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Sat Mart

The DC SAT MART is published regularly in the DISH CHANNELS monthly magazine.
November 2004
Rugged Military Version:

Rugged Military Version:

IntegraSys has announced a new military version for its Satellite Terminal Line-up Tool based on Itronix rugged PDA model Q100, specifically built to operate under demanding environmental conditions in the battle field. Military VSAT communications deployment and installation will benefit from this new rugged platform addition to the SatMotion Pocket System supported hardware, ensuring MIL-STD 810 F environmental specifications accomplishment.The system simplifies and speeds up VSAT installation and commissioning providing a pocket tool to perform the line-up and cross polarization isolation adjustment on the uplinked carrier transmitted by the VSAT. The rugged PDA acts as a remote graphics terminal to display in real-time polar and cross-polar information obtained from a spectrum analyzer located at the Operations Control Center. " SatMotion Pocket uses either a wired or Wi-Fi connection to the VSAT to provide high speed remote access to the remote monitoring spectrum analyzer preventing the need to use extensive instrumentation equipment ". Users are connected to the Operations Control Center via IP and access the monitoring spectrum analyzer’s trace information on the PDA screen in real time. Several commercial spectrum analyzer models from the main instrument manufacturers are supported by the system. To avoid control center coordination, the system includes a carrier monitoring server computer and software to interface remote PDA users to the monitoring instrumentation. This server adds concurrent multi-user support, so one single monitoring analyzer can support multiple simultaneous line-ups. " Using standard Wi-Fi speed, up to ten different concurrent users per instrument will obtain one analyzer trace per second update rate, each using its own analyzer set-up.

VIPERSAT Networks' SMR5000:

SMR5000 offers state of the art performance and reliability with the best features of a sophisticated programmable modem and IP Router, all at the industry’s lowest price. The SMR5000 uses VIPERSAT Networks' proprietary technique of integrating the SDMS Star Data Management System into the M5000 modem completely eliminating external serial port cabling allowing the user to connect a 10 BaseT LAN/WAN directly to the unit. SMR5000 is a sophisticated integrated modem/router and communications controller operating as a hub or remote utilizing SCPC, TDM/SCPC, TDMA, FDMA and DAMA control and management, offering a customer flexibility and control of a private satellite network(s). SMR5000 is designed to connect low to High speed data link connections between Ethernet LAN to WAN networks providing a variety of communications services to VIPERSAT Network customers.SMR5000 Ethernet port connection and configurations provide simplicity while the fully optional 70MHz -to- L-Band entrance link standardizes on low cost VSAT technology. The unit is completely configurable from the front panel or managed via the network LAN using IP communication protocols allowing full network control and management through the data network.The modem provides sophisticated digital signal processing eliminating virtually all on board adjustments providing performance within 0.3 dB of theoretical. Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of the transmit, receive and data rate synthesizers allow settings to 1 Hz and 1 bps respectively. The SMR5000 is the latest design based on the extremely successful and reliable M4000 and SDMS product lines.

Mentat Releases SkyX Gateway XH155:

Mentat today announced the availability of the SkyX Gateway XH155, the newest model of the industry's leading satellite link acceleration system. The SkyX Gateway XH155 is a ready-to-install hardware solution for enhancing the transfer of data over satellite and other high delay or high error links of up to 155 Mbps. The XH155 model joins the XR10, designed for links of up to 10 Mbps, and the XH45, designed for links of up to 45 Mbps.Mentat's award-winning SkyX products are the leading solution for overcoming the performance limitations of Internet protocols when used over satellite and other long delay links. The SkyX Gateway combines multiple acceleration techniques including TCP protocol translation, Web Prefetch, data compression, and multicast fan-out to increase transfer speeds and improve responsiveness while conserving bandwidth. The SkyX Gateway accelerates e-mail, Web, file transfers, database access, and other TCP/IP applications while remaining entirely transparent to end users.The XH155 is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces and is ideal for use at the hub of large, high-speed satellite-based networks for business and consumer connectivity. The XH155 can also be used for high-speed point-to-point satellite and terrestrial links used for military applications and Internet backbone connectivity."Mentat is seeing increasing need for link acceleration at bandwidths above 45 Mbps. The uniquely efficient design of the SkyX Gateway made it feasible to scale the product for these higher bandwidths and meet the needs of our customers.

