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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
December 2004
DISH 811:

Next-generation DISH Network high definition satellite receiver with integrated off-air tuner for reception of high and standard definition programming. High definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) single-tuner satellite receiver, Integrated off-air tuner for reception of local digital/HD and analog broadcasts, 480p, 720p or 1080i resolutions supported via HD outputs, HD connectivity: DVI-HDTV/DISH DVI (DVI-D) and HD Component video outputs,SD connectivity, Composite audio/video and S-video outputs and 2-day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) will really amuse your holidays.


DISH Player-DVR 921 is a dual-tuner satellite receiver that combines the power of digital video recorder (DVR) technology with the ability to receive and record high definition television programming directly from DISH Network and off-air digital broadcasts.Combined standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) two-tuner satellite receiver that provides Picture-In-Picture (PIP), Includes DISH Video-On-Demand Service that allows you to pause live TV, play, stop, fast forward, fast reverse, skip forward,250 gigabyte hard drive , Up to 180 hours SD recording, up to 25 hours HD recording, or any combination of the two UHF Pro 4-component universal remote control and Up to 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide .

MODEL 6000 U:

The Model 6000U delivers standard and high definition (HDTV) satellite programming. Outputs 720p or 1080i HDTV resolutions, High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) content can be viewed from the HD video outputs, Dolby® Digital Output, Caller ID,Standard features include parental control locks, program information, themes lists, favorite lists, program browse, automatic and manual event timers, one-touch channel return, closed caption support and alternate audio support.

SR200 SIRUS Satellite Radio Receiver:

DISH SR200 is a portable satellite radio receiver that allows you to enjoy your favorite SIRIUS radio entertainment anywhere, anytime. Featuring raised push-button channel commands, a convenient tuner knob and an easy-to-read programming display, the SR200 from DISH Network makes your car, home, or even your office a personal music studio. Delivers over 110 streams of satellite radio from SIRIUS, including 61 commercial-free music channels, unmatched sports programming including live broadcasts of NHL and NFL games, world class news and entertainment including NPR Now and NPR Talk, on-screen sports and market updates and even international programs, Easy-to-read programming display with an ambient light sensor to automatically dim the display for night-time driving, Convenient channel navigation with a 30-stream preset capability, Parental Control locks and Infrared remote control that mimics the unit’s front panel commands.

DISH Player-DVR 510:

The DISH Player-DVR 510 is a DISH Network satellite receiver that is capable of recording up to 100 hours* of programming on a 120 GB hard-drive. DISH Player-DVR 510 also includes DISH Video-On-Demand Service that provides the ability to pause live TV, record standard definition DISH Network programming, skip recorded commercials and create instant replays. Includes DISH Video-On-Demand Service that allows you to pause live TV, play, stop, fast forward, fast reverse, skip forward,120 gigabyte hard drive Up to 100 hours* of 100% digital personal video recording , Records Dolby® Digital when available and Up to 9-day extended Electronic Programming Guide .

DISH 322 Receiver:

DISH 322 features two tuners for independent satellite TV viewing on two separate televisions, all in a slim-line chassis design. The receiver has Two tuners for independent viewing of satellite TV programming in two rooms with a single receiver, Agile modulated mono output” can send the second tuner’s signal to multiple televisions via home distributions, DISH Home Interactive TV, On-screen Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with access to up to two days of program listings/information, Parental control locks, themes lists, favorites lists, program browse and one-touch channel return, closed-caption support and alternate audio.

Model DTM-860 Agile Modulator:

Adjustable RF modulation, frequencyCrangeF47-860MHz, all TV channel have been set, Be master of CPUCoutput LevelC,A^VCVision and Audio fig humorous, each channel carrier frequency can be trimmed at 0.25MHz, adjustable audio carrier 6.5^ and 6.0^5.5^4.5Mhz on front panel.


