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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
November 2009
Wave Frontier Toroidal T90 Dish

The T90 Wave Frontier dishes are not to be used with a rotor. Because of the multiple LNBF this dish, it is not compatable with the rotor. There are many other antennas available on the market that offer multi satellite capabilities for a limited arc range, designed based on a parabolic formula. The limitation of these multi-beam parabolic antennas comes from its original formula. Only one LNBF, which is installed at the center, is at its optimal position. In other words, the other LNBFs are not at their optimal position. Therefore, a customer may experience rain fade and weak signal strength on the channels coming off from these not-optimally located LNBFs. On the other hand, Toroidal formula makes it possible to locate all LNBFs at their optimal position due to its dual reflector design of Toroidal antenna. Therefore, Toroidal antenna provides the same signal strength and stable signal for all LNBFs under various environments.

Sat Buddy 2 Meter

It's great for aligning a dish antenna to receive maximum signal strength, and for verifying signal presence within the in-house cabling network. The 22 kHz and DiSEqC™ switching capability allows the Sat Buddy to operate through many multi-switches. The Sat Buddy 2 is built with the same rugged weather-resistant metal enclosure as the Dual Buddy that will allow it to stand tough and give years of dependable service. Heavy Duty Field Replaceable F-connectors that you can swap out with one 7/16" wrench, Durable Rubber Shock-Absorbing case with carabiner clip - longer lasting than neoprene cases, Weather-resistant tough aluminum extrusion enclosure with rubber gaskets vs. cheap plastic enclosure of competition High Current Limit Level of 600mA that allows it to work with the Dish Pro Plus and Dish 1000.2 and loud audible tone.

Sonicview 8000 HD V2

This package features the Sonicview 8000 HD V2 PVR FTA receiver. This is the new version 2 adds a new built-in cooling fan and an upgraded Sharp tuner for an incredible high definition 1080i picture quality through the HDMI port. This HD receiver is PVR ready meaning you can directly connect a USB PVR / DVR hard drive and record in high definition or standard definition. It also has a USB port for easy factory upgrades. The Sonicview iHub (also known as the Sonicview internet hub) is Sonicview's breakthrough Serial-to-Ethernet converter. The Sonicview iHub dongle allows any of the RS232 serial ports on your PC or FTA Receiver to interface directly to a TCP/IP network, giving it access to the internet. The Sonicview 8000 HD 8PSK module board enables the Sonicview 8000 HD to receive high definition DVB (8PSK) free to air channels. This is a genuine, high quality, Korean made HD upgrade module, manufactured by Sonicview.

Invacom announces the World's First CP/LP LNBF

Invacom announces another first in LNB development and products, the CP/LP LNBF. One LNBF provides simultaneous reception of both linear and circular polarized signals with an incredible 0.3dB noise figure and 55dB gain! The Quad output design allows for twin switched output of the linear signals and twin switched output of the circular signals. Receive both types of satellites with one LNBF. No more hassles of off-setting a 2nd LNBF. You will not find a more ideal LNBF for the reception of Dish Network and DirecTV in fringe signal areas.

DIRECTV R15 Receiver/Digital Video

Enjoy done 225 channel of entertainment next to fine all-digital consideration and groan. This heir pull contained by DIRECTV satellite broadcast of TV show cinema sports and deluxe channels via regular of ably as music from XM Satellite Radio. You also bring one interactive features that be creative to DIRECTV. Better but its en suite unyielding drive digital video recorder (DVR) let you well copy stirring to 100 hours of your favorite programming. Direct TV Recorder Up to 100 Hours.

Motorola Digital DSR922

The 4dtv satellite receiver automatically stores most satellites following proper installation procedures. With the interactive program guide, which is updated daily, there is no need to physically learn the operation of receiver, and enables those that are less technically challanged equal opportunity to select their programs. The built in real time clock lets you see at a glance and stay current for program changes. One of the best features is the information or info button on remote which displays a star rating, cast description, and a much better definition, in comparison to the limited videocipher text cutoff blocks. Favorite settings A and B for mulltiple users - The 4dtv digital receiver is all setup for your HDTV channels and all you need is the Hdd200 decoder which converts your existing NTSC to High Definition channels. Since the downloaded (IPG) information is done daily there is no need to reprogram satellite name changes, since this is updated automatically. The channel delay when channel surfing takes a little getting used to, since your old analog receivers are quicker, but the quality of the picture is well worth the .5 second wait. The digital picture quality is unsurpassed, and is quite superior comparing all the small dish formats. This is probably due to the fact that the digital picture bandwidth is much wider, providing an overall better picture.

