite, delete, skip), Channel sort by all, A-Z, Lock, CAS name, 8 favorite channel group, Recall last viewing "9 channel list" Zoom in/out, Parental and channel edit lock; Easy software downloading & data transfer (set to Set, PC to Set) with RS232C or USB port.

HA-xx-G series

HA-xx-G series drop (Home) amplifier family is a estrém low noise (3db) figure, latest technology Gallium Arsenid (GaAs) design interactive multimedia application two way CATV high output level amplifier. The result is superior performance amplifier that provides ultra low noise amplification of wide band CATV signals to subscribers. It has 6 KV surge protection on all ports, Water sealed SCTE-compliant connectors, fully compatible with all analog and digital formats, two way application - forward and reverse

S1600 Digital Satellite Receiver:

S1600 is the cost-effective Household Digital Satellite Receiver with NEC 61114 Main Chipset. It is Fully DVB-S/MPEG -2 compliant, 4500-channel memory space, 200 favorite channels, SCPC and MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellites, 256 colors on screen display (OSD), PAL-NTSC auto-conversion system, DiSEqC1.2, voltage (14/18V), tone (22K) and 0/12V LNB switching support, Multi-language OSD (English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian), Multi-language audio and subtitle reception, Electronic programme guide (EPG) and VBI teletext support, Teletext output through VBI and OSD, RF modulator for TV standard (PAL B/G/D/I/K, NTSC), Picture in graphics (PIG) support, NIT search supported, Digital audio output S/P DIF, Automatic search for transponders and channels and easy and fast software upgrade through RS-232 port between the receivers.

Invacom LNB:

If you want to squeeze the last drop of signal from the weakest satellites when your dish is not quite as big as you might like it to be, or simply want the best available LNB as a replacement or multiple-output upgrade, the lowest noise figure LNB available is a must. Invacom LNBs latest range is available branded with the longtime UK favourite Manhattan. These are universal LNBs (i.e. 14/18V polarity switching and 0/22 kHz band switching) - these days the most popular type for motorized antenna as well as fixed dishes - and the range has single, twin, and quad-output versions with a Quattro type for SMATV. There's also a twin version without a feed horn for mounting to separate a C120 Range on separate feed horn (for a non-standard f/d ratio dish).

SAB Explorer PVR:

The PVR is MPEG-2 Digital & Fully DVB Compliant system, Channel list Mode with All, Favorite & Satellite, 12 Favorite Channel Groups (Max 80 Channels in each group), Max. 6000 channels programmable, DISEqC Control 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 & USALS supported, Channel list sort by Alphabet, FTA, Lock, Bouquet & CAS, Teletext supports through VBI & OSD, EBU Subtitle and DVB Subtitle support, User friendly EPG, SW update through RS-232 Serial port (PC-Set & Set-Set), Zoom function with Live & Still picture, 2 Tuner operation for recording & watching simultaneously, Time shift function supported (about 1 hour), Recording reservation (Max 20 Event), One channel recording and watching simultaneously (including time shift function), Still image capture function (screen saver in Radio Mode), Bookmark with image (Bookmark jump included) and USB 2.0 supported for file transferring.



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