An RF Modulator is a device converting audio/video signals into RF (radio frequency) signal. RF modulators are used to connect modern DVD players, video game systems, camcorders and other video components to TV sets built without A/V inputs. In that case the connection is made from the DVD (or other component) a/v outputs to the RF Modulator and from the RF Modulator to the TV's antenna input jack (or as it is called: BNC connector). It Combines audio/video line-level signals into an RFoutput signal. (Necessary for televisions with only a 75-ohm RF coaxial input), Separate antenna/cable TV input. (Eliminates the need for switching cables back and forth), Channel 3 or 4 output selector switch. (ensures compatibility with most televisions), Auto sensing A/B switch. (Automatically switches back and forth between antenna and video source).

Decoder D3618S:

The base of Decoder D3618S is a exchanger on the adjacent frequency receiver in addition of discramble module and read module, using for receiving the scramble or discramble signals of CATV web. The latter one can directly get through, while the former one should be authorized and discramble, in this way, the users can receive. It will not be decoded without authority. User should take IC card and go to charge at the target cash desk, and get the authority, then you can receive scrambled TV programs. Otherwise, you only can receive the discrambled programs. Functions of decoder (D3618) include Completing infra-ray remote control can directly control the input of channel, switch, and volume, to realize frequency trimming, channel return and quiet sound function, 99 channels are received and storage in 860MHz,Offer base band sound, output of video frequency and radio frequency (optional) and IC card is for recording legal users' authorized card number, key and charge.

IP Long-distance Control Management:

IP Long-distance Control Management is composed of data exchange, system managing software and computer. Communicate user's IP telephone with IP long-distance management, and then transfer data up and down with FSK signal to realize functions of IP Long-distance Control Management. It Build up user data-base: build up users and their telephones data-base, record user' detail information, account opening, recharge, etc. and deal with those data. Parameters of Long-distance read-write IP telephone, eg, content of read-write IP card, open code, favorable time, ending code, set binding IP, period of validity, IP fees listing, etc. Data transmission is swift, low consuming, high reliability and convenient operation.

KI 6000 Optical Power Meter:

The KI 6000 series Optical Power Meter is a precision instrument for basic testing of fiber optic communications systems. High accuracy, ease of use and high availability combine to achieve superior measurement confidence. Fast and simple to use Traceable calibration, dBm & dBr display, 170 hour battery life,Test tone detection, Options from +25 to -65 dBm, High quality connector adaptors, Inexpensive Handheld and Fiber Optic Test Instrument. The inexpensive Kingfisher KI 6000 power meter is ideal for loss testing on multimode and single mode systems. It provides high accuracy and simplicity of use.

Loss Test Sets:

An LTS is used for testing attenuation and the absolute power level on transmission equipment. It can also be used as a tone generator for use with a clip-on identifier. It combines a source and meter in one unit. Two LTS are usually required to measure cable losses. Some users may prefer a high performance two-way LTS, or alternatively a separate source and meter. All Kingfisher LTS are colored red for easy identification. High productivity single mode applications. Up to 4 source wavelengths on one port, CWDM wavelength options,2 % meter accuracy,+27 to - 70 dBm meter options, No warm up and Autotest function and KITS freeware. It is an ideal tool for high performance single mode or multimode fiber optic cable testing. Detector & calibration options cover a wide, range of connector types, fi ber types and CWDM wavelengths from +27 to -70 dBm.

Optical Talk Set:

This Kingfisher fiber optic talk set provides full duplex voice communication over a single optical fiber. A fiberoptic talk set is used during installation, commissioning & repair, In situations where other communications systems are inconvenient The superb optical performance enables all applications to be solved with a single talkset. It is Easy to use, reliable, field proven talksets,50 dB range over one single mode optical fibre,Built-in speakerphone for higher productivity,Multi-party capability via clip-on probe and all talk sets are identical, so no A/B matching problems. The superb optical performance of the 1310 nm model covers all normal applications on single mode and multimode fiber, enabling long and short haul applications to be solved with a single model. The 1550 nm model can be used for extreme long range applications such as submarine cable installations over distance up to 300 kms.



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