Matrixstream MX1020HD

The Matrixstream MX1020HD set top box is able to deliver 1080p, which is the best quality high definition, over a regular broadband connection. By utilizing a proprietary compression method, it’s able to retain all the high quality HDTV information through your cable or DSL modem. IMX 1020HD is MatrixStream’s latest IP STB that can support videos up to High Definition (HD) 720P, 1080i and 1080P formats. IMX 1020HD currently supports most advanced video codecs such as H.264/MPEG 4 Part 10. IMX 1020HD can support streaming video, download and push VOD.

Humax HDCI2000 Receiver

The HDCI2000 is a satellite receiver for free to air HD channels. Although there’s not much around right now, you’ll be able to impress the neighbours with the World Cup matches in glorious HD, not to mention other BBC shows, like Bleak House and Natural World. But if you want the Sky channels, well, you’ll have to pick up Sky HD. The box can receive and decrypt the latest MPEG4 HD transmissions, as well as displaying both MPEG2 HD and standard definition, free-to-air satellite signals. There’s also an optical output for Dolby Digital sound, two scart connectors, a data port for software updates and HDMI video output.

Satellite Receiver Beetel SD9822

Satellite Receiver Beetel the Indian company Bharti Teletech started production of telecommunications equipment in 1985 thanks to technical cooperation with Siemens. Back then, it was all about telephones, but these days the company has begun to manufacture satellite receiver as well in order to meet the increasing demand in India. We tried to find out what this receiver isall about and whether it is technically fit for the global market. At first sight the receiver looks like a DVD player, until you notice the LCD display and six buttons on the front panel. As we are talking about an FTA receiver, there is no card slot or CI slot. What we liked most about the box was its remote control. It sits very well in your hand and features a smart design for operating the receiver in an easy and efficient way. All buttons on the remote are clearly labeled. The receivers features both USALS and DiSEqC 1.2 and so we decided to connect a STAB motor to the box. The Beetel has 45 satellite positions pre-stored. For our test we first selected the correct LO frequency and then chose the NSS6 satellite at 95° East – the offset antenna started to move immediately and in less than one minute the receiver had scanned all transponders, including transponders with a high symbol rate of 40700. There’s hardly a way any other receiver could achieve this faster and more easily.

Openbox X820 Satellite Receiver

This receiver has easy installation for multiple satellites, support high-speed transponders up to MSPS, SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku-band satellites, support of reports DiSEqC 1.0/2.0, DiSEqC 1.1, DiSEqC 1.2 and USALS, Network search, Auto resolution conversion for NTSC/PAL/SECAM, Variable TV-screen format radio conversion(16:9, 4:3) and having 9000 channels programmable(7000 TV channels, 2000 radio channels), 4000 transponders, 96 satellites, automatic choice of code page of a font. Kids may be keep away from adult channels through parental control function.

Panasonic SA-XR700 Receiver

The SA-XR700, Panasonic’s first Blu-ray matching receiver, with an SRP of $999.95, delivers extraordinary sound quality for a dramatic and immersive home theater listening experience. Works great with the Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-ray Player. Full-Digital Amplifier and Advanced Dual Amplifier with up to 7.1 channels, Powerful Stereo Mode with 100w/channel (20 kHz, 6 ohms, 0.09% THD), 192 kHz/24-bit Audio A/D Converter for Analog Input, DVD-Audio Ready for High Quality Sound (88 kHz Reproduction, S/N 103dB), Wireless ready and XM satellite-ready.

ViewSonic HD12 HDTV DTV Receiver

Simply plug the NextVision HD12 in to your HD-ready TV and you'll be receiving over-the-air digital HDTV programming in no time. In addition, the HD12 provides clear reception for standard definition (NTSC) and enhanced definition TV signals. Take advantage of the ability to receive CLEAR, CRISP HIGH-DEFINITION (ATSC) TV SIGNALS on local broadcast stations without additional subscription feees. Get CD-quality sound right through your home entertainment system with the DOLBY DIGITAL AND MPEG audio decoding. Add the NextVision HD12 to you HD-ready TV for true HDTV with no strings attached.

FTE Max S200 OEM

This is a full MPEG-2,Digital&Fully DVB compliant, Menu-drive on screen Display, SCPC&MCPC receiveable from C/KU Band satellite, capacity to store 6000 channels TV& Radio, Fast channel switching, Net work search, Favourate list, Multi menu languages, Picture RF-Modulator and Electronic Programme Guide.



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