Anacom's 50 WATT Ku-Band Single-Box Outdoor Transceiver:

AnaCom, a manufacturer of outdoor C and Ku-band transceivers for VSAT and satellite communications, is showcasing its latest high performance transceiver products. N 1664.AnaCom brings its proven single-box design to new, higher power levels. The company's latest C-Band single-box solutions are part of a mid to high power product rollout that covers power levels from 50 watts to 100 watts in C-Band, and 20 watts to 50 watts in Ku-Band. These single-box, higher power units are of special interest to users who require increased bandwidth capabilities. Typical applications would be flyaway and disaster recovery communications and international gateway installations providing voice data and Internet service.The single-box design increases reliability, lowers cost, and simplifies installation for all applications. Mounting on most antennas is quick and requires very little additional hardware.The new C-Band units are available in extended, super-extended, Russian, Palapa, and Insat configurations. Ku-Band units are available in standard, extended and super-extended configuration.Anacom addresses the satellite transceiver market based on the industries' increasing need for high performance transceiver products that are extremely reliable and available at a low cost. It is the excellent reliability of Anacom's transceiver products that has become known throughout the industry, leading to AnaCom dramatic growth. AnaCom series of KU Band VSAT transceivers are available in transmitter output levels of 0 dBm, 2, 4, 8, 16, 20, 25, 40, and 50 Watts, in single or redundant configurations. Higher powers are available with external HPAs. These transceivers are ruggedly built for continuous outdoor duty in all types of environments. They are especially suitable for SCPC, MCPC, and DAMA applications.

Comtech EF Data Introduces New L-Band Satellite Modem:

Comtech EF Data Corp., a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL), announced the release of the CLM-9600L Satellite Modem. This advanced, high performance L-Band satellite modem is ideally suited for military applications, offering variable data rates from 2.4 kbps to 20 Mbps, providing high-level modulation techniques, operating with an array of forward error correction codecs and supporting OM-73 plus other scrambling methods.

CLM-9600L Satellite Modem:

The CLM-9600L Satellite Modem provides the industry’s most bandwidth efficient forward error correction and modulation. By deploying the optional Turbo Product Coding (TPC), the inherent decoding delay is significantly reduced, enabling optimization on even marginal satellite links. Comtech EF Data’s TPC also offers increased coding gain, lower decoding delay plus significant bandwidth savings. Other forward error correction options for the CLM-9600L are Viterbi, Sequential and Reed-Solomon. Featured modulation techniques are Phase Shift Keying (PSK) and Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), specifically, 8-PSK, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK and 16-QAM. Management of the CLM-9600L can be done both locally or remotely. The modem can be configured and monitored from the front panel featuring a Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD), a keypad and eight LED indicators, or through the remote Monitor and Control port. And, in closed network configurations, a special feature can be utilized to control the distant end of a satellite link using a Comtech EF Data proprietary overhead channel, called Embedded Distant-End Monitor and Control (EDMAC). The EDMAC mode is transparent to the user and requires no additional equipment or cabling. For further advanced control of the remote end, the Automatic Uplink Power Control (AUPC) feature can be used in conjunction with EDMAC, enabling the modem to automatically adjust its output power to maintain the Eb/No of the remote end of the satellite link constant for protection against rain fading.


MOD-1000 is the most integrated and cheapest DVB-T / DVB-H modulator Addressing the OEM market. MOD-1000 is a very high performance Digital TV modulator especiallydesigned for Broadcast transmitter manufacturers and ENG solutions Providers. Although very low-priced and compact-sized, MOD-1000 Includes all the technical features and performances of a high-end Product, encompassing hierarchical modulation, high MER value, DVB-H Compatibility & digital pre-correction. MOD-1000 belongs to the ModulCast product range delivered by TeamCast to the professional broadcast market. The Modulcast family includes modulators, professional receivers, up-converters and synthesizers, all packaged as ready-to-integrate modules and providing Very high-performance core technologies to the broadcast market actors.

RF Products:

For over two decades, the great majority of remote sensing stations deployed throughout the world have used the ViaSat Series 924 Multifunction Digital Receive System (MFDRS). Bit Syncs Optimized to Meet the Specific Needs of the Satellite Downlink. 720 MHz IF X-Band Converter tuned in 16 Hz Steps over the entire 8000 to 8500 MHz frequency band supports all existing and currently planned earth resource satellites.


The month of August has seen DTH fever catch on, in the Indian market. Even though the much anticipated, official DTH launch by Doordarshan was not announced, transmissions have commenced. Subhash Chandra's Dish TV has also increased programming to 96 DTH channels. With DISH TV being marketed in urban centres also, there is a large demand from housing societies, hotels, hospitals and other urban customers in multiple dwelling units for DTH installation. A basic DTH installation - such as that typically installed in India, requires each customer to install his own Dish antenna, LNBF and digital satellite receiver. Besides the large duplication of dish antennas and KU band LNBFs, it is also often not physically possible to install these multiple units on the terrace of a large building. Identifying this need, Raju & Raju have launched, for the first time in India, "Universal DTH Distribution Amplifiers". Each amplifier accepts C or Ku band signals from upto 4 separate LNBs or a single LNBF. Hence simultaneous inputs from both Dish TV and Doordarshan's DTH can be fed in, still leaving a facility to include the TATA-STAR DTH signals when the service commences. The amplifier also accepts any RF input (48 MHz to 860 MHz) from a terrestrial antenna or VCR, VCD or DVD. The Universal DTH Distribution Amplifier amplifies each of these signals and provides 8 equal outputs. Each output can feed a separate residential unit, hotel or hospital room, etc.



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